My Roommate (Jowyer)

Joey Graceffa and Sawyer Hartman have been dating for three months and are planning to tell everyone about them. But one video kiss could change their plans. Will they heal with the consequences following? Find out in "My Roommate". #Jowyer


10. O.M.G

Sawyer’s POV

*Four Days Later*



“Papa?” James said. I looked at him. He’s still scared of Joey’s missing leg. James has been having nightmares about Joey coming in the middle of the night on one leg with his detached leg in his hand.


“Come here James.” I said as I picked him up,” Daddy is coming home today, he’s on his way actually. Daddy isn’t as scary as you think James. He’s still your daddy no matter what ok?”


“Yes.” he mumbled. He really is scared of Joey. I feel bad that we live in an apartment building because Joey is in a wheelchair for the time at the moment. That’s why I have a surprise for him besides us getting the puppy soon. I heard a knock at the door.


“OK James, daddy is here. He probably wants a hug so are you going to give him one?” He didn’t say anything, ”Let’s go let daddy in.” This is strange, I feel like me and Joey are married and he’s coming home from work late. Anyways I walked to the door to let Joey in with James right behind me.


I opened the door and there was Joey… forcing a smile on his face. I let Joey roll in, he had shorts on even though it was cold and his camera on his lap. He wheeled right by me towards the steps and just sat there and started to cry. I tapped his shoulder he looked at me. I grabbed a white board and wrote ‘What’s the matter?’


He sighed and said “I saw James’ terrified face when you open the door. Then I’m extremely short now, I’m as tall as James! Then I can’t go to bed upstairs because I can’t walk. I have to wear shorts till I get my prosthetic and its cold outside!!!”


“I have a surprise for you.” I wrote.


“What?” he said looking at me. I saw him staring at my pants pocket, he thought I was going to PROPOSE!


 “ Joey I know what you’re thinking, and no I’m not about to propose.”


“Oh.” he said looking down.


“But,” I wrote, “I bought a two story house for us, James, Hitch, and the puppy to come.”


“Sawyer, haven’t you noticed I can’t go up stairs.”


“Yes I have. The master bedroom is downstairs, so you can go to bed.”


“ARE YOU SERIOUS!” He screamed louder than usual since he can’t hear how loud he is. “Sorry, I can’t hear myself so I don’t know how loud I am.”


‘Its ok, now lets get you into the car.’


“Wait, we’re moving today!?” he’s really loud.


“Everything is already at the new house. I promise you’ll love it.”


“LETS GO THEN CHICKENEANYA!!!!” I covered my ears. When he does his high voice and he doesn’t know how loud he is, GOSH it hurts.


“Come on James! Time to go to the other house with daddy!” I yelled for him. I saw him come around the corner but then went back to the room. I went upstairs to get him and saw him with Joey’s chest I could never find, he had it the whole time. He was looking at all of Joey’s things he kept from his childhood. But he wasn’t looking at that stuff. He was looking at all of the things with him and Joey. There was a portable video player in his hands. The video playing was when Joey was videoing when he found James on his porch. Brittany was filming his first day as a parent it was pretty funny.


“Come here James.” He came over to me and hugged me tight.


“Papa, did daddy know I lived?”


“Well James, no. But as you can see he didn’t care, he loved you from the start. Even if he can’t hear you or chase you around anymore doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. Now come on lets go show daddy the new house.” I grabbed his hand and we walked down the stairs together. He held the video player in his arms and I held the chest. Joey saw us come downstairs and saw his eyes go wide after he saw what we were holding.


He said slowly said, “Where. Did. You. Find. That. Stuff?”


I gave James the white board and he wrote ‘In Daddy RoOm. UnDer The bEd.’ Joey’s face fell. He wheeled over to James and snatched the video player out of James’ hands.


“James NEVER EVER go into my room AGAIN!!! This is MY STUFF. You know the rule, DON’T TAKE DADDY’S STUFF WITHOUT ASKING!!!” Joey wheeled over to the trash can and threw the player away but he didn’t realize I still had the CD. James hid behind my legs even more. Joey waited for us at the door.


I took the white board and wrote, ‘Joey, that player helped him realized you weren’t a monster. But look now he’s scared again. You all so didn’t destroy the cd I have it. James saw the whole thing.’


“Well what’s the difference Sawyer! He probably thinks I don’t love him at all, he probably thinks he’s a mistake…”


‘Nope, he doesn’t he loves you even more. Now say you're sorry.’


“James, I’m sorry for yelling at you. That stuff was just very personal to me and I didn’t want you to see it. Forgive me?” He asked. James ran to Joey and hugged him. Joey sat James on his lap. We went downstairs and got into the car. Joey took out his camera and began.


“HELLO CHICKENEANYAS!!!!! I’m back! I’m in the car with James and Sawyer.”


“Hello.” I said looking at the road.


Joey’s POV

“HELLO CHICKENEANYAS!!!!! I’m back! I’m in the car with James and Sawyer.”


“Hello.” Sawyer said looking at the road, well I guess he did.


“Anyways I am out of the hospital as you can see. We are on our way to our new house. That’s right Sawyeranya bought us a house! Yes he did! I first recommend turning down your volume on your computer. Since I can’t hear I don’t know how loud I’m talking. Based off Sawyer and James its loud. Well talk to you at the house.” I turned off the camera and looked in the back seat to see my sleeping son. I don’t know how lucky I am to have such a great son and boyfriend. I do hate sitting in silence in the car. I might as well take a nap like James.


*At The House*

I felt myself being shaken awake by someone. I opened my eyes to see Sawyer, I guess we’re at the house already. Sawyer helped me out the car balancing me to get me into my wheelchair when I held out my hand to tell him to stop.

“Stop, can I walk on what I got with you holding me? I always said when I get a house of my own and not an apartment I would walk through the door. I don’t want my missing leg to stop me.” I told him. He looked at me with worry. “Please?” I saw Sawyer lip fine and we limped off. We got to the door when I felt a pull on my leg. James had pushed my wheelchair behind us just in case I get tired of standing on one leg. Truth be told my leg was about to give out but I want to enter this house standing. Sawyer opened the door and we entered. OMG!!!!!!!!

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