Heather Risling and Harry styles are madly in love but can a mistake/accident get in the way of their relationship or can they mend the broken parts??


10. Bad News part 2

Harry's P.O.V.

I went into the living room where I saw a talk man who appeared to be a police officer.

" is something wrong sir?" I asked curiously. As we walked over of the couch I could see that Heather was woried.

" there has been a terrible accident" the police officer looked at Heather as he slowly took his hat off

"I'm sorry miss but your grandparents have been killed in a terrible accident." HeThers eyes filled with big tears.

"I am very sorry about your misfortune ma'ma" he walked out the door and Heather Barried her face in my lap. It's breaking my heart seeing her cry like this. This is very terrible! How could something so wrong happen to somebody so great?? A few hours later after all of the "shhhhhhhhhh's" and the "will be okay's" Heather fell asleep in my lap. Her eyes very swollen and face red I carried my broken hearted princess up to the room and tucked her in. As I lye next to her staring at her face I know her life just took a alfull step And she needs me the most right now!!

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