My Kryptonite

This is a story about a girl name Izzy and her brother Harry Styles. They go on tour and are faced with many difficulties.


11. Anna Dianne Justice

Hello my name is Anna Dianne Justice, but everyone calls me DD. I am 20 and I live I New York, New York. I was in the mall and I ran into Liam Payne from One Direction. I told him that I have a little sister and that she likes them but it was really me. My favorite color is purple and my favorite animal is a turtle. My birthday is November 25 and I am an only child. I recently got back from Rome, Italy. I have traveled around and plan to go to more places. I have been in America for a year now and I am not such a huge fan. Anyways I am 5'1 and I have long, brown hair and brown eyes. My father is a preacher and my mother is a nurse. I mostly lived with my cousin, because my parents were to busy for a child. I have had a good life so far. I am a daredevil and an angel all packed together.

I had a little sister, but she had cancer and died a year ago. I moved to New York after her death because she said she always wanted to live in New York. I am going to fulfill her dream for her. I hope that me and Liam will become close friends. I really like him and I hope he likes me. Every time he said something to me yesterday he would blush. It was adorable.

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