My Roommate (Jowyer)

Joey Graceffa and Sawyer Hartman have been dating for three months and are planning to tell everyone about them. But one video kiss could change their plans. Will they heal with the consequences following? Find out in "My Roommate". #Jowyer


1. I Should Have Never Said Yes

Joey’s POV

“Ohh one hand.” I say cracking an egg with one hand.

“Joey have good news.” Sawyer said grinning like an idiot.


“I’m thinking about getting another dog, a husky!”

“Are you serious,” my eyes bulging out of my eyes,” Sawyer, do it!!”

“I’m thinking about getting Hitch a little friend.” He said grinning.

“Do it! Hitchianya says yes!” Now I’m like little boy on christmas day seeing all the presents! I turn of my camera and ran to Sawyer hugging him very tight till he couldn’t breath.

“Ok Joey, I get your excited but…” I cut Sawyer of kissing him. “I’ll shut up now.”

“Sawyer are we ever going to tell anyone I mean we’ve been dating for 3 months, please!”

“Fine all because you begged.” Yes! Wait, what?

Sawyer’s POV

I can’t believe I agreed to that! I love this boy but telling people! The Shoey fans will hate me for “taking away” Joey from Shane. I mean if you’re a fan of Shane you’re like crazy. Those fans will come down on me as fast as Joey got sick.

“Actually Joey, lets…” He was filming apparently Joey thought our apartment was haunted. I’m going to Tyler’s, he’s the only one we’ve told. “Joey!” I yell he’s upstairs I think.

“Yes!” he yelled back.

“I’m going to Tyler’s we’re doing a collab together!”

“OK, don’t be out long! There are spirits ya know!”

“Whatever, there is no spirits!” Then I got in our car driving to Tyler’s house why did I say yes.

Joey’s POV

I can’t believe he said yes I mean I wasn’t fully sure but ok I’ll call dad first, later. I take out my camera and hide under my covers.

“Hello, there all you chickianyas. There are spirits in my house come under the covers, come on! OK we gotta be safe now.”

“Joey!” Sawyer yelled from downstairs.

“Yes!” I yelled back.

“I’m going to Tyler’s we’re doing a collab together!”

“OK, don’t be out long! There are spirits ya know!”

“Whatever, there is no spirits!” He said then he was off. How did I end up with him.


Who’s here, Sawyer didn’t say someone was coming over? I opened the door and there stood Shane. “Hey Shane, why are you here?” I ask.

“Well Joey,” he began,” I have a confession.”

“Ok…” I said sitting on the couch.

“Well, I broke up with Lisa…”

“Oh Shane what happened? Did she cheat on…” he cut me off.

“No Joey! I meant to break up with her, I fell in love with someone else.” he said blushing.

“Who?” I wonder who it… Wait he’s staring at me, NO!

“You” he said.

“But Shane…” then he kissed me. I can’t get free from his… Wait was that a door? Next thing I know I see Sawyer standing there crying running upstairs. I push away from Shane’s kiss and ran after Sawyer. “Sawyer, wait!!” I yelled.

Sawyer’s POV

How could he! I SHOULD NEVER HAD SAID YES!!!!!!!!

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