Wishing for something

6 best friends get what they dreamed of but everything comes with a price. Backstabbing, Love, and Twins? Just see if One Direction can keep their friendship from breaking or if they can even keep their relationships together.......


2. A Case of Carrot Cake

A white smile formed at Charlotte's mouth. Finally the grand opening of her boutique. She was all set up to give people free samples of her carrot cake.

"Hello," cheered a voice.

Charlotte turned around," AHHHH! YOUR LOUIS TOMLINSON! LOUIS TOMLINSON IS IN MY STORE! Wait why are you here this is a girl store?"

"For the carrot cake. I never knew you had a boutique Abigail," Louis explained.

"No I'm Abigail's younger twin sister, Charlotte," Charlotte explained.

"Oh that cool I have a little sister named Lottie. Do you want to have lunch on your break?" Louis asked?" Louis asked.

"That would be fabulous. See what I did there," Charlotte grinned. Louis just smiled.

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