Infinte Love

One direction fan-fiction.

Isabella and Lou have been together for 3 years. When Lou pops the question will there relationship take a turn?


1. Christmas Day

"Babe! Babe wake up!" Lou says shaking Isabella.

"Eh, what?" She says turning over.

"Wake up! It's christmas!" He says picking her up and dropping her back on the bed.

She grabs him and pulls him down with her. He falls on top of her, kisses her nose, and runs out. She gets up puts a sweater on and runs down stairs.

"Lou!" She yells.

"Boo!" He screams as jumping out from a corner.

She grabs his waste and kisses his beautiful lips. He let's go and walks into the kitchen, were he has set out ingredients.

"The boys will be here in an hour, we should get cooking." Lou says starting to mix ingredients.

Isabella walks in and helps.

"Lou you're in the way." Isabella says.

"Sorry!" He tells her.

Lou spilt flour on Isabella. She threw an egg at him. Thus began a food war. Covered in flour, sugar, and eggs Lou lifts Isabella onto the counter and kisses her.

"Knock, knock!" Niall says walking into there house.

"Hey! What are you doing here?" Lou says walking to the door to greet him.

"Why are you covered in flour? And had to get here first, had to be first to the food." He said wiping sugar off Lou and licking his finger.

"Hey, sorry about the mess, I think we're just gonna go to Denny's." Isabella said walking in.

"We're gonna go get cleaned up." Lou said.

Isabella started walking up stairs, Lou close behind her.

"You look pretty sexy with food all over you." Lou said hugging her from behind.

She turns toward him, grabbed his neck, and said.

"I love you."

"I love you more."

"I love you most."

"I love you forever!" Niall yelled from down stairs.

They changed their clothes then went down stairs.

"Call Harry, Lou call Zayn, I'll call Liam. Tell them to met us at Denny's in 30 minutes." Isabella said grabbing her phone.

They all met at Denny's, exchanged greetings, and started eating.

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