Advice from me!

I love giving out advice. My friends would always come to me for advice about anything. If you have anything you want advice about or just want to talk to somebody about something, just comment it and I will do my best to answer you!


2. Katie.doritos.tomlinson

Katie.doritos.tomlinson: Ok so I like this boy but I don't know if he likes likes me or likes me as a friends so what should I do?


Harrycurls: I feel the same way. I like this boy but I'm not sure how he feels about me. We have a pretty small school so gossip about who likes who spreads quickly. I think that you should get to know him alot. Hang out with him more and gain his trust. Maybe you could ask him who he likes or ask his friends. I don't have much experience in this but when I told my friend this, he told her that her liked her and they went out. Good luck with him!

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