The story of my life

my name is crysten woods i am 18. and heres my story:)


4. eating pizza and making memories

Crystens pov

We were eating carrots and talking when the door bell rang. I will get it Liam said getting up. We just continued talking until Liam came back with 4 pizzas in one hand and 2 liters of soda in the other. Here let me help you. I grabbed the sodas And put them down. I headed to the kitchen for paper plates. I couldn't find them. Then some one asked need help? I turned around to see Harry. Sure he went to the tallest cabinet and grabbed 8 plates. Why 8? I asked. My friend Ashton and Sarah are coming over. Oh cool. Harry took the plates and left me alone in the kitchen. My phone rang and I answers hello? Crysten I new you home now! It was my not comeing home I'm 18 and plus you kicked me out.fine I will find you and you will get a beating when I do. This would of never happened if mom was still alive. Well I killed your mother because I knew this would happen and she would take you away from me. Well I'm already away from you so there really wouldn't be a difference except I would have someone who loves me! I was mad and I'm crying. I can believe you dad your and asshole she should be living not you!fuck you! I hate you! That shut him right up.fine crysten I don't care anymore ! I hung up and threw my phone. I sat on the floor and cried.then Harry ran into the room he hugged me and started rubbing my back. You can tell me what happened when your ready. I cried into his shirt. He started to sing.

Harry's pov

She was crying into my shirt so I rubbed her back and started to sing story of my life.(btw the boys aren't famous yet but they can sing and write songs sometimes.) it was just a little song that I wrote.soon she fell asleep in my arms.i carried he bridal style to her room she was staying in. When I got there I laid her in her bed and tucked he in. I kissed her on her forehead and was about to walk out when she said Harry? I said yeah? She said can you stay with me? I walked to her and got under her blankets. She fell asleep with her head on my chest and my arm was around her I rubbed her back. Soon I fell asleep.

Louis's pov

I wonder where Harry is. Probably with crysten I mean she was crying. We should go check right. Yeah...but Harry said to stay here and I think I heard them get into the elevator.liam said. Harry's going to get lucky tonight!niall started cracking up. Zayn sat there until the doorbell rang. Zayn walked up to it and there standing was Ashton and Sarah. Hey guys come in. Zayn closed the door after them and they sat down. They asked where Harry was. We explained the whole story about crysten. Oh poor girl!sarah said. Wow! I hope she's ok. Ashton worried. Yeah I know but I think she will be fine. We can check on them later. Let's eat! Niall said digging in.

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