The Killers

It all starts one normal Friday. Two best friends go to a basket ball game to support there friend Nile wile he plays. Little did they know what would happen that night. Want to know what happens read for yourself!


1. Boom

It's Friday and me and one of my best friends are going to my best guy friend play in a basketball game. I just got out of the shower and started to dry my hear when I heard a knock on my doer " yah?" I called " Hey babe, me and your dad are going to head out now are you ok with walking to the game?" My mom said "yah I'm fine with that see you when ya'll get back. Have fun!" My mom and dad are going to a Christmas party for there Sunday school class. All three of my sisters are with friends so I get the house to myself for a few hours. Yay. I finish drying my hear and then go to my closet. I decide on a pair of boot cut jeans, a guy Harvey t-shirt, and a pair of Ty-dy converse. Yup that's my style plain and simple. And my dad douse not like me to ware tight things, he says it attracts to many of the wrong kind of boys. I grab my phone and head for the doer. I grabbed some cash and the keys to the house and I was gone. I was about to the school when I started to notes that a blue mustang had been following me since I left my nabber hood. Ok this is really wired. I get to Jack's school ok. the guy with the mustang kept driven. Ok well that's good. I walk inside to find my best friend Nicole waiting for me in the student section. Wow that girl likes being early. I walked in front of jacks family and said hey to them then went and sat next to Nicole. " dang you got here late" " great to see you to Nicie" " sorry.... How was your day?" Nicole asked with a hint of sarow in her voice. " well first off it was ok I mean I did my homework" " why we are on break?" I acted like I did not even here her " second of all what is wrong? Your usually not this critical." " haha (sigh)...... Well if you must know me and Sam broke up." " again?" " yes again but this time we are never getting back together, like ever." " ok good he douses not deserve a girl like you. You are way out of his league!" " you don't think I know that?" How can I change the subject.?.?.?.? " hey look Jack is playing." I look up and say " thank you" in a hushed wisper. After Jack's game he came up and sat with us. We were going to stay and watch his younger brother play to. " so what did you girls think of the game?" I was about to say it was fun and that he did good but, Nicole said " well if you want my opinion it was boring and where are all the cute guys? ya'lls school is so pathetic." I looked at Jack who looked a little hurt. " don't take her seriously her and Sam just broke up." " Again?" " eryup" jack looked a little bit better. " so Maggie what did you think of the game?" ya'll did good and I I joyed it. So did Nicole." " well I'm glad you had fun" Jack is one of the sweetest guys I know he is like the older brother I never had or never will have. We met on a trip with our youth. He asked me what me and Nicole did that day and I told him and it went from there. I looked at the bleachers across from us for the opposing team and a guy kept glaring at me. Ok that is a little creepy. First the mustang and now this.... Wired. A few minuets later I looked up to see the man still glaring at me. Ok this was making me uncumfterble. " hey Nicole I have to go the the bathroom will you come with me?" I asked " Why you are old enuf to go by yourself." I looked at her hard and she got that I needed to tell her something. As we were walking to the restroom I notest the man was still staring at me. This is really starting to scare me. We made it to the bath room " what do you need to tell me that is so important." Man I just can not get over how nice she is being to me tonight. I mean wow she is just little miss posetive. Geese. " there is this guy that is staring at me and he has been the hole time. It is really starting to scare me." " what douse he look like?" Nicole asked me " well he looked around twenty, he has brown hear, he's tall, and he is waring a red, white, and black shirt." " ok well should we tell an adult or what?" " I don't know mabey we should just wait and see what happens" " ok sounds like a plain. Where is he sitting?" " on the other side on the back row." " ok I will look out for him" " thank you" I said. We walked back to our seats and sure enuf the man was staring at me again I moved closer to Jack " hey what's wrong you look like you've seen a goest" Jack could tell I was scared he put his arm around me and I felt a little safer but the guy just looked like he wanted to kill me. After the game I walked outside with Nicole to see if our moms were here to pick us up. They weren't there so we went back inside. But I did see something out there, a blue mustang. I was so scared by now. We walked back in to the gym and right as I walked in the man saw me and pulled out a gun! He shot and missed a laddie. Then he aimed for me I ran but it was to late. I felt a sting like no other An exushiating pain in my right shoulder I fell to the ground. I saw a bunch of dads tackle the man and get the gun away from him. I held my shoulder and when I took my hand away from it I saw blood. Thick red blood all over my hand. Nice. I saw Jack run up to me and Keel down. I was in so much pain I couldn't cry. Jack held my hand until the ambulance came then he cared me out to them I felt so tired and sick. I pasted out in Jacks arms

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