The photographer..

Ella is a photographer and is best friends with 1D
All the boys know she fancys Liam but poor puppy eyed Liam is Clueless!
Will his Cluelessness ruin any chance he has? Or will he finally Take a hint and make his move...

But he better watch out Ella has a lot more admires ;)

Liam Payne fan fiction!


2. Out of Hints

Ella's P.O.V 

I kept my knees close to my head as the tears ran down my face and into my Ben and Jerry's ice cream as the Notebook echoed around my living room.. My door bell suddenly rang, I sighed and got up i looked at what i had changed into.. It was one of the boys Jumpsuits from their one piece collection. I had my hair in a high pony tail, no make up on and my feet in white ankle length socks. I walked towards the door and opened it. There stood Niall, Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn, Perrie, Eleanor, Isabelle and Sophia ugh.. 

I flashed them a faked smile " uh why are you guys here not like i don't want you here or anything its just that... eh never mind  Just come in " i said stepping away from the door as they walked in. But Sophia stayed at the door step " I hope you know Liam is MINE and he will never fall for an ugly fat slut like you.. " she said glaring me and shoving me out of the way as she walked in " Damn bitch " i mumbled as i walked into the living room " I see you were having one of those days " Liam said flashing me a smile that i completely ignored he shouldn't even be here. He had his hands around Sophia's waist and she had her head on his shoulder god fuck that bitch!

" Well we came over to see if you wanted to go the beach with us? " Niall said trying to break the tension in the room, i sighed " I probably don't have a choice do i? " i said smiling at Niall " Nope you don't  Now cmon if not we are dragging you there " He said picking me up bridal style as the others laughed at us well everyone beside Liam who had stiffened , I on the other hand was giggling my ass off " NIALL JAMES HORAN PUT ME DOWN! " i yelled giggling " NEVERRR ISABELLE CAN YOU GET HER A SWIM SUIT!! " He yelled as he ran towards the car they came in followed by the others " SURE NIALLER! " Isabelle yelled giggling to. 

- At the beach -

" You could have at least let me change! " i yelled at Niall as we got out of the car " Nah that was way more fun right guys? " Niall said " Hell yes that was more fun! " Harry said still laughing his ass off " I will get you for this Nialler! " i yelled at him giggling " Gotta catch me first! " he yelled running away " OH ITS ON LIKE DONKEY KONG! " i yelled running after him, Followed by Harry, Louis, Zayn, Liam ,Perrie, Sophia, Eleanor and Isabelle who was laughing her head off, I finally caught up and jumped on Niall's back " PIGGY RIDE! " i yelled as he was laughing.

He gave me a piggy back ride till a near clothing shop were i changed into my Bikini Her Bikini :

I giggled " Thanks for the Bikini Isabelle! " i yelled running over to my best friend hugging her " No prob babe! " she yelled giggling hugging me back. " NOW TIME TO GO TO THE BEACH WOOOP! " i yelled running to the water ad i ran i was swooped up by Niall " EEEP NIALLER! " I yelled giggling again " GAH YOU GUYS MAKE ME GIGGLE TO MUCH! " i yelled as he chuckled at my complaining " ITS OUR JOB BABE! " he yelled as we approached the water, His lips brushed my ear " Ready for a shower love? " he said as he walked into the middle of the water. My face cheeks flushed bright red " NIALL YOU BETTER NOT DO WH- " it was to late he had already let go, i grabbed his hands pulling him down with me as we fell in the cold water. I heard the others laughing at us, We rises back up and i started splashing Niall " NIALL THAT WAS SO NOT FUNNY! " i yelled laughing, he joined me in my laughing moment " If it wasn't why are you laughing? " he said laughing himself " Touche mr Horan Touche " I said giggling. 

We walked back to shore to see everyone laying a picnic on the sand " FOOOOD! " me and Niall yelled in unison we ran towards them i plopped down next to Harry as Niall plopped down next to me. I don't know why but Im getting so much giggly around Niall today he's probably just trying to help me after the Liam thing so sweet of my little leprechaun!

We began talking about random stuff when i got a text.

( L = Liam E = Ella )

L: Babe you mad at me? 

E: Dont Babe me you have Sophia to call Babe remember? 

L: Are you jealous? 

E: I am not, and i can see how you were when Niall picked me up at home you stiffened so I'm not the Jealous one here i think its you.

L: I am not jealous i just don't like him being that close to you.

E: Really Liam!? You can't get everything! You have Sophia to be close with Let me be Close with Niall if i fucking want to!

I was now pissed off Like what the fuck!? I threw my phone gently on the sand and looked at Liam who was across of me, I glared at him and continued my conversation with the rest of us...

- After the day at the beach -

 " OMG TODAY WAS AMAZING!!! " i squealed as i was skyping Niall " Totally was love. " he said flashing me one of his perfects smiles i giggled as i took a spoon of my Ben and Jerry's " Hey uh Ella i was wondering if uh maybe you wanted to go go-karting tomorrow " Niall said scratching the back of his neck as his cheeks flushed red and so did mine... And i know your wondering what about Liam and the truth is I fucking love Liam but he is taken and i can't wait for him like some dog, I've dropped to many hints and now I'm all out. 

" Like a date? " i said brushing away a strand of hair behind my ear " Uhm yeah " he said Biting his lips and staring at the floor, I smiled as my cheeks became reder " Sure boo! " i said giggling. His sparkling blue eyes shot up " See you tomorrow then babe " he said winking at me, i blushed " Can't wait.. we should go to bed babe its pretty late " i said the last part my smile fading he sighed " Yea... So tomorrow at 8:00? " He asked his beautiful smile reappearing " Perfect.. Goodnight Boo " i said Blowing him a Kiss " Gnite Princess " and with that i ended the call and drifted off to dream land....





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