The Green Eyed Boy & His Friend With The Raven Hair

Jasmine Richards, sweet girl, works in a music parlour everyday, nothing exciting going on. Everything changes when a raven haired boy comes in and takes over her mind. He's known as the "mysterious one" but is dangerous to everyone. Will she fall for him? Or what if he shows her his darker side and ruins her? What she doesn't know is that he's supposed to kidnap her and deliver her to the green eyes boy . What'll happen? Will she survive or be killed? Like they must deal with the darkness before meeting the light.


2. Chapter 2- Kidnapped?


It's pretty much been the same, no one really coming in and buying things for hours. "Hey Dakota, lets get something to eat yeah?" I said to her as she fanned herself. It wasn't that hot, but she always exaggerates. She looked over at me and nodded desperately. "I'll meet you there! Got no time waiting for you!" And with that, she dashed out of the store not giving me time to tell her not to leave me alone. I got my bag, and locked the shop as I walked to the nearest Starbucks. I looked down into my bag to pull out my shades, when I bumped into a person. "I'm so sorry," I said quickly glancing at the stranger. The person held onto my arm squeezing it very tightly making me wince in pain. "Hey stop," I said and I came in contact with that same raven haired boy. He actually smiled at me, instead of smirking. "Hey Jasmine. Where are you headed?" Zayn asked. "I'm going to Starbucks for my break. The shop is closed for now sorry." I got out of his hold and continued walking to Starbucks until I felt him following me. I ignored it and entered Starbucks, not seeing Dakota there. I looked around and she wasn't there, so I stepped back outside running into Zayn's face.

"Would you stop following me?!" I shouted already getting tired of him. He backed away and I walked away from him getting out my cell to call Dakota. "Who are you calling? I'm not hurting you," he said snooping around on what I was doing. I looked at him and rolled my eyes, pressing the phone to my ear. He took it away and greeted Dakota. "Give me my phone!" I yelled trying to get it from him, but the fact that he was taller didn't help much. "Yeah, she's busy. Can you take over her shift for today? Okay, she says thanks. Bye," he said hanging up and handing me my phone. "What the hell Zayn!" As I was about to call her back, he grabbed my phone and smashed it against the wall. "She said she'll cover for you," he said pulling me into the alley. "Tell me why your not leaving me alone," I said pushing him against the wall. He smirked, probably thinking I was playing with him when I really was not. I was getting pissed off at him. "No need to get angry babe. I like you," he said following to my car. "Your not coming with me stranger." I heard his low chuckle and I rolled my eyes.

"I'm actually supposed to deliver you to someone. But I'm being nice and treating you kindly," he said pushing me aside and getting into the drivers seat. "C'mon." He patted the passenger seat and I stood there not wanting to get in my car with him. What did he mean that he was supposed to deliver me to someone? I was going to find out what he was talking about, so I got in the car with him. I know, I'm stupid, but I need to find out! As soon as I got in, he locked the doors and revved up the engine. I looked at him confused and he sped off into the streets. "Where are we going?" I asked and he just ignored me. I put my hand on his lap shaking him so he could realise that I was talking to him, but he was focused on the road. "Where are we going!" I yelled at him which made him stop in the middle of the road. "Just shut up and let me drive." I sat back in my seat, and sighed getting impatient. Guess I had bad luck running into this guy huh?


He pulled into this massive mansion, ordering me to follow his instructions. "Don't wander off. Always stay with me. If you think I'm dangerous, wait till you see Harry," Zayn said wrapping his arm around my waist and walking into this beautiful mansion. "Who's Harry?" I asked. "He's the one that sent me to get you. No more questions, stay quiet." I nodded and looked around as he led me into this dark room. All I saw was a person sitting on a couch, and it looked like his hair was curly. "Harry I have her," Zayn said cueing me to act all scared and innocent. The lights suddenly turned on and I was exposed to this very handsome boy, about the same age as Zayn I think. "Good job, thank you. Hello," Harry said smirking at me as he came closer. Brown curls, green eyes, and deep dimples on both sides of his face. "H-hi. Nice to meet you," I said looking into his beautiful eyes. It's weird, but I felt like I could trust Harry more than I could trust Zayn. He took me away from Zayn's hold and brought me onto the couch. I was scared though, because Zayn didn't tell me what he wanted me for. "And your name is Jasmine right?" The green eyed boy asked as he leaned in closer and closer. I nodded nervously and just stiffened as I breathed in his scent.

He cupped my face, bringing our lips together. I honestly didn't want to fight back because he was really gorgeous, so I reacted quite quickly. I had my fingers tangled in his curls and he kissed me passionately. His lips were so plump and soft, they kinda reminded me of Zayn's. His lips trailed down from my lips to my neck, sucking every spot making me get goosebumps. I felt like I wanted him, I desperately wanted him. My hands were still in his curls, so I brought him closer to me making him smirk against my skin. Soon enough, he was hovering over me. His lips were still stuck to my neck, when he got off of me and helped me up. I was kinda disappointed when his lips left my body. "Zayn, you can go now. I'll take this lovely girl to my room," Harry said making me blush. I looked over at Zayn and his eyes were filled with anger. "Alright," he said throwing gritted teeth. He turned around, and slammed the door shut making me jump. I was pissed off, like REALLY pissed off. He laughed at me and grabbed my hand. Harry led me upstairs to his room and I got into his bed.

"Harry? I have to work tomorrow," I said nervously. He came out of the bathroom, shirtless. "It's ok. I'll take you, or Liam, Niall, Zayn, or Louis." How many people lived here? I thought it was only Zayn and Harry who lived here. "How many people live here?" He paused for a moment to think about it I guess. "Seven. Me, Niall, Louis, Liam, Zayn, Eleanor and Danielle. You'll get to meet them soon enough," Harry said slipping into bed with me. I was scared and nervous at first because it wasn't even night yet, there was still daylight outside. "You do know that there is daylight outside right? It's not sleepy time Harry," I said tapping him on the shoulder. He snaked his arm around my waist and pulled me into his bare chest. "I don't care. Naps exist," Harry snapped. It made me tense up but then he placed a kiss on my forehead and I relaxed a bit. I remembered what Zayn had said about him, "if you think I'm dangerous, wait till you see Harry." I couldn't sleep thinking about it, and I actually wished I was with Zayn right now. I felt Harry's chest rise and fall, hoping he was asleep.

I tried to get out of his hold, but he held me really tight. I looked up at him and he was asleep, so now it was my chance to get out. If I couldn't get him to release me, then I'd have to wiggle out of his arms. I moved down into the duvet, and found the end of the bed carefully stepping out. I glanced over at Harry who was asleep and his arms were still in the shape of if he was still holding me. I tiptoed out and closed the door slowly behind me. As I walked down the hallway, I heard Zayn's frustrated shouts. It made me jump a bit, but I continued to walk down the hallway to the stairs. "Oh hello! You must be a new girl here," some girl with wavy brown hair said. "Hi, and yes actually. I escaped from Harry's room." She and her friend with curly hair gasped. "You did what?! If he finds out he'll kill you!" The curly one said. "I just couldn't stay in there! I couldn't sleep!" They brought me to what I supposed was the living room and sat me down. "Well, I'm Eleanor and she's Danielle. We live here," The wavy haired girl said. "I live here with Liam," Danielle said. "Oh and I'm with Louis," Eleanor said smiling. "Um, I don't know who I'm here with. Zayn brought me here, but I was with Harry."

Eleanor shook her head. "That's the last person you'd want to be with in this house. You should meet the boys!" I heard footsteps from the top of the stairs and Danielle and Eleanor froze. "There you are. I heard your voice from upstairs babe," Harry said planting a kiss to my lips. I smiled nervously and he whispered in my ear, "why did you leave?" Eleanor and Danielle heard and immediately backed me up. "We heard there was a new girl here. So we went up there and started talking to her down here," Eleanor said. Harry nodded and I sat there looking at him. "Be careful now, I'll be upstairs." We all nodded and he left back up to his room, causing us to let out a huge huff of breath. "Thank you guys so much," I said as I hugged them both. "So we were going to show you around. Lets go!" Danielle pulled me into a room that I supposed was hers and I saw a boy sitting on the bed with a laptop. He had his light brown hair up in a quiff and some tattoos. "Liam this is Jasmine, Jasmine this is my boyfriend Liam." I waved and be sent a smile my way. She dragged me out of the room and Eleanor grabbed my hand leading me to her room? "Louis! Louis! Where are you babe?" Eleanor said looking around the room.

"Come over here and meet the new girl Jasmine!" The boy by the name of Louis came out from the game room and smiled shaking my hand. His blue eyes met mine and he just looked so sweet. "Hi." He had the same kind of hair like Liam, but it was flat. Suited him pretty well with his blue jean jacket and black pants. "Okay. I'll see you later love," Louis said to Eleanor as he kissed her cheek. They looked adorable together! "Okay so now you just have to meet Niall. He's the sweetest!" The girls said as they brought me to a lonely room at the end of the hall. Danielle knocked a couple of times, then a blonde haired boy came out looking tired. "Niall this is Jasmine. She's new," Eleanor said and he hugged me. "Welcome I'm Niall. Obviously," he said laughing. Irish lad, cute. "Hi, I'm Jas." He had ocean blue eyes, hair styled up like the others, a white tee and stone-washed jeans. "I'll see you around," he said before closing the door. "You've met everyone then! Since you came here with Zayn and ended up with Harry. Your all set since you've seen everywhere," Danielle said sitting back on the couch. "What do you have planned for the day Eleanor?" I asked and she giggled. "Love, you can call me El. And call Danielle Dani!" I nodded and called them that instead.

"We don't really do much, unless the guys decide to go out more. We quit our jobs because the boys support us, but Dani still dances. I just went to UNI." I took in that information and it hit me. I can't quit my job, I'll miss Dakota so much! "I can't quit my job El. I have friends there," I said and she frowned. "Trust me it'll be fine Jas," Dani said patting my back. "Hey Danielle. Have you seen-" I turned around and Zayn stood there looking cute and cuddly, instead of dangerous and sexy. "Have I seen what?" Dani asked. He looked at me, then at the girls. "I was looking for her, but never mind. Where's Harry?" He was looking for me? "Oh Harry is upstairs. She escaped from him awhile ago," El said and it made Zayn chuckle. "Thought you liked him?" Was he jealous? "I didn't. What do you want?" I asked getting up. He took me by the hand and led me up to his room. Great. I sat on his bed and he paced back and forth in front of me. "What did Harry do to you?" He asked. I shook my head. "Nothing why? He didn't hurt me." He nodded and continued pacing. "Why did you leave him then? How are you still alive!" "What you saw in that room, was it. He just laid with me, but I wasn't tired so I left," I said getting up from the bed. "Are you sure?" I stopped him from pacing and he looked me in the eyes. "Yes Zayn. Stop worrying about me. I'm fine okay?" I said as I kissed his cheek.

He was shocked from my action and stood there for a bit. As I turned to leave he grabbed my hand and spun me around. "Be careful. Harry can be very unpredictable, so watch out," he said and I walked out bumping into the girls. "Were you guys ease dropping?" I asked. They nodded and smiled leaving me to go to Harry's room. "I'll be back. If I'm not out in 30 minutes, call Zayn." "Okay, careful Jas!" Eleanor shouted. I waved and knocked on his door. I heard nothing, then he opened the door and dragged me in. "I was wondering when you'd come back," Harry said playfully growling in my ear. "Well I'm here now. What's up?" I noticed he was shirtless, when I put my hands on his chest. He pressed his lips against mine and I put my arms around his neck showing him that I cared for him. He cupped my cheek and hardened the kiss as I played with his hair. He brought his body closer to mine, and I felt him harden against me. He tried taking off my shirt, but I swatted his hand away making him pout. I pecked his pouty lips and he roughly got my lip between his teeth. I ran my hands up and down his chest making him throw his head back in pleasure.

"Your so beautiful," Harry said sucking on my skin. He didn't really make me feel the way Zayn did, but I thought they all had different techniques. "And your so cute," I said back to him. He pulled away and stared at me for a couple of minutes making me uncomfortable because our faces were centimetres apart. "Would you like to live with me forever?" He asked his hot breath on my lips. I removed my hands from his chest, and sighed. "Harry I have a life. I can't stay with you." I was afraid of his reaction, thinking he would slam me against the wall like Zayn did but he just simply continued kissing me. "If you can't stay here, I'll just be having Zayn check up on you. I know you wouldn't want that babe," he said as he grabbed my hips tightly. He looked at me, and I just brought my lips to his chest kissing his bird tattoos and he lifted his head in pleasure. I was really hoping it would distract him, but instead it led to us getting on the bed. I was on top of him as he held my hips firmly. I really didn't know what to do but grab his face and just kiss the shit out of him. To be honest here, I missed Zayn's lips.

Yeah I just met Harry, but I felt like I've known him for years! As I made a trail of kisses down his neck, I pulled away and examined his face. That's it! He's the 14 year old Harry I used to know back in school! "Oh my god," I said and he made a confused face. "Harry. It's you! Your the little curly-headed boy I used to know!" He grinned showing his dimples and I poked them. "Finally you noticed. I was hoping I didn't have to tell you," he said flipping us over so he was now on top. "Your the same old Jasmine that denied me 7 years ago. But now I have you here." He leaned in and connected our lips for the millionth time today. "I think I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss your cute lips," I said smiling. He just smirked and I felt more comfortable with him. I mean, he's seen me with just a bra and underwear on when we were 14-15! "We're having a party tomorrow. Care to stay until then?" He asked picking his head up from kissing my skin. "Um..yeah. I guess I'll stay then Haz." Haz was the nickname I'd given him when we were younger. It was either, Haz, Hazza, HarryBear, or just Harry. "I'm hungry Harry," I said and he pecked my lips before getting off me and helping me up again.

"What do you want to eat Jas?" He asked looking through the fridge. Another thing Harry was good at, besides kissing, was cooking! "What if we just have sandwiches for today?" He nodded and got everything out. Everyone came out of their rooms and sat in the living area, and I made contact with Zayn. "Hey Zayn," I said in a funny voice which made him laugh. "Hey. I heard some action going on in there." My eyes widened and he burst into fits of laughter. "Your laugh is cute," I said and he just nervously smiled before hugging me. Since when does this raven haired boy hug me? "Jas! It's ready," Harry said handing me my food and giving me a lingering kiss. Eleanor and Danielle 'awed' and Zayn sat looking uncomfortable. I got on my toes to whisper in Harry's ear. "Should we tell them?" He furrowed his eyebrows. "If you want to," he said and I wrapped my arms around his torso as he walked to the living room. "She has something to say to everybody." They payed attention and I felt Zayn's eyes burn through mine again. "The reason why me and Haz are so close is because we've known each other for 7 years. I barely recognised him today," I said and Zayn literally choked. Harry smiled and nodded as he kissed my forehead.

"That's adorable! How cute," Eleanor said and I blushed. Zayn got up and stormed off back into his room leaving me and Harry clueless. "Sit here. I'll get your food love," Haz said as I sat with the girls. "You two are made for each other, but I think Zayn likes you Jas. It hurts him to see you with Harry," El said quietly. I frowned and looked at my shoes, not wanting to believe her. I just met Zayn, and I didn't want him to be hurt because of me! Tears were threatening to spill until Harry came and rubbed my back. "Are you okay? What's wrong?" Harry asked. That's it, they just came down like a river. He sat down next to me and cradled me in his arms as I cried. "I think you all should go to your rooms," Harry said and they left quickly. My tears probably showed on his white T-shirt, but I guess he didn't seem to care. "Tell me what's wrong Jasmine. I'll try to help you through it." I shook my head and he just sighed, sounding frustrated. "I-I need t-to get up t-there and t-talk to Z-Zayn," I stuttered surprising Harry. "Why? Did he make you cry?! What the fuck happened!" He yelled getting up and charging towards Zayn's room. "Harry wait! No! He didn't do anything!" He stopped and turned around.

"Then what the hell is going on!" He continued to yell. I got up and wrapped my arms around him hugging him tightly. "I'm just gonna talk to him Harry. Okay?" I could tell he didn't want me to, but let me anyway. I went up to Zayn's room and knocked on his door, being supervised by Harry downstairs. "Zayn babe, it's me Jas. Open it please, I need to talk to you." I knocked a couple times more, but harder. "If he doesn't answer, just come back!" Harry shouted from downstairs. "Zayn, we need to-" before I could finish my sentence he opened the door. "What Jasmine? Shouldn't you be busy with your boyfriend Harry?" He asked. I rolled my eyes and let myself in his room as he shut the door. "Why are you acting like such a dick? You weren't like this," I said and he just stood, leaning on the wall. "It's in my nature to act this way. You haven't known me long enough to see that." I shook my head and crossed my arms. "Eleanor said you don't act this way, so what the hell?" His fist collided with the wall and he shrieked in pain. "Zayn! Are you alright?!" I screamed and he fell to the floor holding his hand. "Yes, I'm fuckin dandy Jasmine. My fist just hit the hard wall, I'm perfectly fine!" Zayn said mockingly.

I heard a knock at the door, but ignored it because Zayn needed help. "Is everything alright?" Harry asked. "Yes! Just playing around!" "Be careful Jasmine," Harry said and I waited to hear footsteps signalling that he was gone. "Seriously, what's wrong with you?" I as,ed him and he let out another shriek as I felt his hand. "Nothing! I'm completely fine! Just go with Harry," Zayn said and I got him up. He sat on the bed and I was beginning to feel bad for the lad. "You can tell me. I know something's bothering you." He just held his swollen hand and stayed quiet. I know what'll get him to tell me. I got on his lap and picked up his face making him look at me. I planted a kiss to his adorable pouty kiss and he held my lower back. "C'mon Zayn. Tell me," I said kissing his heated neck. He shook his head as me bit his lip. I scooted more closer to him as I was still on his lap. I took off his jacket and ran my fingers through his hair as he deepened the kiss. "Harry's gonna be mad at you," he said as his lips were on mine. I shook my head, "he's not my boyfriend." He smirked and he rolled on top of me placing wet kisses to my neck. Like I said, nobody can make me feel the way Zayn does. I wrapped my arms around his neck and lowered him closer to me. "You smell too much like Harry," he said laughing. "After this, I'm gonna smell too much like you." We both started laughing and I saw his true smile. "Your smile is adorable," I said and he just kissed my lips.

"Is your hand okay?" He removed his lips from mine and moved it around a bit. "It only hurts when I move it around too much," he replied wincing. "Poor baby," I said lowering his lips onto mine making him chuckle. "Seems like you've missed my lips." I didn't want to admit it, but I did. "No, just feel bad for you. I did miss being around you," I said and he plopped down beside me. "What time is it?" He got out his phone and checked the time. "It's 7. Why?" I shook my head. "Just wondering. But I'll see you later, Harry's probably getting suspicious. You have anything I could spray myself with?" I asked. We both got up and he looked around. "Just my cologne. Why do I stink?" I started laughing so hard when he said that, I guess he didn't get the idea that we'd both get in trouble if Harry smelled his scent on me. "No, just forget it. You smell really good by the way. Get better Zayn," I said hugging him and walking out. "There you are! Harry's been worried sick since we heard those shrieks coming from the room!" Dani said hugging me. "You smell a lot like Zayn. Did you guys?" She asked referring to something else. "No! Never! He just hurt himself so I had to help him!" She laughed and patted my back. "Well, he's expecting you. Good luck," she said leading me to his room.

I was so nervous that he would get angry as soon as he smelled Zayn's cologne on me. It's like if he knew I was there because the moment I was about to knock, he opened the door. "There you are babe!" Harry said. I stepped inside and noticed he was just in bed. "Did I wake you? You sound sleepy," I said and he got into bed again. "No, I was going to though. Come join me." He patted the spot next to him and I looked down at my clothes. "Could I borrow some clothes? These aren't comfortable to sleep in," I said taking off my shirt. I turned around to see Harry enjoying himself. "Oh please, it's not like you haven't seen me shirtless. This will probably be your 100th time." He smirked and rummaged through his drawers. "I know, but your body is just so advanced now. It's attracting me," he said wrapping his arms around my waist. I grabbed the clothes from his hands and put on the shirt. "Could you step away?" He got away from me and made himself comfortable in bed again as I changed my pants. "Okay, thanks HarryBear," I said kissing his cheek lightly and getting into bed. He snaked his arm around me and pulled me into his embrace. My heart started racing, hoping he wouldn't smell me. "Can't wait for the party tomorrow. It'll be fun," he said and I nodded. Phew, that was a close one. But I still feel guilty for kissing the both of them.

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