Heather Risling and Harry styles are madly in love but can a mistake/accident get in the way of their relationship or can they mend the broken parts??


3. The guys

Heathers P.o.v

"Hey Heather" Niall said politely he's always a gentleman to everybody like the rest of the boys. As Harry and I went into the house I saw Ashley and Liam sitting on the couch along side Calissa and Niall had just sat down next to her.

"HEATHER!!!!" Screamed Calissa and Ashley

" hey guys!" I miss them a lot I mean we spend so much time with our Boyfriends that we don't hang out as often. We emerged in a group hug and started talking as I looked around the boys went off somewhere. It's good for them to hang out and get some guy time!

" Oh my god you will never believe what Niall and I........" She stared going off but I couldn't pay attention. I mean I just stop thinking about Harry. The way is eyes sparkle when he laughs. Or the...

" Earth to Heather"

"What?" I asked

" you've been staring at that wall for like 30 minutes"

" oh sorry I guess I was thinking" Ashley and Calissa look at each other knowing that I was thinking about.........

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