The Green Eyed Boy & His Friend With The Raven Hair

Jasmine Richards, sweet girl, works in a music parlour everyday, nothing exciting going on. Everything changes when a raven haired boy comes in and takes over her mind. He's known as the "mysterious one" but is dangerous to everyone. Will she fall for him? Or what if he shows her his darker side and ruins her? What she doesn't know is that he's supposed to kidnap her and deliver her to the green eyes boy . What'll happen? Will she survive or be killed? Like they must deal with the darkness before meeting the light.


3. Chapter 3- Reality?

Jasmine P.o.v

"Harry! Come help!" I yelled from the backyard. He immediately came out of nowhere and rushed to my side. "What happened! Are you okay?" I swear he's so over protective, just like old times. "I'm fine Harold. Just need you to get me a ladder so I could put this banner up." He smirked at me and nodded. "I'll just put you on my shoulders and you can do it," Harry said putting me on the table as I wrapped my legs around his neck. "Don't drop me Harry. If you do you'll regret it," I said reaching and hanging the banner that read "Fun Times for Fun Friends." I made sure to hook it right, so it wouldn't come off when the actually party started. "Okay I'm done." He walked over to the pool and stood there. "Harry, don't." I heard him laugh before putting me down in front of his tall figure. He smiled down at me and and I grinned taking in his features. As I was walking back inside the house, he pushed me straight into the pool and I dragged him down with me surprising him. I hit the floor of the pool, as he came back up looking down at me. "Jasmine!" He shouted in a panic and I held my laughter. Maybe I should scare him? Yeah, good idea. I closed my eyes and stopped breathing, and I felt his strong arms pick me up out of the water.

"Jasmine! Speak Jas! C'mon we're gonna enjoy the party!" He shouted brushing my face with the back of his hand repeatedly. He brought his ear to my heart and sounded like he was going to cry. I'll cut the crap when he starts to cry. "Jasmine I just found you, I don't want to lose you again," he said and I tried to peek at his face. His emerald eyes were watery as he brought his lips to mine, kissing me softly. I put my hands in his hair, forcing his lips back onto mine and his eyes shot open in shock. "I was messing with you Haz," I said and he got up leaving me alone. "C'mon Harry! I was playing with you!" I shouted as I followed him into the house. I ran into Zayn and decided to make Harry jealous since he wasn't answering me. "Hey Zaynie! I missed you," I said as I pressed my lips to his making Harry turn back and look. I pulled away and Zayn was in utter shock. "Jasmine, stop messing around. Lets go," Harry finally said as he picked me up and took me back outside. No, I'm not a slut or a whore. I just don't know who to choose! He sat me on his lap as Dani and El came out holding plates of food. "Why are you soaking wet?" El asked curiously. "Harold here threw me in the pool like a smart ass he is." He moved my wet hair from my neck and put it to the side, resting his chin on my shoulder.

"I really missed you Jas," Harry whispered in my ear, hot breathe tickling me. I brushed his cheek and and poked it making him kiss my neck. "No need to take it so far babe," I said pulling his curls. He turned me around and my legs were on each side of him, straddling him. He gripped my hips and I just rested my head on his shoulder as he planted wet kisses on me. "Hey, the music started in-" I heard Louis say as he found us. I jumped off Harry and I felt the heat rise up to my cheeks. "Were you guys grinding?" I smacked Louis' arm and Harry just sat there embarrassed. "Well the party started inside," Louis said leaving the two of us alone. Harry stood up, his tall figure leading me inside where everyone was drinking and dancing. "I thought it was going to be just us?" I asked but he shook his head. "We have many friends outside of here," Harry responded. A girl with brown hair, tight dress, and heels walked over to us giving Harry a long hug. "Hey Haz," she spoke and he kissed her cheek. I squeezed his hand and he looked at me, then at the girl. "Sorry. This is my sister remember? Gemma?" He said and she stared at me trying to remember. "Oh my, Jasmine! It's been ages!" She yelled hugging me, but I still didn't remember. She looked at me and I tried to remember if I did know her.

"Oh yeah! Your the one that had told me Harry had a crush on me!" I said and Harry just stood there. Gemma nodded and we both started laughing. "Well, we'll catch up later. I have to get back to my boyfriend," she said walking away. "Haven't seen her in awhile. Who else is here that I haven't seen in years?" I asked him and he shook his head. "Nobody else. Mum isn't here." He led me to the girls and they were dancing by themselves. "Hey Jas!" They both shouted over the extremely loud music. The DJ was Zayn, and Liam, Niall, and Louis were over in the kitchen probably drinking and chatting. I noticed Harry had left me and joined the lads as I started swinging my hips and dancing fearlessly. "Shake it Jassy!" El shouted and I burst into laughter not being able to control it. Harry came over holding 4 cups of what smelled like alcohol. "Why so many?" I asked and he handed me two. "They're different types of drinks. Lets see which one you like most." I nodded and took a sip of one. Shit, that one was strong. Harry brought the other cup to my lips making me drink it. I liked that one, but he just kept the cup there making me down it all. He walked away leaving me there dizzy and already full.

In less than a second later, he returned another four cups in his arms handing me one by one. "Harry, I can't have anymore. I'm getting dizzy," I said laughing and he just brought his body closer to mine having me drink the last two. Why did they have to be the strong ones? I kept count; I had four of the strong ones and 4 of the minor ones. He had Niall bring him two more and I could already feel myself being lifted off the ground, leaving earth into another world. I chugged it down, mostly because I wanted to dance already. I threw the cup on the floor and held Harry's hand bringing him to the middle of the crowd where everyone was sweaty and dancing. I started dancing to the beat of the music, letting it control over me as Harry just danced beside me watching my body. I looked over at him and swung my hips his way, making him bite his lip. "I like you better drunk," he whispered in my ear. I laughed at him and continued rocking my hips and he came behind me feeling me up. As the song changed we both moved to the beat, grinding on each other. I felt him growl in my ear and I just kept dancing, feeling his bulge pressed up against me. In a matter of minutes, I was gone.

He brought me over to the couch and making me straddle him as I ripped his shirt off. "Someone's excited," he said and I pressed my lips on his chest kissing his tattoos as he held onto my hips. My vision was blurred, probably due to the alcohol provided by Harry. I got off him as he got up to go to the bathroom. Harry's ripped shirt was on the couch and I just left it there as I heard a voice call my name. I turned around, trying to focus my vision and realised it was Harry calling me from the dance floor. I guess he must've changed his shirt rather quickly. I wrapped my arms around his neck giving him a long kiss which he didn't react to. "Harry, c'mon. We were having fun a couple of minutes ago!" "Jasmine, I'm not-" I covered his mouth with my hand and just danced with him. "Let's continue having our fun," I said as we began to grind again, but his jeans felt different. "You changed fast babe." I felt him shake his head and grip my hips as we had fun. "Your so hot when your drunk," he whispered in my ear. I turned around grabbing his hand and bringing him over to the couch where we'd been previously. "You smell so good," I said to him making him chuckle.

"You should know what I smell like since you tried to cover it up yesterday." I giggled against his lips and he pulled me into him. "I can never get enough of you," I said biting his smooth skin from his neck. We were both a bit sweaty and I ran my hands through his hair expecting them to get tangled, but they went right through. "Harry did you straighten your hair?" I asked pulling away and then I noticed it. I focused on his face....and that wasn't Harry. I immediately got off him and straightened my outfit out before walking off. "Jasmine wait! I tried to tell you! You just shut me up when I was about to tell you," Zayn yelled chasing after me. "It's a mistake living with you guys. It makes me feel like such a toy!" I stopped walking after I reached the outside of the mansion, standing in the grass. Zayn just stood in front of me, staring. "Your such a dick going along with me! You should've stopped me either way Zayn!" I shouted pushing him against the garden making him stumble, but catching himself. He grabbed me violently and slamming my body against the wall. "You don't treat me like this," he said, alcohol heavy in his breath. I fell to my knees scared of what he'll do to me next. "Jasmine! Jasmine! Where are you?" I heard Harry's voice shout as he came across me and Zayn. He reacted fast and pushed Zayn making him fall and hit himself. "Don't fuckin touch her! Stupid prick! I asked you to bring her to me not rape her!" Harry yelled kicking Zayn multiple times in the stomach.

I pulled myself together, and tried to fight my dizziness. I got up and stood in front of Zayn, blocking Harry's kicks. "Don't hurt him anymore! He didn't do anything Harry!" Harry's furious eyes met mine and he looked like he was about to slap me. I knelt down to a pained Zayn and held his hand. "I'm sorry, Zayn. I really am." Harry grabbed me by my wrist and dragged me away from him. "Go wait inside. I'll be there in a minute," he said. "No. I'm not going anywhere. I won't let you hurt him," I said and he approached me. "I said to go wait inside Jasmine. Go now." I stood there trying to remain balanced. "Leave him alone Harry. He didn't do anything! We were just talking out here!" I lied and he looked back at Zayn who was clutching his stomach. "Let it be the last time Malik. It'll go worse for you if I catch you again," Harry said walking back inside and slamming the mansion door. I helped Zayn up feeling extremely bad for him....all this what's my fault. "Zayn can you do me a favour?" I asked as he winced in pain. He nodded and I leaned him against the wall carefully. "I-I need you to take me home. I thought living here would be fun, but I was wrong. Please Zayn, take me home." He looked up at me and breathed out, walking towards me.

"Let's go. I have my car keys," he said getting into the car. I got in and buckled myself as he started the car. "Are you sure you okay to drive?" He nodded and pulled out of the massive driveway, into the neighbourhood streets. It was silent in the car, until he spoke up. "I have a house, you know. Separate from here, and Harry doesn't know where it's located," Zayn said nervously. I fiddled with my fingers and he sped up. "I'm not scared of him. I just haven't seen him act this way," I said and Zayn patted my hand. "You could stay with me. You'll be safe, I promise." How could this dangerous stranger act so sweet to me? "I-I don't know. I mean, I appreciate it Zayn. I do, but I left my kitty alone for too long," I said and he pulled over on the side of the road and crashing his lips against mine. I responded quickly wrapping my arms around his neck, pulling him closer. As I was about to unbuckle myself, a car crashed into us shooting Zayn out of the car onto the hood. "Zayn!" I screamed, tears automatically leaving my eyes.

And that's when I woke up.

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