Heather Risling and Harry styles are madly in love but can a mistake/accident get in the way of their relationship or can they mend the broken parts??


7. waking up

Heathers P.O.V

I woke up and found Harry leaning against me sleeping. He's so beautiful I can't explain. I just can't believe he's mine! Just looking at him is enough to fill my dreams. As I was looking at him his eyes opend.

"Hey beautiful" he smiled

"Hey" I smiled just looking at him.

(BUZZ) I was receiving a call and glanced at it it was my grandma.


" hi are you staying at Harry's tonight?"

" yes grandma"

" ok just checking"

"Love you"

" love you to"

" bye"


Harry looked at me with cretinous eyes

" it was my grandma"

"Ok" I couldn't help it just leaned down and kissed him.

" what was that for?"

" for being you"

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