My Fight

This is the story of Tiana Louise Powers. Everything in here came from a notebook, and everything in here is true. Tiana wishes she was never born, but can someone change that? Dylan sure hopes he can. (I changed the names)


2. day gone wrong

i woke up, "what day is it?" i mumbled to myself. i looked at my calender, and saw that it was monday. "ugghh" i groaned as i got out of bed to get ready for school. i put on my day to remember shirt and my black skinnys. i looked in my mirror i will never be pretty' i thought to myself, then i walked downstairs. "mom, dad im going to school" i yelled, "bye" they said. i grabbed my jacket, then headed out the door. i started to walk down the sidewalk, when someone yelled "hey wait up". i turned around to see someone running towards me, "umm hello" i said kind of nervously. "tianaboo is that you??" the figure asked. 'wait did that person just call me tianaboo??' i asked myself. "dylan is that you?" i asked, "yeah" he said. "holy shit i am soo sorry dyllie" i say, then i ran up to him and hugged him. "woah sloww down missy" he says while chuckling. i laugh and say "no", then i start running to school. once i got there i went to my locker and my smile dropped. there stood louis and ashley with huge grins on their face. i opened my locker and got my stuff. i shut it then started to walk away. louis grabbed me and slammed me against the lockers. " where in the fuck do you think you're going slut" he says. "to class you idiot" i say, then i felt a huge pain in my cheek. i quickly realized that louis slapped me. "dont you dare call me him an idiot, slut" ashley says. i smiled than slapped him back with all my might, "well i don't call people an idiot unless they truely are one" i say to him then walk away. "you will pay for that bitch' ashley yells, then i hear footsteps behind me. i hear a loud bang, then i felt a warm liquid go down face. i realize that louis has slammed my head to the floor, and now him and ashley is kicking me with all their might. i scream then my vision starts to fade. "hey what the hell do you think you're doing??" was the last thing i heard before i blacked out. 

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