My Roommate (Jowyer)

Joey Graceffa and Sawyer Hartman have been dating for three months and are planning to tell everyone about them. But one video kiss could change their plans. Will they heal with the consequences following? Find out in "My Roommate". #Jowyer


15. My mom...

Marcus’ POV



“Marcus! Come on me and mama have to go to work and stop your school this morning to tell them that your homeschooled now. Lets go so we can get to Joey and Sawyer’s house!” Mom yelled.


“Coming!” I yelled back. I rushed downstairs with my backpack. Me and my mom’s walked across the street and we knocked on the door. Sawyer opened the door he was only in his sweatpants.


“Hello?” He must have just woken up.


“Hi mr. Sawyer!” I smiled cheerfully.


“Sawyer me and Nancy to go now so we’ll pick him up later, bye!” Then my mom’s kissed my cheeks and left.


“Um where do I go?” Sawyer looked at me like I was crazy.


“Who are you?”


“I’m Marcus.”


“OHHHH, hold on one second. I’m going to wake up Joey you can wake up Dayan. First room to the right.”


I put down my bookbag and ran upstairs to Dayan’s room. I open the door to find him fast asleep. As I get closer I notice he’s only wearing pants. My pants felt like they were getting tighter.


"Dayan, wake up." I whispered.


“Dad, no.” He whined.


“It’s Marcus, not Joey.”


“Nuh uh.”


“Oh yeah?” I leaned down and kissed his cheek. That did it. Dayan’s eyes popped opened when he saw me.


“Hey…” He said groggily.


“Hey. Your… uh… Sawyer said for me to wake you up.”


“AHHH!!!!” Sawyer busted through Dayan’s door to his room.


“WHAT HAPPENED?!” Sawyer yelled.


“Papa, I CAN SEE!” Dayan yelled.


“Huh, Dayan remember? You got your eyesight yesterday. Plus, Marcus is here to do homeschooling with you.” After Sawyer left the room Dayan looked at me and he noticed me staring at his bare skin. I looked his face he was blushing.


“Come on, we’ve got to go downstairs."


"Marcus no!"


"Come on!"


"No!!!" After that he yanked me into his bed and snuggled into my chest. I would have moved but it felt good. Time passed and eventually fell asleep.


"Marcus, Dayan..." I heard my name and saw Sawyer staring at the door entrance. I shook Dayan, but he just snuggled deeper into my chest. Sawyer took a step into Dayan’s room with a strict face.


“SAWYER HARTMAN!!! DON’T YOU DARE MESS WITH THEM!” Joey yelled from downstairs. Sawyer sighed. He walked out of the room towards James’ room.


“Dayan… come on you and I both need breakfast.” I said.


“Marcus! I want to cuddle with my boyfriend.” DAYAN CALLED ME HIS BOYFRIEND!!!!! I broke out of Dayan’s grasp and went to his closet.


“Marcus, what are you doing?” Dayan was waking up finally.


“You are putting on a shirt. Now come on, boyfriend.” I smirked.




Dayan’s POV

“What?!” I yelled.


“Well when you were asleep you said this Marcus! I want to cuddle with my boyfriend.” Marcus said.


“MARCUS!!!!” I can’t believe I said that!


“Come on, your dad is downstairs with breakfast and we have to eat something!”


“OK, but one thing.” I smirked and yanked him to me by the back of his neck. I kissed him and he kissed back. Our mouths moved in sync then our tongues fought for dominance.


“Dayan, Marcus, come on…” next thing I know I’m being ripped away from Marcus. Sawyer was yelling at him.




“Papa! He wasn’t making a move on me, nor was he this morning! He came to wake me up but I pulled him into my bed to cuddle. Then I kissed him and he just replied.” I said.


“Well then, come downstairs to eat. NOW!” Sawyer grabbed us both by our shirts and dragged us downstairs. He made sure he sat between us.


“Sawyer. Let the boys sit together.” Joey was whining because Sawyer refused to sit beside him.




“Um, thanks mr. Graceffa and mr. Hartman but I’ll just go back to public school.” Marcus got up from the table and started walking out the door.


“Serves him right.” Sawyer mumbled.


“SAWYER!” Joey yelled.


“Marcus, wait!” I jumped out of my seat and ran towards him. I grabbed him by the shoulder and turned him around.


“What?” He sounded irritated and sad.


“Don’t leave.”


“WHY? Your dad hates me! I might as well leave!” Marcus was yelling at me. I cringed up because at my last home I got yelled at and beat, but they did it to my legs so I can never wear shorts.


“Dayan… I’m sorry I yelled at you, I forgot.”


“Forgot what?” We turned around to see Joey. “You know what I don’t care. Just kiss him already.”


Me and Marcus stared into each others eyes and kissed. My second kiss with the guy I like. We pull away and hug. Then we feel eggs.


“FAGS!!!” Some high schoolers were doing a drive by and egged us. Marcus looked at me and laughed. He grabbed my hand and pulled me inside.


“EGGS ON US!!!!” Marcus screamed. Sawyer came running in gawking at what a mess we were.


“What happened to you?!” Sawyer screamed.


“Well, I was stopping him from leaving and dad told us to kiss already. When we did some high schoolers drove by and egged us.” I said.


“JOEY YOU TOLD THEM TO KISS?!” Sawyer yelled.


Marcus’ POV

Sawyer hates me! I lo… like Dayan a lot and Joey doesn’t mind, but SAWYER!


“SAWYER SHUT UP!” I yelled. I looked at Dayan he was cringing up whispered in his ear to go into his room, close the door, and I’ll be right up. Dayan went upstairs and I turned back to Sawyer.


“Are you having a problem with him or me being gay!” I screamed.


“Yes…” Sawyer hung his head low. “I didn’t want him to be because I don’t want him going to my troubles. If the shoey fans find this out they’ll kill me this time. Especially if they find out about Dayan.”


“Sawyer… they’ve given up on that.” Joey said.


“NO THEY HAVEN’T! To you they're all nice but they privately harass me. I’m still afraid to go into public…”


“Well mr. Hartman I shall and I will protect him with all my heart.” I state.


“Marcus what grade are you in?” Oh god. I forgot I’m two grades higher than Dayan!


“I-I’m in 8th grade sir…” I finally let out.


“WHAT?!” Sawyer is gonna kill me now. “My son is going to the 6th grade and you’re 8TH GRADE?!”


“SAWYER! I get you’re stressed with your family problems, but it’s ok. I’m 22 and your 23,  Marcus was born before the cut off and Dayan’s parents put him in school late they’re only a year apart.” Joey said.


“I’m sorry Marcus, I’m really stressed.” Sawyer said.


“Its ok. Also, do I have permission to ask Dayan to be my boyfriend?”


Sawyer sighed and nodded. I grin like an idiot I ran to him and Joey and hugged them tight and ran upstairs.


“Dayan…” I was acting said.


“MARCUS! Are you ok! I’m sorry about my papa, he’s just over,...” I cut Dayan of by kissing him.


“Dayan, be my boyfriend?”


“MARCUS! YES!!! What about or grade difference its ok?”


“Yes, I asked for permission.” Dayan grinned he kissed me. Yeah we acted like four year olds but that’s ok. I got a phone call from my mom.




Hey mom! Guess what?!

Hey sweetie! What?

I got a BOYFRIEND!!!



Um, sweetie, I called to talk about him.


Now that I said that. I’m coming to pick you up.

MOM!! It’s only 7am!

That gives me enough time to get you on the bus.


I went to your school and found out you're FAILING!!! What’s going on?

I told you, I’m getting bullied.

Well I don’t care I’m outside the house! Tell Dayan talk to you on the weekends, bye.



I hung up and looked at Dayan.


“Who was it?” Dayan asked.

“My mom…”


This was the longest chapter I've ever done. It took me a month.

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