But He's Older

Emma,a normal 14 year old teenager who's obsessed with 5 seconds of summer meets Ashton Irwin.She can't believe she's lucky enough to even meet him,but what will happen when a 14 & a 19 year old start to have stronger feelings for each other?


7. Chapter 7

"I need to talk to you emma." My mother said

She told my brother to go upstairs and I instantly knew I was in trouble.

"Let's talk about Ashton. He's in that band your obsessed with right?" she asked

"Yes..." I replied

"You don't like him or anything, don't you think he's a little old for you? You're fourteen and he's nineteen!" she told me

I rolled my eyes at her. She was basically saying she doesn't like him.

"No of course I don't!" I said

"Good, I just didn't want you to get hurt but if you two ever try to date you won't be able to see him again."

"I know that and he would never hurt me!" I defend him

My mother shook her head and left to wash the dishes. I went to my room and grabbed my laptop to go on twitter, all the guys had followed me.

I got a text from Ashton or at least I thought it was him.

Ashton: Hi Emma!

Emma: Hey Ash.

Ashton: Oh it's not Ashton, it's Michael!

Emma: Well hi then!

He didn't respond so I put my phone down and turned on my tv even though I was still on twitter. Alison told me to look at some account about 5sos. My eyes widened when I saw a picture of me and Ashton walking in the mall a couple of days ago. It said 'Ashton at the mall with a mystery girl.' At least the picture was taken from behind and they couldn't see my face. I didn't want any drama.

I lost track of time but it was really late so I changed and turned everything off to go to sleep.


A/N- Sorry I haven't updated in a while!

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