The Green Eyed Boy & His Friend With The Raven Hair

Jasmine Richards, sweet girl, works in a music parlour everyday, nothing exciting going on. Everything changes when a raven haired boy comes in and takes over her mind. He's known as the "mysterious one" but is dangerous to everyone. Will she fall for him? Or what if he shows her his darker side and ruins her? What she doesn't know is that he's supposed to kidnap her and deliver her to the green eyes boy . What'll happen? Will she survive or be killed? Like they must deal with the darkness before meeting the light.


5. Chapter 5- Realizing What's Ahead

(Later on that day)

After about 3 hours of non-stop laughing from this random show I was watching, someone came knocking on the door. "Come in," I said not wanting to get up from my comfortable state. "They're here," Zayn said from the little opening of the door. "What? Are you not allowed to come in?" I heard him laugh and stepped in a little further. "Cmon lets go tough guy," I said turning everything off as we walked downstairs. He casually swung his arm over my shoulder and as the boys came in we both made west side signs and duck lips. "What happened between you two while we were gone?" Niall asked laughing. Zayn just stayed that way, his lips still in duck form as Harry came in last. Me and Zayn walked over to the couch and sat, Louis eyeing us suspiciously. "We got to know more about each other. It was fun," I said and Harry sat on the other side of me. "Do you want to go out for dinner later?" Harry asked me. I looked into his piercing green eyes and they were full of excitement and delight. "What were you up to Harold?" He seemed a bit too excited, but he tried to hide it. "Just fun with the lads. Right?" He said looking over at Liam and Louis who nodded and chuckled. "Lets go now then. I'm getting kinda hungry." He smirked at me before dashing up to the room.

"Where's he going?" I asked the boys. They all shrugged and I was about to follow him, until he came rushing back down with a plaid flannel in his hand. He was also wearing one, but it was more of a faded red along with his plain white T-shirt. "Why do you have two?" He rested his hand on the small of my back, leading us out. "Here put it on. I brought it for you since it might be cold later," he said tossing it at me before getting in the car. I quickly put it on, rolling up the long sleeves and leaving it open. "Oh so you wear it open to?" He commented and I nodded. "No point in closing it. It's nice and smells good." He kissed my cheek and pulled out of the massive driveway, calmly driving to some place. "They're following us," he said looking into the rear view mirror. I looked to and saw two black cars behind us, hot on our trail. "It's okay Haz. We're fine, why are you so worried?" "They don't need to know about you right now. I don't want you go get hurt over their rude comments. I'm only doing this for the best," he said making a sharp turn into darkness. He stayed in this mysterious drive way for a minute as the paparazzi cars passed us. "Idiots." He came out of the driveway and sped out into the street again searching for any pap cars.

"So what happened with you and Zayn? Why the sudden change in relationship?" He asked randomly. "We asked questions about each other and had a couple of laughs. He seems like a nice person aside from the way he treated me in the beginning." He furrowed his eyebrows and quickly glanced over at me. "What happened? How'd he treat you?" I shook my head, not wanting to tell him. "He just sounded rude. That's all," I said and his face went to normal. I smirked at myself and looked at him. "So my best friend is THE Harry Styles huh?" He smiled, dimples caving in both of his cheeks. "You haven't really changed much Harry, you know that? Your still the same little idiot I loved," I said and he burst into laughter. "You do realize I'm taller than you right?" I pouted and crossed my arms. "But I'm older. So ha-ha," I said sticking out my tongue. He chuckled and held my hand with his left, as he drove with the right. "Do you have any idea where we're going?" He asked and I looked around. I didn't recognise the area at all, there was so many trees and lights in the streets. I only saw a few houses and some shops, but I never saw one single restaurant. "Harry. Where are we going? I'm beginning to get nervous." He pulled into this massive store, with a rather fancy 'open' sign. He parked the car and got out coming to my side. He literally had to pull me out of the car because I was too scared.

"Harry please tell me this is a safe area," I said holding onto his arm for dear life. It was dark, almost pitch black if it weren't for that crappy light in the street flickering every moment. "You'll see. I'm getting something for you, I'm sure you'll like it as much as I will. It's just a symbol of our forever friendship." A restaurant is a symbol of our forever friendship? I swear, he's so weird. He opened the door, and a chime could be heard as we walked in. "Cal? We're here," Harry spoke trying to find a light switch. Every single light in this place turned on and diamonds shined all over the room. I gasped as I looked around us and Harry just pulled me into him. This man, I supposed to be Cal, came up to me and led me over to a large glass container with diamond rings all different colours. I then felt hands on my waist and I spun around to meet eyes with Harry. "I swore you two were in here for an engagement, but Harry called me and said no. Seems like it could be later," Cal said making me gasp. "No, we're just best friends. But he told me that we'd be going to dinner not a ring shop." Harry chuckled and Cal showed me a ring with crystal clear diamonds wrapped all around it. "It's very nice. But I don't you should buy me a-" I was interrupted by Harry's breathe on my neck. "I'm getting you one either way," he whispered.

I snapped my attention back to the rings and I was really taken aback by how beautiful they all were. "Where will the ring be worn? Is it a promise ring or what?" I asked Cal. "Harry here said he'd just want it for a symbol of you two as forever together. I suppose as friends right?" I immediately nodded and I turned back to see Harry wasn't there. "Harry left?" He nodded and I sighed. "But he did have another option for you if you didn't like any of these," Cal said walking to the back of the shop and coming back with a small black box with Harry's name on it. He met eyes with me and he opened the box revealing the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. "Cal, I love it. Oh my," I said sliding it onto my finger. It was very very gorgeous! Five clear diamonds on a sliver strip and on either side of the diamonds an "H" and a "J." I examined it more and saw a smiley face with a heart. "I think I'll get this one. It''s just great! But you don't think the diamonds are a bit big?" I asked as the door chimed. I turned around and seen a pissed off Harry coming towards me. "They found us. Anyway did you like it? I had it customised just in case you didn't like the choices." I nodded and quickly wrapped my arms around his torso hugging him tightly.

"Alright then, Cal thank you mate. I'll see you soon," Harry said and I stood there confused. "Aren't you going to pay him?" He shook his head and grabbed my hand leaving the store. As soon as I walked out, flashes, questions, and shoves came at me. To say you can get used to this is not really something I want to live by. I made sure that the ring was still on my finger as Harry held my other hand tightly obviously pissed and trying to protect me at the same time. I noticed that Harry had moved the car when we were walking across the street. That's when all the rude questions and completely untrue statements were thrown at us, or more specifically me.

"Jasmine over here!"

"Are you Harry's girlfriend or just another girl he sleeps around with?"

"Is that an engagement ring?"

"Is there going to be a wedding coming?"

"Are you finally settling down Harry?"

"Rumours saying you two are childhood friends."

"Jasmine! Harry!"

I felt a tug on my arm as we made it to the car safely, but the paps never leaving our side. I swear I don't get how Zayn said Harry is dangerous, like c'mon. If he was he would've blown up over there! Though he does have his scary times. I fastened my seatbelt and Harry finally closed his door after numerous paps pushing their cameras inside. He let out a huff of breathe and smiled at me, making me return it. "Did they see the ring?" I looked down at it, and nodded nervously. He grabbed my hand and forced me to look at him. "It's okay. I'm not mad, but just expect to be in the news a lot now alright?" He said and I relaxed. "I'm not going to like it, so I'll probably stay inside the house more." We both chuckled and drove away from the swarm of paparazzi. "I'm not that hungry anymore after that," I said. Harry glanced at me and just shook his head. "Girls are so complicated." I laughed at him and realised we were heading to McDonald's. Yes, he still is the same little boy from Holmes Chapel that I knew back when we were younger.

"Hi, can I get um..give me a second please," Harry said making me laugh. "What'd you want?" I frowned and shook my head. "I told you I'm not hungry Harry!" He sighed and looked at the menu. "Okay sorry. She's just so indecisive. I'll get two happy meals please," he said and I bit my lip trying to contain my laughter. He drove up to the window and the cashier girl looked stunned. "Are you Harry-" "Harry Styles? Yes, yes he is. Hi," I interrupted making Harry give me the 'look.' I shrugged and he got out the money. "Yes babe. Hi, how much is it?" She smiled widely and it looked like she was about to flirt with him. I'm not saying I'm jealous, I just don't want any bitches flirting with my Hazza. "5.98 Mr. Styles," she answered sending a wink his way. I scoffed and Harry looked at me confused. I avoided his eyes as he got the change from the skank. He drove up to the last window and received our food, said thanks quickly, and sped away. "Was that jealousy I saw back there?" He asked. I shook my head and looked out the window to the passing trees. From what I noticed we weren't that far from the house. I quickly looked over at him and I saw him smirking; his plump, pink lips up in a curve. The rest of the ride was silent, so I just fiddled on my NEW phone looking at twitter when I got dozens of mentions and realised I was trending.

"@HarryStyles_bum: who the hell is this freakin Jasmine bitch? And what does she have to do with Harry?"

"@Narryslife: Jasmine seems nice, but we need HQ pictures of her!! Where are theyyyyyy?"

"@1Dpaparazzis3_: guys guys calm down. Rumour is Jasmine is Harry's friend when they were little!"

"@Harryfuckingstyles: can't wait to see what he says of Jasmine in the coming interview! Then we'll find out ;)"

I scrolled through so many tweets that had my name or at least said something about me, that I could say I was famous for a day. "C'mon babe we're here," Harry said snatching my phone from me and going inside. "Hey wait! Harry no!" I ran to him inside and bumped into Niall. "Hi Jasmine! Why are you chasing Harry?" He said. "," I said catching my breathe. His lips formed an 'O' shape and I ran upstairs to the room. "HARRY EDWARD STYLES IF YOU DON'T GIVE ME MY PHONE I WILL LEAVE!" I yelled through the locked door. I heard him laughing loudly and I was pounding my fists on the door. "Alright, I guess I'm leaving then!" I ran to the stairs and from the corner of my eye, I saw him behind me. I was about to open the door when he grabbed me and pressed his lips on mine dramatically. He slid my phone in my bum pocket and pulled away catching his breathe. "Talk about just friends!" Louis said putting air quotations around 'just friends.' I felt the heat immediately rise on my cheeks and Louis laughed at us. "So I see you've proposed lad!" I looked at Harry and he looked at Louis. "No mate, no. I would've told you guys first," he said and I moved away from Harry sitting with Louis on the couch.

"Why were you running from him?" Louis asked putting his arm around me. "He stole my phone and wouldn't give it back." I pouted and took it out from my pocket. It was like my phone had just hit the jackpot. All of a sudden tweets from fans were showing up talking about Harry. "Harry. You little-" "Hey! Language!" Liam shouted interrupting us all. I stood quiet as they laughed at me being so child like. "Why were you reading hate about yourself love?" Harry asked picking me up and setting me on his lap. I looked in his beautiful green eyes and sighed. "I need to know okay? It's not a big deal babe, I'm just curious!" He pressed a kiss to my cheek and got up from under me. "Where you going?" I asked him. "Bed, I'm tired. Oh and be ready for tomorrow! We have an interview and then a signing for the new book." So that's what that girl meant on twitter.. "Oh, ok. Um, I'll meet you up there in a bit," I replied. "After all that is taken care of we can have a me and you day. Like before." He smiled at me and went upstairs, closing the door. "I really don't see how he stands not kissing you every moment," Louis blurted out. His eyes widened as I looked at him. "Not that way! I mean like he seems to really like you Jas. I don't think he's been like this with any other girl before." My head snapped in Louis' direction and he just nodded.

"That's a wonderful ring you have there Mrs. Styles," Niall winked, making me hit him in the arm as he passed by. "I'm kidding! But really he is whipped." I scoffed at his choice of words, but mostly because of what he said when he first came in. "He said the ring is a symbol of our friendship Niall. I think it is a bit over the top, but it's lovely." He nodded as he poured himself some water. "Yeah, it is over the top. Matter of fact, it's very over the top because your wearing it on the marriage hand!" I looked at it and I noticed it too. I shook my head and got up to join him in the kitchen. "I don't know if it's supposed to be worn there, but it's comfortable. Harry hasn't told me anything about it," I said and Niall sat at the table. "Just be careful Jas. Now that everyone knows Harry bought that ring for you, they'll be extremely jealous. The paps will just get worse." Louis came and sat with us at the table too. "I agree with Niall here. The reporters will start making up stories and they won't ever...EVER leave you two alone. Just be ready," Louis said and I sighed. I rubbed my temples and let my head fall into my hands. I got up from the table and went and laid down on the couch.

"I know, I'll be ready. I'm just not sure if I want to be involved anymore," I mumbled. They boys were right. Everything is going to change now.....every single thing in my life. Maybe that's why he never told me about him and the band? Maybe that's why he never contacted me after I left? For Harry, I'll be ready. For me I'll be ready. I'll try to be ready, but I'm not guaranteeing anything to anyone. I mean switching from a normal life in a music shop, to being Harry Styles best friend that everyone knows about is a lot to handle! I can't see myself doing this or dealing with it alone. I'm just glad that I have 7 people to help me with's going to be a long road ahead of all of us. All the thinking I was doing made my eyes get heavy, and they were soon getting droopy. The last thing I remember seeing was the lights on and a blank tv screen when I lost consciousness.

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