The photographer..

Ella is a photographer and is best friends with 1D
All the boys know she fancys Liam but poor puppy eyed Liam is Clueless!
Will his Cluelessness ruin any chance he has? Or will he finally Take a hint and make his move...

But he better watch out Ella has a lot more admires ;)

Liam Payne fan fiction!


4. Secrets...

Ella's P.O.V

I woke up to my phone ring like a fucking banshee.. I groaned and grabbed my phone pressing   ANSWER. " Hey ca- " I started but i was cut off by Taylor's high pitched voice " WERE THE HELL ARE YOU GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE AND START THIS FUCKING PHOTO SHOOT THE BOYS SIMON AND THE MODELS ARE WAITING YOU HAVE 30 DAMN MINUTES! " she yelled in the phone on the top of her lungs... " FUCK IM TIRED DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS?! " i yelled back at her.. I am not in the mood for this shit " YES IT IS 3:00 NOW GET YOUR ASS HERE!!!! " she yelled once more then hung up. Damn Taylor making me get up.. I crawled out of bed and hopped into the shower.

- After the shower -

I began mumbling rubbish on my way out of the shower. I stopped at my closet and slipped on my outfit.. Her outfit:

I Filled my bag with my Camera, Phone, keys etc... I stared at my outfit and sighed. I ran down the stairs and out the door i went. I slid my keys in the key slot and drove away jamming to Zedd Stay the Night.

- At the apartment -

I rushed up the stairs and swung the door open " Ella get your ass in there and start this shoot! " Taylor said her hands on her hips and an aggravated expression plastered on her face. I sighed " Im going I'm going " i mumbled stepping in. I walked up to the scenery and began unpacking my bags when i heard a throat clear, " Oh for fuck's sake.. " i mumbled turning around, My eyes locked on a pair of sky blue ones.. Oh no.

" Niall " i whispered staring at the ground.. " Hey.. About yesterday... " he began, twiddling with his thumbs  " Please Niall i do- " I was cut of by his lips smashing onto mine, i kept waiting for something to happen even a little spark but nothing, It wasn't like the kiss me and Liam shared.. it was just, just flat out nothing. 

I frowned in the kiss and pulled away, His eyes burned holes into my skin staring down at me " You frowned into the kiss love whats wrong? " he asked taking my little hands in his, Oh god how am i supposed to tell him i kissed his best friend and that it doesn't feel the same!? " Oh uh nothing, go get ready for the shoot k babe? " i said kissing his cheek. He smiled and turned on his heel walking back to the dressing rooms.

" Tsk tsk lying is never the best thing " Sophia's raspy voice echoed in my ear, My face grew pale " I wasn't lying... " i said playing with the strand of hair that fell on my face " I know what happened with you and Liam the kiss? We wouldn't want Niall to know about it right.. But you know what i will let it slide as long as you stay away from MY Liam understood? " she said glaring at me.. i sighed I can't let her tell Niall.... " Fine you have your deal now leave me alone " i sighed looking at the ground. " Perfect! Now if you even dare break this deal i will destroy you understood darling? " she said a smirk appearing on her old ass ugly fucking face. I nodded and she skipped away to meet her little squad of models.

The boys came out of the dressing rooms in their suits.. I looked at Liam who looked down right sexy, the way he walked in the suit and the way the suits holds him and oh dear lord the suit compliments his torso so damn well i couldn't help but bite my lip as the adrenaline pumped inside my veins god, his eyes crossed with mine and flashed me a wink.. GOD I THINK MY HEART MELTED!! i quickly turned away before he could notice my blush.. i hope Sophia or Niall didn't see what just happened...

- After the shoot -

I sighed as i began picking up my stuff Taylor the models and the rest of the boys besides Liam had left cause he was still in the dressing room. I heard a door open up and their stood in front of me a sexy Liam. I felt his arms wrap around my waist like last time " Ella tell me that you want me.. " He whispered in my ear seductivly, my mind was telling me no but my body was telling me yes.. " I-I need you Liam " i stuttered staring at the ground suddenly i felt his hot lips leave a trail of warm kisses sending my body on fire.. I don't know if it was the desire that burned in me from the beginning or the adrenaline or whatever but i know what i did would change a lot but who cares?! I pushed Him to the nearest wall and smashed my lips onto his, my arms wrapped around his neck and his arms on my waist.. " Jump " he growled in my ear, i obeyed and wrapped my legs around his waist.. we began making out he pulled away and crashed his lips onto my neck biting, sucking and licking i tilted my head backwards as i moaned in pleasure.. 

I began feeling his erection growing more and more as his eyes and lips began to hunger and so did i, I began swaying my hips back and forth side by side making him moan.. oh dear lord i swear if these fabrics that covered us were not here i would have lost it! 

He slid his hands to my bum and squeezed making me jump a bit as i had jumped in his erection making both of us moan in pleasure " Y-You see what you do to me " he whispered in my ear as he began playing with the hem of my shirt, I attacked his neck with my lips leaving him a love bite.. i pulled my lips of his neck and blew on the fresh bite i had left on his neck, i smirked. And dropped down from his grasp.. i stared into his chocolate brown puppy eyes, " Liam this is wrong but it feels so fucking right " I said as my hands were placed on his chest " I don't care as long as I'm with you babe it can be wrong or right.. " he whispered in my ear.. i felt the blood rush to my cheeks making them glow a nice pinkish red.. " Then why don't we make this our little secret.." i asked intertwining our fingers.. " Your wish is my command babe.. " he whispered in my ear..

" Now cmon love we better get going before they get suspicious " he said grabbing his bag and mine...

God i know this is so wrong but fuck it feels to right to let go off.. I just hope they don't find out...

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