Emotions. All thought to be just a state of mind. But that is not true. Emotions are in a human body. They travel around the world, spreading their emotion. Wether it be Happiness, Sadness, Jelousy, Hate, Love, Fear, or Love.
But this is the story of how they died.


1. Love's POV

Love's POV

Hi. My name is Love. Im not a human, i mean im in a human body, but i am an emotion. But emotions are not just how your body decides to feel at a time, no. Us emotions decide wether or nit you are happy, sad, jealous, angry, hateful, or loving. We travel around the world together, deciding who gets which emotion, and when.

I have firery red hair, as expected, and always wear red pumps and a pink dress that is tight at the top at puffs out a little at the bottom. Hate has sandy blonde hair, and green eyes. He always wears a plain black-V-neck Tshirt, and black skinny jeans. The rest of the emotions didn't have one outfit, they had a whole wardrobe. Thats why me and Hate were perfect for each other.

I sat on Hate's lap, instantly feeling something poke into my thigh, laughing, i gently hit him on the arm, and he grinned sheepishly at me. We were at a meeting, and all that was happining was Knowledge explaining that there was a possibility of a new emotion, highly unlikely, but possible. Soon enough that was over, and we could go back to Earth for the night. Me and Hate share an apartment. Me and Hate went to bed as soon as we got home. Oh boy, i cant wait for tommorrow...

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