The story of my life

my name is crysten woods i am 18. and heres my story:)


1. kicked out?

  Hi im crysten wood and I'm 18.i live in london and My dad just kicked me out of the house. It was something about being 18 and not having a job and me being un grateful about everything he does. This wouldn't happen if my mom was here. she died last year, i don't like to talk about it. the only people that know are my dad and my best friend kirra. But whatever. I had my bag packed with all my things in it. i have no where to go, so i just walked to the park that was around the corner from my house. when i got there,nobody was there so it was so peaceful. I sat down on the bench. it was nice to be alone. just then my phone rang. of course…i looked at my screen to see the name kirra. i answered it..hey bae i said. hey cryst! she said. you seem happy..well i am going on vacation to hawaii she answered. cool….have fun…i said sarcastically… but she didn't pick it up. whats wrong cryst she asked worried. well…i got kicked out. crysten stay at my house my parents would be fine with it…plus we have enough guest rooms. thanks kir luv ya! luv ya 2 and i won't be there i am leaving for my flight to hawaii! ok bye bae thanks again. welcomes bye bae. thanks to kirra i would be living on the streets. i wish she was there but having the house to my self wouldn't be too bad. i walked to her house. her house is huge considering she's rich. i got her spare key from under the mat and unlocked the door. damn….i heard my voice echo. i took off my vans and ran upstairs with my bag in my hand. i found the biggest spare room and dropped my bag. i went in the bathroom and looked around. i will definitely be taking a shower later. i then walked back into the bedroom and plopped on the king size bed. i saw a pamphlet on the end table and looked at it. it had a whole map of the house. i scanned over the map and eyed a pool. i jumped off the bed and got out my bathing suit from my bag. i changed into it and grabbed one of the towels off a table. they even had a elevator. i got in it and pressed the pool room button. as i was in the elevator i looked down at the towel. there was stitching that said pool on it. when i finally got down to the pool i put down the towel and jumped in the pool. i swam a little. i heard a voice so i looked over. then i saw someone standing there with a confused look on his face. 

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