The photographer..

Ella is a photographer and is best friends with 1D
All the boys know she fancys Liam but poor puppy eyed Liam is Clueless!
Will his Cluelessness ruin any chance he has? Or will he finally Take a hint and make his move...

But he better watch out Ella has a lot more admires ;)

Liam Payne fan fiction!


3. The Kiss

Ella's P.O.V

I parked in the boys driveway and hopped out of my range rover.. I looked down at my outfit Her Outfit :

I hope he likes it... It took me like 2 hours to piece it together, I walked up to the door step and rung the door bell. The door swung open and my eyes met a chocolate brown pair i sighed " Aw babe did you doll yourself up for me " he said stepping out of the way, i rolled my eyes " Liam you shouldn't even say that I'm still pissed at you " i said stepping into the house.

I felt his arms on my waist pulling him close to his chest.. His lips brushed down to my neck leaving a trail of hot kisses,a wave of adrenaline and electricity ran over me i couldn't help it a moan escaped my lips. He spun me around so now i was facing him my hands were placed on his chest as his hands on my waist his chocolate brown eyes burned holes into me..

He leaned in and so did i thats when his soft pink lips crashed into mine, My stomach was doing 300 flips per second and the meadow of butterflies became a zoo.. My arms slithered to his neck as i kissed back, His grip tightened around my waist. I suddenly realized why i was here, i wasn't here for him to use me as some sort of toy i was here for Niall who treats me like a princess.

I tore the kiss apart " Liam you can't do this... " i said unclasping his grip around my waist, " Why can't i Ella? I dare you to look me in the eyes and tell me that you didn't feel what i felt, i dare you to tell me you didn't feel a spark, i dare you to tell me you felt nothing... " he said staring his puppy dog chocolate brown eyes into my Meadow green ones. i can't say i felt nothing cause i felt everything.. This wasn't little white lie here if i told him i didn't feel anything all the fantasies i had of me and Liam will demolish..

" I- I felt everything... " Was all my lips could say as i turned around and ran upstairs into Niall's room and slid down the door. Thank god Niall wasn't there.


I got up from the couch after talking to Sophia, God i hated her the only reason I'm with her is to get Ella jealous but all i ended up doing was loosing her GOD WHY AM I STUPID!? Suddenly the bell rang, i walked over to the door and swung it open. Her Meadow green eyes stared at me.. My heart was beating at an un-healthy pace.. " Aww i see you dolled yourself up for me " was all i could say as i moved aside letting her come in GOD LIAM WHAT TYPE OF DOUCHEY STATEMENT! I face palmed myself mentally.

" Liam you shouldn't even say that I'm still pissed at you " was all she said as she turned on her heel, I couldn't help it i gently wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her closer to my chest.. I brushed my lips onto her sensitive skin and began leaving trails of kisses on her neck, Just the touch of her on my lips gave me an erection, she was so different from other girls God! A moan escaped her lips making me smile as my lips made contact with her lips for the last time.

I spinned her around so her beautiful green eyes were staring into mine, Oh dear lord how i loved the position we were in My hands on her waist, her hands on my chest, our lips not far apart and her eyes oh her beautiful irresistible eyes burned into mine. I was too caught up in this perfect moment i had to do it this was my chance to do it...

I crashed my lips into hers. I was speechless her soft lips that i always admired that i always fantasized about, Now that i have them on mine i feel beyond comparison they weren't enough words in the english dictionary or any language matter of fact that describe how it felt.. l i know that i need to wake up to this every morning.. Her lips is my morning tea her lips is everything to me cause if her lips were a drug they would be my ecstasy...

Her arms made her way up to my neck as my hand tightened around her waist...

She pulled away from the kiss making my heart sink. " Liam you can't do this" she said unclasping the tight grip i had on her waist, " Why can't i do this Ella? I dare you to look me in the eyes and tell me that you didn't feel what i felt, i dare you to tell me you didn't feel a spark, i dare you to tell me you felt nothing... " i said staring into her eyes, I bit the inside of my cheeks holding the tears that were dangerously close of slipping out...

If she said she didn't feel anything, i would loose it. I don't need Sophia i need Ella.. and if she doesn't need me, then i don't need life cause Ella is my life. " I-I felt everything " was all she said as she turned around and ran to Niall's room slamming the door making the other boys that were in the movie room downstairs rush upstairs.. Niall was still in the shower getting ready.

" What happened!? " Louis asked rushing to me out of breath, I rubbed the back of my neck. How was i supposed to tell them i just kissed Ella while i was with Sophia, I stared at the ground, Niall came rushing down in only a towel wrapped around his torso " Ok which one of you bastards made Ella cry... " as he held onto the towel, The boys immideatly looked at me " What did you do Liam.. " Zayn sighed. I continued staring at the ground not wanting to answer the question... " FOR FUCK'S SAKE LIAM WHAT DID YOU DO! " Niall yelled raising his voice..  " I-I kissed her " was all i said as i began playing with my thumbs, i looked up at Niall who's face was white pale.. " Y-You did what? " he stuttered as tears began dripping from his eyes.. " Niall i- " I said as i tried taking a hold of his hand so i could pull him into a hug but he slapped it away and stormed up the stairs sobbing..

The boys looked at me disappointed " You shouldn't have done that You know how sensitive he is " Louis complained, I hated seeing Niall cry and i knew Louis was right i was just caught up in the moment and i didn't think about what Niall. A door swung open and came out a crying Ella jogging down the stairs.. " Ella ar- " Harry said trying to pull her into a hug " DO I LOOK OK TO YOU HAROLD!? " She yelled at the top of her lungs as the tears rushed down her face. Harry backed away, Damn when this girl was pissed fuck she was pissed. 

" Ella sto- " I began trying to give her hug, all she did was push me on the floor " ITS ALL YOU FAULT! " she yelled running out of the house tears pouring down her beautiful face. 

She jumped into her car and drove off in the speed of light.

I curled up in a ball and began sobbing. God whats wrong with me...




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