The Green Eyed Boy & His Friend With The Raven Hair

Jasmine Richards, sweet girl, works in a music parlour everyday, nothing exciting going on. Everything changes when a raven haired boy comes in and takes over her mind. He's known as the "mysterious one" but is dangerous to everyone. Will she fall for him? Or what if he shows her his darker side and ruins her? What she doesn't know is that he's supposed to kidnap her and deliver her to the green eyes boy . What'll happen? Will she survive or be killed? Like they must deal with the darkness before meeting the light.


1. Chapter 1


"Jas! Shifts over in 20!" My friend Dakota yelled from across the room. I gave her a thumbs up and she smiled. Working in a music parlour isn't that bad actually. It's cool because me and her got this job together, and there's always music playing. As I was about to go to the back to change the station, the door chimed and I froze. "Hi! Welcome to Andy's Music Parlour!" Dakota said excitedly. I ignored it since she had it under control. I reached the radio and turned it to 102.7, then peeked through the curtain to see if the person was still there. It's late! What the hell is he doing here? "Jas! I gotta go! Take care of this guy yeah?" She shouted. I frowned and composed myself. Great, alone in a shop with a customer. Woo hoo, not. I stepped in my station again and I saw him. Black leather jacket, dark jeans, white Nikes, Ray bans, and raven hair styled in a quiff. Damn this stranger was hot. I sat down and he finally noticed me after looking at some CDs. I don't really know what he was doing, but I let him be. He came over to me and placed all 4 CDs on the counter, getting out his wallet. "31.25 is your total," I said showing no emotion and he took off his shades. Hazel, kinda chocolate brown eyes, with thick, long, lashes looking up at me.

He handed me the cash and I gave him his change. "Thanks Jas," the raven haired boy said smirking. Ugh, you can already tell he's cocky. I nodded and smiled. He just stood there staring at me, then he left. I went to the back again, when I realised I left my phone over on the counter. "Shit," I mumbled to myself. The boy was gone, and my cell was too. I looked around my work space and it wasn't there. I was crawling around the shop checking if I might've dropped it, when I ran into some legs. Wait, legs? I looked up and that same raven haired boy was smirking at me with my phone in his hands. He helped me up and pinned me against the wall. "Let me go," I demanded and he just chuckled at my innocence. "C'mon love, I'll take you home." I didn't realise he had an accent! "No, I can get home by myself. Thank you," I said pushing him away from me. "Don't you want you cell? I'm sure you'll need it," he said smirking. "What's your name and why don't you leave me alone?" He sat on one of the benches and and ran a hand through his hair. I stood in front of him waiting for his answer.

"My names Zayn, and I can't leave you alone. I need you," he said getting up and brushing his lips over my neck. I winced in disgust even though his lips were so perfect and soft. "Well I don't need you! Leave me alone and give me my cell!" I demanded once again. He began to tease me, brushing his lips all over my neck & face, and stopping at the corner of my mouth. "I know you want this. I can feel it," he whispered huskily. He gave me chills as he suddenly brought his pink lips closer to mine. As he was about to kiss me, I turned away. "Listen Zayn, you need to get out of my ship before I call the cops. If you don't then-" he threw me against the wall making me whimper in pain. "If I don't then what? No one will come because I have your phone," he said pressing his body onto mine. There's no way I can reach the store phone, and he has mine so yeah I was fucked. "I-I'm not going with you. Just let me be," I said and I felt his eyes burn into mine. My blue eyes met his hazel ones, that were slowly darkening. He brought his lips extremely close to my ear and I could feel his hot breath on me. "If you don't come with me, you'll regret it Jasmine. Lets go," he said tugging on my wrist.

"I won't regret anything. I'd rather go home then be with an asshole like you!" I yelled kicking him in the groin and dashing out of the shop. I glanced back and saw he'd fallen onto his knees and I began to laugh. I just had to hide in my car and he'd never even know I'm there. I ran to the back of the alley and into my car locking it and rolling up the windows to make sure. I let out a huge huff of breath as I tried to regain my energy. "You never know what someone could be capable of," I said to myself. I saw his shadow walk past the alley and I grinned evily because he didn't know where I was. I looked around and made sure it was okay, before I got out of my car and walked back to the shop. Suddenly, I felt a strong force slam me against the alley walls. "I knew you hadn't left," Zayn said to me as I tried to register what just happened. Where'd he come from? I looked at him and his features showed in the moonlight, looking very sexy. "Please just leave me alone! I don't want anything do to with you!" I shouted.

He put his lips on my neck, kissing every spot roughly. I moaned as he found my sweet spot and I could feel him smirk. His soft lips soon made their way to my face getting softer and softer with each kiss. He pulled back as he was about to reach my lips and I looked at him surprised. He stared at my lips before attacking them roughly. Somehow, some way I felt like I was in heaven with his lips on mine. I felt his stubble and I just grabbed his face. I can't believe I'm actually kissing a stranger. His lips tasted of smoke and mint. He grabbed my bottom lip with his teeth, which made me pull him closer. He licked my lips, probably asking for entrance but I'm not gonna let him have it. I tugged at his hair making him let out a throaty moan and I laughed knowing what turns this beautiful stranger on. His lips never left mine as he pulled me closer and closer, to where our bodies were inseparable. This time I bit his lip, and he smirked against mine. His tongue ran over my bottom lip, and I parted my lips. So what, I'll let him have his dominance.

His tongue slid in and I gasped at this gross feeling. I could taste more of the mint and smoke now, but I liked it. His tongue roamed my mouth and I just played with his hair. He ran his hands up and down my body swiftly, then his lips left mine trailing down my sweet spot again. I was trying to catch my breath from what just happened and I swear I heard Zayn chuckle. He sucked at my skin and nibbled it as I tried to quiet down my moans. Within a second, I felt his lips back onto mine and this time he just sweetly kept his lips on mine. As he was going to move down to my neck again, I pulled his face away. It was burning now and it probably turned red. He was panting and stepped back, observing me. I couldn't believe what just happened. This stranger took over me out of nowhere! I stood there biting my lip, not wanting to make eye contact with him. I heard him come close and he gently lifted my chin up with his finger looking into my eyes again, but this time savouring the moment. Could he be a nice guy after all?

He brought his lips onto mine again, but just gave me a quick peck. "I'll see you around Jasmine," the raven haired boy said handing me my phone. He turned back and walked away, fading into the darkness. I shook my head and started walking back up to the parlour, hoping no one broke in. Everything seemed pretty normal, but then I noticed his CDs were still here. I got them and put them in the back of the shop just in case he returned for them. My shift was over 15 minutes ago, but Zayn had distracted and trapped me. Very mysterious boy, yet so damn hot! I can't believe his lips just took over my mind and made me kiss him back! I touched my lips, still thinking they were on mine. Soft, pink, lips, from that raven haired boy. I'll admit he is very good looking, but I think it was a mistake to let him have that control over me. His lips were just so hypnotising! I let down my dark brown hair, and got my things ready to leave the parlour for today. I turned off the lights, locked the door, and shut it. As I turned on my car, my phone beeped.

"Great fun jas ;) x" from an unknown number. It had to be freakin Zayn since he had my phone! I swear he gets on my nerves, I really hope I never see him again. I pulled out of my parking space and sped off into the lonely London streets.

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