The story of my life

my name is crysten woods i am 18. and heres my story:)


2. who is he?

  i heard a voice so i looked over.then i saw someone standing there with a confused look on his face. who are you? he asked.who are you? i asked back. well…I'm harry styles. oh cool I'm crysten wood.i got out of the pool and wrapped a towel around my body. so what are you doing here?he asked. best friend kirra lives here and i am staying here until i find another house. 


harrys pov

she got out of the pool and i asked her why she is here. she said her best friend kirra lives her and she is staying there until she finds another house.well don't you have a house of your own?!? i asked. i am so stupid i sounded so rude. well my dad kicked me out so yeah….she answered oh sorry to hear that. its ok my dad is a jerk..but you never told me why your here.she sounded curious. i looked at her and smiled. she raised one eyebrow and crossed her arms. we both laughed. well….im kirra's neighbor and her parents asked me to take care of the house while shed's gone for 3 weeks. oh she said. well I'm going to the guest room upstairs to get changed see you later.she said as she made her way to the elevator. alright see ya later oh and I'm inviting my friends over if thats ok with you.thats fine.she said. then the elevator closed.she was so cute and funny. I'm kinda glad she got kicked out and that kirra asked me to watch the house. I'm glad i met her. i called up the boys and asked them to come over. hey guys! hey hazz whats up. wanna come over. sure. oh and I'm at my neighbors house watching it while she's on vacation.ok we'll be over in a hour. ok see ya later! they will get to meet crysten. i hope they like her.

authors note!!!!!!!:D

hey guys i hope you like my new 1D fan fic. I'm still working on don't go so don't worry. and i thought of a name for you guys _cup cakes_ yeah i was watching a cupcake show so i thought why not lol i hope you like my new movella and your new names. also I'm trying to update mor often well enjoy luv ya my little cupcakes:*





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