The Killers

It all starts one normal Friday. Two best friends go to a basket ball game to support there friend Nile wile he plays. Little did they know what would happen that night. Want to know what happens read for yourself!


2. First Day Home

I woke up in the hospital I only saw Jacks mom crying in a chair next to my bed. " Mrs. Smith?" She looked up at me and then broke down crying again. " Mrs. Smith what happend? Where are my parents?" She looked up at me and I could tell I would never see my parents or family again. A few days later Mrs. Smith took me to her house. She took me to my room and then left. I laid on my bed and began to cry. I few minuets later I herd footsteps and a knock on my doer I looked up and saw Jack standing there. He came and sat on the bed and he rapped his arms around me. " ssshhhhh hey don't worry, everything is going to be alright." He sounded so reassuring. We sat there like that for a good five minuets then he said " hey you want to go watch a movie?" I nodded my head and we went to his room. He chose RV witch is my favorite movie. We both sat on his bed and laughed the entire movie. After the movie he tried to hug me but I doged it " to slow gatta go" he chanced me down the hall to my room but I made it inside befor he did so a slammed the doer and locked it " Hey! that's not fair" he complained " yah well it's not fair to try and tackle me!" " hey your my sister now I have a right to pester you!" " you did that before... and did you say sister?" I already knew they adopted me or were in the proses anyways. " ummmm well we sort of kind of adopted you." I sat there in silence for a minuet. when really I was about to burst out laughing. I pretended to start to cry I herd the doer unlock and I ran to my bed and layed face down. I was pretending to cry and I could tell Jack was falling for it. " Maggie listen i know......." I tryed but I could not hold in all my laughter I burst out laughing and Jack started tickling me. It turns out to be an all out tickle fight Jack won but that is only because I hit my shoulder. We sat on my bed and he put his arms around me. I was so tired I fell asleep in his arms. Dajavoo.

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