Heather Risling and Harry styles are madly in love but can a mistake/accident get in the way of their relationship or can they mend the broken parts??


12. the next morning Harry's P.O.V

"............... I can't do this Harry I can't"

" Heather look at me!" I said in demanding voice "I will help you. I won't rest till I know that you are ok!you are the most important thing in my life and I am not going to let you slip out if my hands. We will work this out together. I promise you I will not let you be sad it kills me to watch you hurt. So please let me help you-"

"Harry" she said cutting me off" I would like nothing more than that!" She leaned in to kiss me and it kissed her back. As she lay in my harms I could tell that my princess was already healing.

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