The story of my life

my name is crysten woods i am 18. and heres my story:)


10. The party

Crystens pov

Tonight we are going to a party. I am not really a party person but Harry said he would stick by my side and it will be fun. That made me feel a little better. I didn't feel like going shopping so I just picked something out from my closet. The party isn't until 8 so I decided to take a shower. *skip shower* I got out and wrapped a towel around my body and hair. I layed out my makeup and put on more then usual because it's a party. After I finished my makeup I dryed my hair and straightened it. I decided to get changed. I picked out white high waisted shorts that had studs on one pocket and I tucked in a black sleeveless shirt that said punk on it. I slipped I white high top converse and wore a American flag bandana that I folded as a head band. Her outfit:

When I was done getting ready I looked at the clock. It read 7:58 I grabbed my phone and put it in my pocket. I ran downstairs and met the boys. We all got in Harry's and drove to the party. When we got there all I saw was people drinking and making out. There was also some fights. I tensed up a bit and Harry grabbed my hand. We walked inside with the boys and right away the boys met up with their friends leaving me and Harry. We walked to the kitchen and Harry got a drink. Want one? He asked. No thanks. He grabbed my hand again and went to the dance floor. There were sweaty drunk people grinding on eachother. Harry took me to this balcony. He kissed me and we stood there hugging eachother. He left me to go get another drink. I just stood there looking at the stars. I sat on a chair that was on the balcony next to Niall. We watched people dance through the open doors and spotted zayn and Louis dancing with girls. They were really pretty. I looked at Niall and he was staring a girl who was also watching people dance. She looked lonely. Go talk to her! What? He asked blushing. I said go talk to her. He blushed some more then got up and went over to we. Liam then came up to me with his arm around a girl. Hey crysten wheres Harry? He asked. I shrugged he went to get another drink. Oh...well this is Jocelyn. Hi nice to meet you. She said smiling. She had hazel eyes and black hair. was nice meeting you but I'm going to look for Harry. She Reached out her hand for me to shake but I surprised her with a hug. I waved and set off to look for Harry. I finally found Harry in the kitchen and he was talking to some guy. Harry? Crysten! He shouted drunkly. As I walked over there his friend checked me out. I just rolled my eyes and kissed Harry on the cheek. The guy walked away looking annoyed. Can we leave? Sure! Not only was I bored but I didn't want Harry having anymore drinks. Liam came home with us and drove because he was sober. On the way Harry tryed making out with me but I pushed him away. Harry groaned and rolled his eyes. When we finally got home I changed into a white v neck shirt and some black sweats. I layed in my bed and heard a knock on my door. Come in! Harry walked in. Can I sleep with you tonight. He sounded sober. Sure. He walked over and got under the covers. I fell asleep with two muscular arms around my waist.

{authors note}

Sorry I didn't mention some of the girlfriends names in here but in the next chapter crysten meets all of the girlfriends. Love you my little cup cakes!!!

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