My Fight

This is the story of Tiana Louise Powers. Everything in here came from a notebook, and everything in here is true. Tiana wishes she was never born, but can someone change that? Dylan sure hopes he can. (I changed the names)


1. Tiana Louise Powers

Hi my name is Tiana Louise Powers. i have natural red hair and bright green eyes. my favorite things to do when im alone are:dance, sing, write songs, play guitar, think, and most of all do graffiti. im alone most of the time because my mom died a couple of years ago, and my dad is always away on business trips. i don't have any friends because i get bullied at school. i am suicidal, i self-harm, bulimic, and no has ever really talked to me in a friendly way before. i never would have made it through this, if i haven't had met Louis Austin. if i didn't go outside that morning to starbucks, i would be dead by now and im glad i did. my life was starting to get better for my freshman-sophomore years, until the bitches came back. the bitches are my bullies. the main one is Ashley. She is a preppy cheerleader with long blonde hair and blue eyes. then there is Stefanie and Carmen, they are the back-up for Ashley. Stefanie has medium brown hair and hazel eyes. Carmen has blondish-brown hair and blue eyes. all of the guys drool when she walks by, its disgusting.  that is also the year louis left me, and went to be Ashley's new boy-friend, and my new bully. that is when my life started to turn into a living hell.

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