The Green Eyed Boy & His Friend With The Raven Hair

Jasmine Richards, sweet girl, works in a music parlour everyday, nothing exciting going on. Everything changes when a raven haired boy comes in and takes over her mind. He's known as the "mysterious one" but is dangerous to everyone. Will she fall for him? Or what if he shows her his darker side and ruins her? What she doesn't know is that he's supposed to kidnap her and deliver her to the green eyes boy . What'll happen? Will she survive or be killed? Like they must deal with the darkness before meeting the light.


6. Chapter 6- Paps? Not My Thing

(Late Afternoon)

"C'mon Harry we're gonna be late!" Louis yelled from the car as Harry put on his trench coat. "May I say my best friend looks great today?" He smirked and took my hand walking out to the car. "The one and only Harry Styles has finally come out making us 2 minutes late," Niall said sarcastically. We hopped in and Louis slammed the door shut seeming inpatient. "Awe look, Lou is mad. Poor thing," I teased while grabbing onto his arm. He finally broke and started to laugh, throwing his head back. I looked over at Harry and he was on his phone, possibly on twitter talking to the fans. I glanced at his phone and that's exactly what he was doing, how did I know him so well? I leaned my head on his shoulder and he showed me his phone. I raised an eyebrow and looked up at him. "What? I don't see anything but you." He nodded and scrolled down. All were tweets of me that he had retweeted and they seemed really positive and kind.

"@Ziamhugs_: honestly if Jasmine makes Harry happy I love her she's great for Harry and very beautiful"

"@NiallsNandos3: #Hasmine! It sounds weird, but it's cute ^.^ love you Harry! @Harry_Styles❤"

"@KarinaStyles: it hurts but I love them. Even if they're just childhood friendssss ;)"

"@LavendarFlowers: can someone get Harry and Jasmine to just show some PDA already?!"

"@1D_is_my_world: ahh love. ;) @Harry_Styles & @JustJasmine"

I smiled up at him and pulled out my phone to say something. Harry watched my actions and it began to get uncomfortable. "Haz, you don't have to watch me ya know?" I said and he leaned his head on my shoulder like a little kid. As soon as I opened the app, my twitter froze. "Harry my twitter froze! Can you get off your phone?" I asked and Niall took it from his hands quickly. Harry looked amazed at how Niall just took it with out a hassle and I laughed at him, logging back in on my phone. Numerous, hundreds, of thousands of tweets to me and Harry talking about our relationship. I smiled to myself that they had already supported us even though we're not dating. I decided to clear some rumours about us and hopefully it'll make the non-supporters feel better.

"@JustJasmine: hey guys ! Yes I am Harry's very good friend :) Thank you for the support! Xx"

As soon as the tweet went out, millions of retweets and favourites even some followers. I didn't really expect it but its nice they respect me now, well I think. Harry took out his phone and I put mine away, Louis eyeing us again for the millionth time. To get rid of the awkwardness, I decided to chat. "So um Zayn. When is Perrie coming over again?" I asked and it snapped him out of his thoughts. "Probably today or tomorrow. I'm not sure, why?" I was about to answer when my phone went off. Harry immediately started laughing out of control. "You get notifications whenever I tweet?" He asked in the middle of laughs. I turned red and denied looking at his tweet that I indeed get notified of.

"@Harry_Styles: hmmm @JustJasmine ;) you need to stop being awkward in the car babe x"

"Harry! What the hell?" I said and he blocked his face probably knowing I was going to assault him. I punched him in the stomach making him wince and clutch it. I smirked to myself as he sat there in pain even though I didn't even hit him that hard. Liam just shook his head and continued being busy on his phone as the other guys did their own thing. Harry recovered after a couple of minutes and I patted his thigh. "When are we gonna get there?" I asked getting comfortable. He put his arm around me and rested his chin on my head. "We should be getting there-" "Now," Niall interrupted looking out the window. I unbuckled myself, put on Harry's shades, and prepared myself for the outside. "Pretty soon you'll get used to this," Harry whispered in my ear, holding my hand tightly. I fixed my crooked ring and entwined my fingers with Harry again. "Let's go. You'll wait in the lobby until we're done, alright? We won't be too long," Louis said to me as he stepped out. I nodded and out went Niall after him, then Liam, then Zayn and us.

Right when we came out the flashes got more intense and screams could be heard even more from behind our car. I took a chance and waved to the fans and Harry smiled, not letting go of me. I didn't keep my head down at all, deciding on not hiding my face anymore to the public. Hopefully someday Harry will let me take off the shades instead of hiding my eyes, but I like them because the flashes of cameras aren't so bright. There was a long walkway that led to the building, and thank god the paps weren't allowed that far. "Why did you decide to wave now?" Harry asked while we continued walking. "Thought I'd try something different. Then next time I won't have your shades on." He gave me a concerned look and focused on the guys in front of us. "Don't get so caught up with this bullshit. Once they see how comfortable you are, they'll tear you to pieces Jasmine," he said grabbing me by the waist and holding the door open for me. We reached inside and it was all white everywhere except for the desk where a lady was sitting. "Hi. One Direction?" She asked turning her head towards me. "Yes. We're here for the interview with the magazine?" Liam answered and she pointed to a door to the right.

"Wait here. Try not to look over your shoulder because that's all the paps will want. We won't be long be careful," Harry said kissing my forehead and letting go of my hand. He joined the boys and entered the door that the lady had told them to enter. I went and sat in the long couch that was at the center of the place, getting a magazine from the racks. "Your here with them?" The lady asked. I looked over at her and nodded. "Yes, Harry Styles is my best friend." Her mouth formed an "O" and I smiled. "Why do you always wear those sunglasses darling? Is something wrong?" She asked kindly. "No, the flashes from the lights are too bright. I'm completely fine thank you," I replied slipping the shades down a bit so she can see my eyes. "Beautiful eyes! You shouldn't hide them." I blushed and flipped a page in the magazine. "Hello! How may I help you today?" The lady asked and I turned around to meet eyes with the one and only Ed Sheeran. I guess I gasped too loudly because he chuckled and came over to me. "Hi, I'm Ed. I hear your mates with my pal Harry?" He said and I got up to hug and give him a kiss on the cheek. "Hi, I'm Jasmine. Yeah, me and Harry have been friends for ages!" He smiled and walked over to the lady, as I sat back down.

I tried to hold in my fangirl because I've been wanting to meet him since I was 18! I put the magazine down and looked from the corner of my eye to see a young girl getting pulled away from the doors. I frowned and got up rushing to her. "Hey hey! Excuse me, I don't think you treat a young girl that way mate!" I said making the man laugh. "And who are you exactly?" I quickly thought of an answer to make him feel stupid. "I'm Harry Styles from One Direction's best friend. Do you have the right to treat a girl that horridly?" He looked down at the girl who had her eyes glued on me, tears stained her cheeks. She was trying to run away from the man who was holding her rather tight. I pulled her away from him and he looked at me confused. "What are you going to do with her?" He asked. "I'm getting her far away from you that's for sure," I said hugging the girl. He looked towards the paps who were paying attention to the situation and walked off. The young girl still had her arms wrapped around me and I lightly pulled her away, her teary eyes looking up at me. "Are you okay love?" I asked her. She nodded and wiped her tears away. "How old are you?" "I-I'm 9," she said.

"Well, what were you doing here alone? Where are your parents?" She seemed like she didn't want to say, but I need to know. "They're in the crowd back there, I told them I'd be back. I just wanted to meet Harry." I smiled when she said his name. "Your Harry's girlfriend huh? Why do you always have glasses on?" She asked making me chuckle. "I'm not his girlfriend, just his friend. C'mon I'll tell you why inside." I grabbed her hand and led her inside with Ed. "There you are! I thought you'd left. Hi, who's this little darling?" He asked hugging her. "She was being mistreated by security, so I guess I saved her?" She sat with Ed and out came the boys. Harry ran to me and picked me up swinging me around. "It's not like I was gone a year okay?" I said an he kissed my lips. The little girl gasped and I pulled away from him. "Who's this?" Harry asked. "I saved her from the security who were mistreating her." She came over to me and Harry knelt down and stretched his arms out. She ran over to him a huge smile plastered on her face. Zayn came over to me and swung his arm over my shoulder as the little girl didn't let go of Harry. Niall, Louis, and Liam sat down and me and Zayn took selfies as Harry talked with the little girl.

"What's her name?" Zayn asked me in between pictures. "I have no idea! I didn't even ask her. Harry will find out." After 3 more, I out my phone back in my pocket and the little girl came and hugged me randomly. "Her names Ashley," Harry said wrapping his arm around my waist and Zayn stepped away. She went over to the boys and sat with them talking about everything. "What are we going to do with her?" I asked Harry who looked over to the boys with Ashley. "I think we're taking her home." My eyes widened and I looked up at him. "Harry are you crazy?! Her parents are out there! You can't take on that responsibility, and neither can I! We're not taking her home!" He shook his head and pulled me into his chest. "C'mon guys lets go. We have to go," Harry said taking my hand. "If your not taking her back, I am. Her parents are going to be worried Harry." Liam was holding Ashley's hand as we allied a different way out of the building and I was trying to find her parents. "Jasmine?" She said and I stopped to walk over to her. "Can I take a picture with you and Harry? I have one with the boys but not with you." My heart was warmed by her request and I picked her up and got next to Harry who had his lips on my cheek. "Alright. 1...2...3," Niall said as he snapped the picture. He showed it to us and Ashley seemed satisfied. "Thank you guys. I love you," she said as she hugged the boys and then me.

"Do you know where your parents are?" I asked and she nodded taking my hand. Harry grabbed my wrist, giving me a worried look. "It's fine." He let go and I went with Ashley through the crowd who were pulling, shoving, and pushing. There was a couple of girls who had rude signs about me and Harry and some about Zayn that hurt me, but I ignored them. Her little hand squeezed mine and I looked up to see two adults crying. "Ashley! Where'd you go?!" Her mum shouted, hugging her tightly. The woman looked up at me and pulled me in for a tight hug also, tears streaming down her face. "Thank you. Thank you so much, how can I ever repay you?" Her mum asked. I shook my head and smiled. "She was a very sweet girl. I don't need anything from you, just be safe. It was my pleasure," I said and Ashley gave her mum the phone. "Your the girl she's been talking about! The one that's with that lad from the band?" I nodded and Ashley clung onto her mum as girls were going crazy. I turned around and met eyes with Harry. "I guess I should be going, be careful next time Ashley!" I shouted and me and Harry walked through the massive crowd of girls, into the car.


"We're done for the day!" Niall shouted sitting back in the car after coming back from the signing. I thought it was really exciting at the signing because I've never seen so many fans since I've been with the boys. I was sitting in the middle of Paul and Harry the whole time and fans kept asking questions but we both waved them off casually. "Guess it's just me and you now," Harry whispered in my ear a little too loudly because we both earned a smirk from Liam. "Oh c'mon Liam. It's not like we're up to no good! Plus we haven't really had a day out together," I confessed. Harry smiled and kissed my cheek, as Liam pushed Harry away. "Away now Harry. Don't get so attached to your best friend. I'm only doing this for your good." He pulled Harry away from me and there was a huge gap. I pouted and stretched my arms out for Harry who did the same, until Liam strapped him in securely. "Don't treat me like such a child Liam. We're still going out. Sir, drop us off at the nearest shops please," Harry said to the driver and Liam rubbed his temples. "Jasmine clearly doesn't like the attention already, so I'm helping her. Also, you don't want the bad publicity. So this is good that you two are apart! Have her hang out with the other boys, distract them away from you and her." I looked at Harry with honest eyes and nodded. "Liam is kinda right Haz."

Niall pulled me into him and I smiled at his kind gesture. "Maybe me and Jas should go out today? Seems fun right Jasmine?" He said looking down at me. I agreed with him by smiling weirdly, earning a laugh from the guys. Obviously Harry looked pissed, but I just shook it off. "Mr. Styles? We're here," the driver said. Harry looked out the window excitedly and grabbed my wrist. "Harry I said don't!" Liam shouted as the two both held onto my limbs. "It's our life Liam! I'll see you boys later," he said shutting the door and putting me on his back. I wrapped my arms around his neck, making sure I wasn't choking him as his hands moved under my thighs. "You should really apologise to Liam. He only wants the best for his mate." I heard Harry scoff and I rolled my eyes. "I'll think about it. Only because I love you and your smart about things," he replied smiling. I held onto him with one arm and poked his dimple quickly before they disappeared. "So where to Jas?" I giggled at his charm and looked ahead. "How about Topshop?" I asked and he looked around. "If we could find one! Or we could stop for coffee?" I nodded my head at his suggestion and he turned around.

As Harry continued to carry me on his back, I felt uncomfortable. "Um, Haz you can put me down ya know?" He chuckled and shook his head. "I'm fine. You don't weigh a thing Jasmine," Harry said and tightened his grip on my thighs. I rested my chin on his shoulder and closed my eyes. I heard tires screech and doors slam shut, then feeling Harry jump. I opened my eyes and realised we were heading the other way, and Harry picked up the speed in his walk. "Harry what happened? Why are we going the-" "Paparazzi Jas. Paps okay? Don't ask anymore questions your getting me nervous." I tried getting off his back, but every time I tried he'd move his hands and squeeze my bum making me gasp. "Harry put me down! I can walk and it'll be easier for the both of us," I said getting annoyed. He finally broke and let me down, gripping my hips. He glanced to the side and I spotted flashing cameras coming closer. "I think we should get going unless you want to get spammed with questions." He nodded and I fixed the black tee I was wearing that Harry let me borrow. He'd let me borrow his black tee, white converse-which fit me huge- and SnapBack. He pulled me into him as we walked towards the paps starting a conversation.

"So there's a fashion show later this week. Would you like to be my date?" He asked smiling at me cheekily. I smirked at him and just laughed. "I've never been to a fashion show before, so yeah. Course." I poked his cheek where his dimple caved in, and he looked at me with a frown. "Can you stop? It hasn't been that long," Harry said moving my hands from his face. "Can't help that my best friend is adorable. And don't forget cheeky as well." I wrapped my arms around his torso and walked with him like that until we reached the paps. "Don't you think we should clear up some things? Like actually answer questions?" I suggested and he furrowed his eyebrows. I was the type of person who didn't want to leave anyone wondering, so I guess in this situation it's not a good thing. "Just don't say anything please," Harry pleaded. I sighed and covered my own mouth as he chuckled at my actions.

We were approaching the cars loaded with cameras waiting from the windows, and I squeezed Harry's torso. He knows very well that crowds scare me, especially of they're blinding you with lights every second! We passed by one car, and surprisingly there were no flashes which relieved me. Three cars to go, hopefully it'll be the same. "So what are you planning on wearing the day of the fashion show?" Harry asked, sensing my nervousness. I shrugged as my grip on him loosened, making him smile down at me. "I think anything is fine right?" He shook his head and slid his phone out of his pocket. I watched as his fingers typed away, showing images of attendees at regular events like those. "Oh that's pretty! I'd wear that," I commented and he saved it. "We could get it for you. It's from Burberry, but we'd have to make adjustments." I agreed with him on that, the chest was too revealing for a casual dress. I nodded and released him, noticing we'd past the cars with paparazzis.

"Harry did you do that on purpose?" I asked referring to when he distracted me. "Do what? I didn't do anything!" He started laughing and he ran ahead to the coffee shop. He held the door open for me and I walked inside, waiting in the line in front. "Dakota?!" I shouted making the dark-haired girl spin around. "Oh hey! I missed you! Is that Harry?! Wasn't he like your ex best friend?" I giggled and shook my head motioning for him to come. "Hi, I'm Harry. Nice to meet you," he said dimples clearly showing. "I know you Harry. Remember? I stole her from you! You called me Kota instead of my name." He looked confused but laughed anyway. "I also know that in a matter of seconds all the girls in here will be screaming," she added and I shushed her. "So what are you doing here?" I asked. "I was around, since you seem very..very busy lately!" I looked over her shoulder to see the line wasn't moving. "I don't think we're getting anything anymore. The wait is too long! Wanna come with us back to the house?" She gasped and looked at Harry who didn't seem too happy about it.

"I really can't Jas, sorry. Tonight is a bad day," she replied after averting her attention to me. I looked up at Harry who looked away and I stormed outside. I knew it was his fault that she denied coming over! He's being too greedy and isn't letting me be! I felt his warm breathe on my neck, but I refused to turn around. "You heard Jasmine. She can't come tonight," he whispered softly. His words made me fill up with anger and I felt my blood rising to my face. I turned around and looked him in the eyes. "No Harry! She only said that because you didn't want her to! I haven't hung out with her in awhile and now you won't let me! Why can't I go out by myself Harry! Why!?" He sighed and leaned against the wall. "I don't know about you, but I'm leaving. I'm calling someone to pick me up," I said angrily taking out my phone. I dialled Zayn's number, hoping he'd pick up of all times. Rang one....twice....three times. Nothing.

"Hey?" Zayn answered. "Finally! Thank god you answered! Can you pick me up please?" I heard car keys jingle and a door slam shut. "Why is everything alright? Where's Harry?" I looked at Harry who was now sitting on the floor, back against the wall. "He's here, he's just being am arse and I need to get away. So are you coming or should I call someone else?" I replied. "No, I'm coming. Where are you?" "I'm right where we got dropped off earlier, but at a coffee shop." "Okay, see you soon," his sweet voice said through the phone. "Bye." I hung up and chucked the phone into my back pocket sitting a few spaces away from Harry. He had his eyes closed, his eyelashes slightly moving for some reason. Dakota came walking out a few minutes later and asked me if we wanted a ride, but I denied. He was being awfully quiet, probably thinking over things.


"Why are you leaving Harry? Did something happen?" Zayn asked as I sat on his bed staring at the wall. "He's just not being fair that's all. I don't have freedom Zayn! Don't I deserve that? Perrie has it, Danielle has it, El has it! Why can't I? I don't like his control over me, I'm not his girlfriend so it doesn't make sense." He nodded his head and came and sat with me. "You should give Niall a try, he's been a good mate. I think Harry's just used to having control over all his girlfriends. But whatever you feel, you should go with. It's the best thing," Zayn said. I smiled at him and I finally earned a genuine one back. He's changed, and I like the change. He's not the rough, rude, bastard that "kidnapped" me anymore. He's the adorable, kind, and caring guy who I love...I think. But I can't have. "You know what Zayn? Your really sweet to me..why all of a sudden?" I asked. He looked at the blank tv screen and laid back. "I don't know, it's never really happened before. With Perrie, she had to earn my kindness. But you, your different. You remind me of my sister." I giggled and looked over at him. "Well it's understandable, I was considered one of the guys back when it was just Haz and I. I don't mind really, your a nice friend. Thanks," I said leaning over and hugging him.

His warmth was something I need, but I can't let it get too far. Perrie's my best friend, and Zayn....well he's my friend too. I stayed there his arms holding my body, and my arms around his torso. "I'd do anything for you," he whispered. I smiled at him, even though he couldn't see it. I'll respect his relationship with Pezza, not only because I don't want to seem like a whore but because I love the both of them and I know she really loves Zayn. He inhaled his cologne and it just made me even more comfortable. After a couple of minutes, I was out like a light engulfed with Zayn's smell.

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