My Kryptonite

This is a story about a girl name Izzy and her brother Harry Styles. They go on tour and are faced with many difficulties.


16. I need you in my life

"Izzy please wake up..." Niall whispered into her ear. He squeezed her hand slightly to feel nothing. He got up to use the restroom. Until it happened.

"Niall," Izzy said opening her eyes. Niall quickly turned around to find her awake. He rushed over to her side and pecked her lips. She looked around to find her room filled with flower, Tulips mainly. She had her comforter and pillows on her bed from the house. And cards were taped to the wall because of lack of counter space. She had a huge stuffed bear in the corner. She looked straight ahead to find a picture of her and the boys when they first met.

"How long have I been in here." Izzy asked with tears brimming her eyes. Niall looked at the ground and sighed.

"Tomorrow will be four months." He said quietly. She nodded slightly.

"I need to go home." She said bluntly. She started to get up as the doctor came in.

"Hell- oh she's awake." The doctor said. "Hi my name is Dr. Elliott, but you can call me Dr. E." She said nicely. Izzy gave a faint smile and nodded her head. She went to get up but got pulled back by all of the cords.

"Oh, let me get those. They can be a hassle." She said taking all of the cords and wires.

"Thanks" Izzy said getting up. Niall grabbed her clothes and set them on the bed.

"Ok, well a nurse will be in shortly to bring you your sign-out sheet." Dr. E said.

"Ok thank you." Niall said closing the door. He walked over to help Izzy. She stood up and took off her gown. she turned around so Niall couldn't see anything. She put on her bra, but needed help wither underwear.

Here let me help." Niall said taking them from her. He closed his eyes and helped. She got them done and Niall backed away. He opened his eyes slowly. She was just standing there, quiet and sad. She grabbed her shirt and handed it to Niall. She threw her hands up and she slid it over her head. Next were her pants. She sat down and put them around her ankles, Niall then pulled them up to her waist and buttoned them. He looked up her body until her was face to face with Izzy. She now had tears streaming down her face. Niall lifted her face to look into her eyes. She just collapsed into his chest and was crying. He stroked her head to calm her down. He started humming. She calmed down and looked up at him. Their faces slowly got closer and the passionately kissed. They kissed for about five minuets. Soon a nurse walked in and giggled. They both pulled away and blushed.

"I'm sorry but you need to sign this." The nurse said blushing. Niall reached over and signed the paper and handed it back to the nurse. She left and Izzy and Niall packed up everyhting and left. Paul and some other bodygurads got some more stuff and followed behind them. They got out to hte parking lot and luckly there were no fans. Niall and Izzy held eaachothers hands as they walked to their car. The drive was silent. Not a awkward slience but a thinking silence. Izzy just stared out of the window. Niall grabbed her hand and rubbed her knuckles with his thumb. They got home and Paul and the body guards got out of their van and followed quitely behind.

"Wait here. I'll be right back." Niall said with a smile plastered on his face. Izzy nodded smiling too. As Niall walked inside Izzy leaned up against the garage wall and sighed.

"It's great to have you back." Paul said with a sllight smile.


Niall walked in the house with nothing in his hands. He had a sad look on his face. Everyone turned to look at him. Brooke walked up to him.

"How is she?" Brooke asked with tears brimming her eyes.

"Same." Niall said looking at the floor. "I have someone here eveyone needs to meet." Niall said looking up. Every stood up and fixed themselves. Niall waked out to the door to get her.

"Are you ready?" Niall asked kissing her lips.

"Ready as I'll ever be." Izzy whispered. They intertwined their hands. Niall leaned in the door and told them to close their eyes. They did as told without any questions. After all eyes were closed, they walked in hand in hand.

"Ok, open!" Niall said happily. They opened their eyes and looked stunned. Brooke collapsed and started crying. Harry ran and hugged Izzy as tight as he could. He was now crying on her shoulder. She hugged back and cried. Zayn was balling as was everyone. Even Paul had a few tears slip. Harry let go and stated kissing her face and hugged her agian. Louis ripped Harry off of her and hugged her.

"Oh my god I missed my Busy Bee!" Louis said inbetween choked sobbs. All of them joined in on the hug. And cried. Even Niall. It has now been 2 years that Niall and Izzy have been dating. Everyone backed away and wiped away tears. Brooke got up and walked to Izzy. She grabbed her arms and looked at her wrists. Brooke leaned down and kissed them softly.

"Please stop. I need you in my life." She said before she hugged Izzy. They both criend into each others shoulders.

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