My Kryptonite

This is a story about a girl name Izzy and her brother Harry Styles. They go on tour and are faced with many difficulties.


2. Isabelle Mae Styles

Ello love!! My name is Isabelle Mae Styles and everyone calls me Izzy. I am 5’5 and have long, curly brown hair. As you may already know I am Harry’s cousin! I just graduated high school with my best friend Brooke. We are going to college together. It should be fun! Anyways I am 19. I live in Manchester, England with Brooke. Harry, Brooke, and I are like the three musketeers! We are that close! My birthday is May 5. My favorite color is green and my favorite animal is a giraffe. I can’t say that my life is perfect but my best friend was abused by her father when she was little. She is still being abused but she is always over at my house so it rarely happens. I was also abuse, but it was by my uncle. He was a drug dealer and an alcoholic. No one knows about my uncle not even Harry and it was his father. We both cut and she almost died because of it. Harry will never leave her side now. He said he wants to there with her through everything. Harry and I are the only people that know about it and I promised her that I would not tell anyone. I know she goes to therapy, I drive her sometimes. Harry wants to be there for her all the time, but they both know that he can’t.

I haven’t seen Niall in about a year. I really want to get closer with all of the boys especially Niall. He is so funny and can always make you smile if you are sad. I really like him. I was gonna tell him but I just can’t. My birthday was coming up and I was going to turn 19! I am excited. Harry said that he got me the best birthday present ever. I’m kind of scared to see what it is.

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