My Kryptonite

This is a story about a girl name Izzy and her brother Harry Styles. They go on tour and are faced with many difficulties.


4. Best flight ever

Niall's P.O.V.

“Hey Izz can you come her for a second I need to talk to you.” I asked. She looked very agitated because of Louis. He has that effect on people. She smiled and mouthed thank you to me. As she came over to me Louis started to fake cry. I rolled my eyes. “Yes?” She said happily. “I was wondering if you wanted to-“I started to ask. “Oh, I am so sorry. It’s mom.” She said. I smiled trying not to be nervous. “Ok, she was just saying that I needed to be careful, and that Steven said hey.” She said smiling. “Oh, who is Steven?” I asked. “He is just an old friend. I haven’t seen him in forever.” She said with a cheeky smile on her face. “Oh. he seems nice.” I said acting all happy. “He is. Oh, and what did you want to ask me?” “I was wondering if you wanted to sit with me. Louis looked like he was annoying you.” I said nervously. “Ok.” She said and we started to catch up.

Brooke’s P.O.V.

“Harry I don’t like planes.” I said to Harry on the verge of tears as we boarded. “It’s going to be fine. I’m here. I know what happened to your mother and soon to be sister. Nothing is going to happen to you.” He said smiling. I was next to Harry the entire time. I’m not complaining he smelled amazing. I missed that. I missed him, I really like him. I want him to know so I’ll just tell Izz and hopefully she will talk to him for me. We were boarding the plane when I saw Niall with Izz. He makes her happy. They should go out already. They are just too cute together. We got on the plane and I was sat in between Harry and Liam. Harry was against the window and Liam was on the edge. Across from us were Louis at the window and Zayn on the edge. There was an open seat between them from where Izzy had moved. Behind us sat Izz and Niall. Izz was in the middle and Niall was at the window. They were loud and laughing. Before we left we tried to plan out the rooms. It was not successful. Thanks to Louis.

Izzy's P.O.V.

“Niall I need to ask you something?” I asked quietly. “Yes?” He said yawning. “Do you think Harry and Brooke are cute together? They are always around each other and he makes her happy and she makes him happy.” I said “Um… Yea let’s get Louis to get them together.” Niall stated. As soon as Louis heard his name he was beside me with his sun glasses on. “Louis, we need you to do us a huge favor.” I stated. “What is it Boss?” He asked like a detective. “We need you to get Harry and Brooke together.” Niall whispered in his ear. Louis leaned over to look at them and Brooke was asleep on Harry’s shoulder and he was playing with her long, blonde hair. “I’ve already talked to her about it and she likes him.” Louis said saluting and went back to his seat. “Niall I’m tired. Do you mind?” I asked. “Of course not” he said as I laid my head on his shoulder. “Goodnight love” Niall said as he kissed my head. “Goodnight Nailler.” I said dozing off.


“Izz, wake up.” Niall whispered into Izzy’s ear. She silently fluttered her eyes open with a smile on her face. “Are we here?” she asked stretching. “Yes love, we are.” He said grinning. “What time is it?” Izzy asked looking confused. “Um… I think it’s 1 in the morning.” Niall said. “Wow. I tired.” She said giggling. Everyone just looked at them with smiles on their faces. “I have to ask Harry a question. I’ll be right back.” He said as he got up. “Ok.” Izzy said confused. “Harry, can I talk to you in private.” Niall asked. “Um... Yea I guess.” Harry said looking confused. This was gonna be hard.


“Hello, my name is Izzy Mae. What is your name?” Izzy asked. “M-My name is N-Niall.” I couldn’t help but smile. She was beautiful. “Hello Niall. It’s nice to meet you.” She said blushing. “Um, ok my name is Louis. It is nice to meet you.” Louis said smiling. “Hello” she said. As everyone introduced themselves I kept staring at her. She was gorgeous. I knew it was love at first sight. “Hey Izzy how old are you?” I asked. “I am 15 about to turn 16.” She said quietly. “Oh, I’m 15 too. I am going to turn 16 in September.” I said proudly. “That’s cool.” She said smiling. “When is your birthday?” I asked nervously. “It’s May 5.” She said. "Are you going to Harry's house later?" I asked. "Um, yea I might. Are you. Wait of course you are you are staying with him aren't you?" She asked laughing at her own answer. "Yes, I am. You should come over I think we are watching some movies." I said trying to convince her. "I'll be right back." She said walking away. "Ok." I said confused. Soon she came back and smiled. "I just talked to Harry and he said that I could ride home with him and could watch movies." She said with a cheeky grin. "Great, it was nice to meet you. See you later." I said as I walked into my dressing room. She smiled and waved back.

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