But He's Older

Emma,a normal 14 year old teenager who's obsessed with 5 seconds of summer meets Ashton Irwin.She can't believe she's lucky enough to even meet him,but what will happen when a 14 & a 19 year old start to have stronger feelings for each other?


19. Chapter 19

Emma's P.O.V

My mother pulled me inside after ashton left. I don't know why she's so mad, Ashton is the nicest guy. I didn't tell her I was dating him because that would just make things worse. There's two days left until my birthday and I can't believe my mom would actually over react like this.

"Emma I told you to stay away from him!" she shouted

"Why? Anyways he came here to see Kian, not me!" I said

"He's too old for you, I find it very strange for a nineteen and fourteen year old to like each other!" She said

I never thought age mattered, I think age is just a number.

"Just to to your room, I don't want to argue anymore" she says

I went to my room and grabbed my phone to tell Alison. I'm surprised my mom forgot and didn't take my phone. Ashton had texted me but I decided to respond to him later.

Emma: My mom told Ashton to stay away from me and after that I can't believe Ashton would still wanna talk to me.

Ali: wait what? did she find out you two were dating?!

I explained everything that happened and she read it but she forgot to reply and I fell asleep shortly after texting Ashton.


"Wait up Emma!" Dylan said when I arrived to school

He caught up with me as I walked to my locker.

"Hey" I said

"Hi, so I guess your friend Ashton didn't like me." he laughed

"Oh no he just wasn't in a good mood that day, sorry about that." I lied

I know Ashton doesn't like Dylan.He's kind of jealous of him. I know I told Ashton I would tell Dylan me and him are dating but if Dylan ever came over he might mention it in front of my mom.

As we were walking to our first class I got a text from Ashton.

Ash: Hey what's up?

Emma: I'm at school!

Ash: oh sorry I just wanted to know when we could meet up?

Emma: You can pick me up at school today if you want but I gotta go Ash!

Ash: ok bye, text me later and tell me when

I turned off my phone just before class started.

"We are going to be doing a project and I'm going to let you all pick a partner but if you cause too much trouble I'm going to pick them for you so choose a partner." Mrs. Grove said

Dylan walked over to me and asked if I wanted to work with him, I said yes of course.

"So when should I come over to work on the project? Tomorrow?"

He asked after the class ended

"No tomorrow's my birthday, maybe Friday? I asked

He nodded.

I don't really think Ashton would like the idea of Dylan coming over but we were just going to work on the project. Its not like Ashton will know.

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