Wishing for something

6 best friends get what they dreamed of but everything comes with a price. Backstabbing, Love, and Twins? Just see if One Direction can keep their friendship from breaking or if they can even keep their relationships together.......


1. Interuptions

"Oh my gosh I got a journalist job in England," Marilyn screamed. "Do u think will meet one direction?" Lily asked. " I highly doubt it," Abigail said rolling her eyes blue eyes.

That memory of first moving to England echoed

in Abigail's mind. She resumed to focus back to her IPhone playing I wish. She looked to her right to see the gorgeous smile of Harry Styles.

"Do you always go into a daze," Harry asked. Abigail just shrugged her shoulders and smiled. Harry smiled back his eyes looking like emeralds.

*shuffling of shoes*

" Psst......No we're trying to be quiet Zaynnn they don't know we're eavesdropping,"whispered a voice.

" Oh c'mon I already know its Lou and Zayn," Harry yelled.

"See it's all your fault Zayn," Louis said while opening the door.

"Sooooo VAS HAPPENING?" Zayn asked.

"Just get out," Abigail yelled covering herself with a blanket.

"Yeah," Harry agreed throwing a pillow at Louis and Zayn.

"Fine but I'm watching you, but you'll never know. Mahaha! Mahahaha!" Louis said mischievously. Zayn pushed Louis out of the doorway and shut the door behind him.

"Well that was interesting," Abigail grinned.

"I know right," Louis said peeking from the door.

"LOUIS GET OUT!" Abigail yelled.

"Well someone is crabby and bossy," Louis said shutting the door.

"Finally," Harry whispered. Abigail blushed taking Harry's hand into hers.

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