But He's Older

Emma,a normal 14 year old teenager who's obsessed with 5 seconds of summer meets Ashton Irwin.She can't believe she's lucky enough to even meet him,but what will happen when a 14 & a 19 year old start to have stronger feelings for each other?


32. Chapter 32

Emma's P.O.V

I stepped inside her room and honestly I felt nervous. Why would Kian say sorry? What happened, did he say anything? My mother looked at me sternly and turned the laptop towards me. The screen was black and I looked at her with a confused expression.

"Come closer" she said

I walked over to her bed and stood next to her. She touched something on the computer and turned it on. The screen was paused on our empty living room. When it started I saw what she was so angry about.

"How do you explain this!?" She shouted

"I...um I-I'm sorry"

"I can't believe you went behind my back! I told you to stop seeing him but you didn't care, you just did it anyway!"

"I'm in love with Ashton and he loves me so how was I supposed to stay away from him?!"

"You honestly think he loves you?!You're fifteen, he doesn't love you he's just using you! You don't even know what love is!" she yelled

I felt the tears stinging my eyes and they were threatening to spill.Apparently she noticed my watery eyes and softened her tone.

"Look I don't want you to see him again but I will allow you to see him today so you can tell him you are not going to go out with him anymore and spend one last day with him but after today you're grounded for a month and you cannot see him anymore." she said

I stormed out of her room and I ran to my room. I didn't even bother to go talk to Kian, we would just start fighting.

I unlocked my phone and laid on my bed. I scrolled through my dashboard on tumblr before I got a text.

Ash: Hey babe, what do you want to do today?

I didn't really feel like going anywhere after that but if today was the last day I could see Ashton I had too.

Emma: lets go to the beach

He replied almost immediately.

Ash: Ok, Venice beach?

Emma: Sure

I liked Venice, it was really fun and it wasn't far from my place.

Ash: I'll pick you up at 11,if that's ok

Emma: Yeah that's fine

It was 10 o'clock so I had an hour to get ready, which was more than enough time for me. I had already showered so I just had to find what to wear.

After looking through basically all of my clothes I finally decided on what to wear. I put on my bikini under my clothes put on a floral crop top, high waisted rolled up denim shorts and plain white flip flops. I put on mascara and braided my hair. By the time I had finished it was already 10:50am so I decided to sit outside and wait for Ashton.

"I'm going to wait for Ashton outside mom" I said from outside her door

"Remember to break up with him because you're not going to see him again"

I walked outside and sat on my porch. I watched YouTube videos on my phone while waiting.

"Hi Em" Ashton said


I got up and we walked over to his car. I tried to forget having to stop seeing him and tried to enjoy myself. I don't know how I'm supposed to stay away from him, it's impossible.

"Are you okay?" he looked concerned

"Yeah I-I'm fine"

"Please tell me what's bothering you, you have to trust me"

I didn't want to lie to Ashton on the last day we had together but I also didn't want to tell him because I knew we wouldn't have fun on our date if I did. So I told him the thing that was bothering me a couple days ago.

It wasn't entirely a lie.

"Alison and Jess are mad at me because I don't hang out with them anymore. They think I spend too much time with you"

"They just don't understand, someday they will but it not like they can stay mad at you forever" he replied

I nodded.

I'm going to forget about breaking up with Ashton and not even hanging out with him.

I had to have fun on the last day I get to spend with him.


A/N - I had no idea what to write but I'm going to try to update more often now!

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