My Roommate (Jowyer)

Joey Graceffa and Sawyer Hartman have been dating for three months and are planning to tell everyone about them. But one video kiss could change their plans. Will they heal with the consequences following? Find out in "My Roommate". #Jowyer


17. Where is Marcus?

Italics=Marcus and Ash having a conversation in there head


Marcus’ POV

Dayan was giving me a look on the way to lunch.


“Dayan, did I do something wrong?” I asked.


“In the office this morning. You talked to that secretary like a tough guy. You need to do that against your bullies, just think how intimidating you’d be. Your bullies would bow down to you.” Dayan said.


“Dayan, no. I have anger issues and I have like this thing that I will change into a different person.”


“Dayan come on please…”


“Gah, the puppy eyes!!! FINE! But if I go crazy Imma kill you.” Soon as that happened the bullies shoved my lunch into my face.


“WTF!!!! WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?!” I scream at them. Next thing I know I blacked out. Ash took over.


Dayan’s POV

“Marcus?” I shook him.


“Who’s Marcus, I’m Ash.” he said.


“Oh no… Ash can I have Marcus back?”


“Uh no, why? Its not like your dating.”


“YES, YES WE ARE! Ash pleeeaaassee!!!”


“No, but we can be friends. I’m straight OK? Let's go talk to those boys.” I’m liking Ash. “YO PUNKS!!”


“Hey look guys! Gay boy has decided to talk back!” David said.




“Listen here we know your gay because we saw you and new kid kissing a few minutes ago!”


Mar… I mean Ash looked at me like a crazy person. I lipped Marcus and Ash nodded.


“Well listen here mister! That was Marcus, I’m Ash much tougher. So BACK OFF!” And with that Ash walked away and I ran after him.


“ASH WAIT UP!!!” I yelled.




“You just stood up to David Marcus’ bully! BUT YOU TOLD THEM THAT YOUR ASH AND NOT MARCUS YOU CAN’T DO THAT!!!!”




“No one knows about this I just found out! You have to act like Marcus so no one gets suspicious. Ok?”


“Like what?”


Ash’s POV

“Ash please!”


“I’ve been locked up for YEARS, I NEED SOME FREEDOM!!!”


“OK you can be out but PLEASE don’t let know one know your Ash.”




“NO BUTS!!! You will have to act like me, so you need to be the weak me and show love and affection to Dayan.”




“Ash?” Dayan looked at me.


“Yes sweetie?” I said. Dayan took a step back astonished.


“I thought you said you were straight?”


“I am but I promised Marcus I’d act like I’m Marcus, so Nancy won’t get suspicious. Is that ok?”


“Y-yeah, I guess…”


“You guess?!”


“You haven’t apparently gotten to know you. If you have to act like Marcus then we have to… kiss”




“I’ll feel like I’m cheating on Marcus…”


“Do you want me to make sure by asking Marcus?”


“You can TALK TO MARCUS!!!!”


“Yeah, its not hard.”




“Yo, Marcus?”


“What?! Trying to sleep here!”


“Well Dayan wants to make sure if its OK that we kiss because since I have to act like you I have to. Also, Dayan says he loves you.”


“You guys can kiss and tell him I said I love you too!”


Dayan eyes was looking all over me he was staring at the area the most.


“WHOA THERE! I get I am exactly like Marcus except for the personality, but stop staring!” I tell Dayan.


“Sorry… What did Marcus say?” He asked sheepishly.


“He said it was fine and that he lovesyoutoo.”




“He said he loves you too…”


“WAS IT THAT HARD TO REPEAT!!!!” Dayan yelled at me.


“LOOK, I’ve never had someone love me. Marcus’ parents don’t love me because I talk back and I’m a bad boy.”


“Ohhhhh.” A bell cut Dayan off. “TO CLASS!!!” Dayan grabbed my hand and dragged me to the next class. Learning to act gay and weak is going to take a while.


*End of the School day*

The school day was over and me and Dayan were at Dayan’s locker.


“OK, the code is 2,5,29.” He told me.


“Why can’t you open it?”


“I was blind so I don’t know what numbers or colors look like.”


“Oh, grab your stuff so we can go.” Dayan grabbed his stuff and we started walking down the hallway until I got shoved into a locker. The boy had locked the door and I was trying to get out.


“As- Marcus I’m going to get the principle to get you out.” Dayan sounded concerned.


“Fine.” I heard him walk away. Sighed and was yelling for Marcus but he wasn’t answering. He must've found my house. I was probably in that locker for 5 minutes until the door open.


“Marcus what happened?!” I looked up to see Nancy with worry in her eyes.


“I’m fine mom. I’ve been through this my whole life, THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING!!!!!!” I yelled at her and ran away from her to get caught by I’m guessing Dayan’s parents.


“I thought you were a good influence! I guess I was wrong!” One of Dayan’s dads said.


“Where am I a bad influence?!” I yelled at him.


“You talk back to adults, my son just started dating you and you go all disrespectful on us how coul-!”


“Sawyer don’t get mad at Marcus. I’d like you guy to meet my other ‘son’ Ash.” Nancy said.


“Well that's the first time you actually considered me your son.” I snapped at her.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” Sawyer said. “Then where is Marcus?”

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