My Kryptonite

This is a story about a girl name Izzy and her brother Harry Styles. They go on tour and are faced with many difficulties.


25. You are the best for her


It's the big day. December, 20, 2013. The day my life will become complete. I am going to be marrying the girl of my dreams. Isabelle Mae Styles soon to be Horan. Mom and dad are coming and so are Greg and his family. They treat her like she is a part of the family and always have since we met that night on the X-Factor. A knock at the door interrupted my thoughts. "Come in." I said looking in the mirror, tying my tie. "Hey..." Harry said as he walked in. "Hey Harry what's wrong?" I asked. You could tell that he had sadness and worry written all over his face. "Um. I know that Izzy and I are not really brother and sister but we treat each other like it so I'm gonna say this to you about her." Harry said with tears brimming his eyes. "I love Izzy to death, so I would want the best for her. And I think you are the best for her. She has been through a lot and you have stood with her through it all. She was beaten and bruised but you loved her not for what she looked like but for how strong and kind hearts she is because all of this happened. Niall I know that you would do anything for the lads and I, but please for me don't breaks her heart. She means to much to all of us for that to happen to her." Harry said with tears now streaming down his face. I noticed that I had let a few tears slip. "I love Izzy too and would never do anything in the world to hurt someone as precious as her." I said crying harder now. Harry pulls me into a a hug. "Okay well how about we get you ready for the best moment of your life?" Harry said pulling away. "Okay" I said smiling.

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