The Killers

It all starts one normal Friday. Two best friends go to a basket ball game to support there friend Nile wile he plays. Little did they know what would happen that night. Want to know what happens read for yourself!


3. The mall

The next morning I woke up before Jack did. The only reason why is because Jack was snoring loudly. It is going to take a speshale laddie to fall in love with this guy. I tried to get out of jack's arms but his grip tytend. Great..... I grab my phone to see what all I missed. I look at my mesegis to see that Nicole was worid sick and that I was on the news I terned on the tv witch was hard considering Jack totems his grip more. Man he is strong. I trend to FOX news and sure enuf they were playing last nights event. I terned to Jack and started to cry into his chest. He woke up and saw me crying again. I'm starting to feel bad for him. " hey don't worry everything is going to be ok" Jack said I wanted to say something back but I couldn't. Then his little brother James walked in he is my age and Jack is almost two years older. James came up and sat on the other side of me and Jack have him a turn to try and concert me. " hey what's wrong?" Then he looked at the tv "oh" Jack went and got there mom. She came in and saw me crying so she told the boys to leave us alone for a few minuets. They left but they said in ear shot so they could hear what there mom said. But she started to cry too. Jack came in and got there mom and James carryd me to his room and put me on the couch. He had the biggest room. There dog max came up and started to lick me. I started to laugh. " girls are wired." " why do you say that James?" " Well you were just crying and now you are laughing. Ya'll make no since." " I agree." Jack said wile walking over to me he knelt down in front of me and said " Are you ok?" I nodded. He sat next to me and put his arm around me. we started to watch tv. after a few minuets I said " I'm glad ya"ll are my new family..... But I wish I still had my old one." He looked at me with a weak smile and hugged me, and said "I know you do" "um hello I'm still here. I want a hug to" Jack and I looked at each other and then at James. He could tell we were going to do something to him. He ran. Jack and I ran after him he ran into jacks room and slammed the doer. " hey you said you wanted a hug!" I said wile laughing " I changed my mind!!" Jack and I pretended to walk away when really we were right out side the doer. James cracked the doer and we busted through the doer. James ran around the room and Jack kept chasing him. I ran in front of him and he ran into me and knocked me down. " ooww!" I said, it was true it did hurt but I was so faking " oh my gosh I'm so sorry!" James stude me up and I held my shoulder for good meser. Jack walked up and put his hand on my shoulder I looked up at him and he could tell I was faking. We had a silent agreement and we both tackled James to the ground. the boys started to wrestle. I sat back and watched the show until I herd my phone ring. "Hello?" "Hey! Omg! Are you ok? Why won't you text me back? Where are you? Why......" " well it's good to hear your voice again Nicole! I'm fine, I haven't gotten around to it and I'm at my house." " no you are not I hear boys voices in the background and I'm glad you are ok. So where are you?" " I told you at my house." " oh that's right Jack and James's family adopted you. You know I would have if you let me." " I didn't have a chose! They were the first one to claim me!" " we didn't claim you!" I here James say " yah we just made you our little sister!" Jack say " wow fun times. So hey if you arnt doing anything this afternoon I want to go to the mall can you come?" Nikie loved to go shopping "sounds fun I will ask mrs. Smith. Can I call you back?" " yah " I hung up the phone and went down stairs to ask if I could go. Mrs. Smith said yes and she took me and dropped me of with Nicie and her mom. "Hey!" Nicie ran at me and was acting like my mother." Are you ok! What was it like? You in joy all the atenchen your getting right now don't you....." When Nicole is worried you can tell. She will ask wired questions and a strange statement that is totally true. I could never ask for a better friend. " yes I'm fine, it hurt really bad , and yes, yes I am." We shopped for hours and then I got a text from an unknown number saying " I see you........🔫" I showed Nicole and she showed her mom. Her mom looked at me with concern and then said " I think we've done enuf shopping for today let's go"

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