My Roommate (Jowyer)

Joey Graceffa and Sawyer Hartman have been dating for three months and are planning to tell everyone about them. But one video kiss could change their plans. Will they heal with the consequences following? Find out in "My Roommate". #Jowyer


16. The Plan

Dayan’s POV

“OK? So…” Marcus was being strange.


“My mom found out I’m failing school so I’m going back to public school…” Marcus said.


“Well then I have a plan. Maybe I can go to public school!”


“Dayan, you don’t even know animal names let alone survive in a school!”


“Well, I’m going to go ask my dads because I can’t stand not seeing you everyday.” Man I sound like me and Marcus have been dating for years like Sawyer and Joey.


“Dayan, you want to go to public school?” I turn around to see Sawyer with a worried look.


“Yeah why?” I asked.


“Well… fine you can go get ready, and don’t scream when you see yourself in the mirror for the first time. Marcus, your mom is down stairs I’ll tell her we’re taking you to school.”


“Ok!” Marcus ran downstairs to his mom.


“Dayan get dressed and grab that bookbag that we had packed before we knew we were going to homeschool you.”


“YES SIR!!” I saluted. This was going to be the best day.


*At the school in the principal's office

“I hope you have a great first day Dayan. Remember our 6th-8th grade classes are combined.” Mr. Wallace said.


“Thank you.” my dads said and we walked out into the hallway. “OK, Dayan. We are going to leave we saw Marcus has lunch and all the classes after lunch so your alone for the beginning of the day ok?”


“Yes sir. BYE!” I told my parents and I ran to class.


“DAYAN!” Who’s calling me? I don’t know anyone at this school. “DAYAN!” I turned around to see Marcus running towards me. “Daging boy you're fast.”


“Sorry, I didn’t know it was you.” I said.


“Its-” Marcus got cut off by getting shoved into a locker.


“GAY BOY!!!!” The boy yelled and he walked away.




“Yeah, I’m fine Dayan I’m use to it by now.” Marcus said.


“Marcus, will I go through this as well?”


“Not unless you are openly gay you may be fine. Oh and stupid or lack of knowledge.”


“Marcus remember I don’t even know colors! I lack a lot of knowledge.”


“Its ok, shh” Marcus was slowly standing up walking backwards.


“I want a hug…” I cry out.


“Dayan, I get you’re my boyfriend and I love that but I can’t. If we do I’ll go all cuddly and will cuddle you. I don’t want to put you in danger of being bullied.”




“Hey, cheer up. I’ll take you to your first class and then I’ll leave.”


“Ok.” Me and Marcus walked down the hall he was looking very cautious. He led me to E119.


“This is your classroom. See you at lunch.” Marcus said bye and left.


I walked into the classroom to see I was the only one here besides some kids with shades on.


“Um, hi?” I asked nervously. The teacher looked at me with a big smile and came over to me.


“Hello dear, my name is Ms. Anderson. Let me see your hand to lead you to your seat.” The lady said.


“I can lead myself.” I state.


“Oh, you’re a stubborn child. I understand you think you can see but they can’t nor can you. Being blind is a disadvantage but…”


“WAIT YOU THINK I’M BLIND?!” I busted out laughing at her.


“That’s what your records say.”


“Miss, I got surgery I can see.”


“Oh… well goodbye.” And she shoved me out the classroom. I don’t fit in anywhere. I walked to the bathroom when I entered I heard crying. I looked around the corner to see Marcus.


“Marcus?” He looked up and wiped his tears away.


“H-hey, w-what are you d-doing here?” He asked.


“I got kicked out of class because I’m no longer blind.”


“Oh, I can’t take it!” He yelled. I cringed up because yelling is my least favorite thing. “Sorry.”


“What can’t you take anymore?”


“The bullies. They’re in almost all my classes. I get picked on because I’m gay and I have two moms…”


“Marcus how about I come out and tell them I’m gay. I’ll also say I have two dads.”


“DAYAN! NO! You could get brutally hurt!”


“Well how about when you graduate I will.”


“Hmph, fine.”


“YAY!!!! Now take me to the office because I need a new schedule.”


“Ok lets go.” We left the bathroom and went towards the office. When we got there we heard things we shouldn’t. The window to the principal's office was half open and all we heard was the words faster. We rang the bell in the front and the sound stopped immediately. The secretary ran out like nothing happened.


“Aren’t you two supposed to be in class. What are you two doing here?” She asked.


“First, you have some white stuff in your hair. Second, we need a schedule change. He has blind on his records he’s no longer blind and I need it so I can be with him because he just got his eyesight and don’t even know his colors. So get on your computer and get us a new schedule instead of doing it the principle in the back.” Marcus stated sternly.

The lady got to work fast. If only Marcus was like that around his bullies. I’ve got a plan.

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