Hopeless Romantic

Melanie is a fool for love, she believes in Love at first sight, in Prince Charming, Happily ever afters and at of all the cliches in the book, That there is always someone for somebody, you just have to find them.

She's a victim of Bullying, Anxiety, Self Harming, Depression and Many more. She's all alone with nobody besides her Family ,her little brother Jace , her Guitar and her Grandparents..

When bad boy Louis Tomlinson comes to town will she still be the same Fairy tale believing, prince charming looking , Hopeless Romantic Love fool? Or will she build walls to high to climb and to strong to break..


1. Prince Charming?

Melanie's P.O.V

The sound of my little brother Jace Jolted me out of bed, He is one year younger than me.

Im a Senior and He's a Junior.. " Wake up sleeping beauty! " he cooed throwing a pillow at me, I said " 5 more minutes Jace... "  groaning.

He chuckled and pulled me off the bed making the ground and my face connect. I flinched at the contact of the cold ground.. " Fine I'm up " i grumbled, Pushing my body of the floor and wobbling to the bathroom. 

~ After the Shower ~

I jumped out of the shower wrapping a towel around my hair and torso, I walked over to my closet and picked out my outfit. { Her Outfit } 

 I walked up to my vanity and stared at myself, The words they have called me plastered on my wall.. Slut, Whore, Bitch, Fat, Plastic, Show off, Loner, Useless and many more, glued right there on the top of my vanity reminding me that I'm not Normal, that i am stupid for believing in Fairy tales and that most of all that i am Alone.. 

I sighed and directed my glance to my reflection. My blue eyes that used to sparkle now seem Dull and lifeless, My smile that used to shine now looks faded and fake. God what have i become? I sighed and grabbed my Bag, slipping in my earphones and blasting " Never Been Hurt by Demi Lovato " . I jogged down the stairs to see my Family in the dining room eating breakfast, I walked over to them and pulled out a seat next to Jace.

" God this looks good " i said stuffing my face with pancakes, earning laughs and smiles from my family. We finished eating and Me and Jace hopped into my car driving of to school. 

~ After the Ride ~

" Bye Jace! " i yelled waving to him as he ran to his friends. I sighed and walked into the gates of the witch's kingdom, I was greeted by the 4 bastards that tormented my life Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik and worst of all Harry styles they have all used me, and dumped me aside, they have all broken my heart in pieces oh god i hate them. " Ah if it isn't the Mental slut case " Nial spat shoving me against a locker i flinched at his touch.

" Lads what are you doing? " A british voice called out approaching us " Taking care of slut case Melanie " Liam spat sending me death glare  " Ah so your the Melanie I've heard so much about " he said smirking..  I  drifted my lips apart trying to push words out of them but shut them quickly as i saw Kelly, Elly and Jenny walking over to us. " Boo is this slut disturbing u? " Jenny said playing with Harry's curls.

" And they call me a slut " I mumbled staring at the ground " What was that? " Elly barked at me " Nothing " i whispered looking down " CANT YOU SPEAK BITCH! " Kelly yelled aggravated " Fine you want me to fucking speak i will fucking speak, and You little fucked up bitch should stop yelling at me cause I'm not like you who opens her legs to every fucking boy that walks by her you wanted me to speak well this is all i have to say to you  SHUT THE FUCK UP! " i yelled shoving past them and stomping to history class. 

{ In class }

" Ok class today we will do a project in pairs ok? " I sighed as i slouched down into my chair, remembering what had happened earlier thank lord they aren't in my class.. My thought were interrupted by the door swinging open reaveling the boy that smirked at me earlier oh fuck...

" Ok class we have a new student Mr Louis Tomlinson You can sit next to Melanie  " our teacher said turning back to the board. I froze as his glance met mine causing a smirk to grow on his face, He approached the empty chair next to me and slid in,  I stiffened as he scooted his chair closer to mine " So Mel why do they call you the Slut case? " he whispered as the Teachers back was turned to the board, i sighed " I don't know maybe cause i fall for every guy that gives me a slightest bit of attention and that i believe in love at first sight and prince charming shift even though I've been hurt so much fucking times and the stupid thing is i still have hope " i said sighing as a few tears ran down my cheek, i quickly whipped them away and stared at the board " Oh I'm so sorry about that " he said grabbing my hand and intertwining out fingers.. The fuck was he doing?

Thats when i realized it was all part of their sick little game to become popular date me break my heart and bam your the next bitch in the popular crowd.. I snatched my fingers out of his and grabbed my stuff  ready to storm out of class when i was interrupted by my History teacher " Where are you going Melanie? " he asked his arms crossed over his chest " None of your damn business " was all i said as i stormed out of class and ran to the back of the school were most teens my age would hang out.. I couldn't take it anymore i slid down from the brick wall i was standing on and began sobbing " W-Why me? W-What did i do to deserve this? " i asked between sobs..I took of my sweater and stared at the lines on my wrist, how they pilled up on me how the blade was my paint brush and my skin was the canvas. God i should just die..

I Sobbed for a good 20 minutes letting it all out and remembering all the shit I've been called and how much shit i am.. I stood up ready to walk back in when i collided with someone, I looked up to see Louis staring at me. I sighed " What do you want Louis? Want to make me feel terrible like i always do? Or you want to fool me into falling in love with you then breaking my heart?! " i said as tears began blurring my vision, I felt him pull me into a hug as he began stroking my hair gently. " P-Please don't fool me like they do.. " i whispered in his ear as my tears stained his shirt " I promise i won't " he whispered pecking my forehead and intertwining our fingers " Do you want to go home? " he asked pulling away from the hug, I nodded and we walked to his car " Wait Louis but i drove here " i said staring at the ground.. " Hm then we'll take your car. Il just tell the boys to drive mine.. " he said wrapping his arms around my waist as we turned back around to my car.

Why is it when he touched me i think he's different like he's my real prince charming and I'm his Cinderella? The sparks that flush threw me when he touches me can't be fake right?

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