But He's Older

Emma,a normal 14 year old teenager who's obsessed with 5 seconds of summer meets Ashton Irwin.She can't believe she's lucky enough to even meet him,but what will happen when a 14 & a 19 year old start to have stronger feelings for each other?


14. Chapter 14

Dylan stood outside the class waiting for me. He introduced himself to me even though I already knew his name.

"Can I see your schedule?" he asked

I handed it to him and he smiled.

"We have all our classes together but I can still give you that tour if you want?"

"Sure" I replied

Dylan gave me his number, he said since I'm new at school he wants me to have a friend. After I met up with Ali he left. Alison introduced me to the girl next to her, Jessie, who had shown Alison around.

"Hey aren't you that girl who has been hanging out with Ashton Irwin?" Jessie asked

"Yeah" I sighed

I was really hoping no one knew Jess said people here were huge 5sos fans and would be annoying. The bell rang and I left with Ali to our next class. I sat next to Alison and behind Dylan. Once again people looked at me and said stuff to each other but I ignored it. I was starving by the time we got to lunch. Me, Alison and Jess didn't know where to sit but Dylan called me over to his table.

"Wait you've been here for a day and you're already friends with Dylan Sprayberry!? I've been in the same school as him since elementary and he has literally talked to me once." She held me back by my arm

I shrugged and walked over to him.

"Hey Dylan"

"Hi Emma"

No one else was sitting at his table, I wonder why. I sat next to him and talked with all of them. Then some girl with a very very short skirt came over to me. Everyone in the lunch room was looking at us.

"Hey slut, I bet you're dating Ashton and trying to get Dylan too." She said

She tried to dump her tray on me but I was faster and slammed that tray on her face. I was going to do worse but Dylan grabbed my wrist so I wouldn't get closer to her. I swear I have anger issues, because I could've landed that girl in a hospital if Dylan hadn't held me back. I didn't get in trouble and I was glad, she deserved it anyway.

"So who's Ashton?" Dylan asked once we were out of the cafeteria.

"He's my boyf-- my friend" I said

He nodded and I don't think I should tell people Ash is my boyfriend. The only person I'm gonna tell is Ali.


Ashton's P.O.V

I was so happy that Emma's my girlfriend but I have to tell the boys. I don't care if they tell me it's wrong, I just can't stay away from her.

"Guys I have to say something." I yelled pacing back and forth

They all came in and sat down.

"So I uh I asked um Emma t-to be my girlfriend..." I said

"And!?" Calum practically yelled

"She said yes" I finished

Michael and Calum were happy for me but Luke looked at me with disappointment. Why couldn't he just be happy for me like Michael and Calum?

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