My Roommate (Jowyer)

Joey Graceffa and Sawyer Hartman have been dating for three months and are planning to tell everyone about them. But one video kiss could change their plans. Will they heal with the consequences following? Find out in "My Roommate". #Jowyer


13. Gay

Sawyer’s POV

“Why?” I had to ask that question towards Dayan I mean come on what parent wouldn’t ask that question after they find out their child cuts.


“Um…” Dayan said.


“Dayan, we need answers.”


Dayan sighed and began.


Dayan’s POV

I should have seen it coming.


“Well… It started when I started school. I was picked on about being blind and at that time I was still with my real parents. My dad got very drunk one night and got a knife and cut my arm saying I was worthless. That same night social services came and got me. They had asked me if my arm was hurting. I said no. That slice to my arm was very relieving. After that I picked on even worse because I had no family so I cut even more. I’ve been getting better but when James screamed of being scared of me I wanted to die. I wanted to die because of you guys.” I said.


“What did we do?” Joey asked.


“YOU’RE GAY!!!! I have no offence to it but I’m starting 6th Grade soon and having two dads will get me bullied.” I looked down. They’re probably disappointed in me because I don’t like the fact of them being gay.


Sawyer spoke up and said “How about we homeschool you?”


“Whaat?” I said just like Winter from A.N.T Farm. “Homeschool? I don’t know. You guys have work I don’t want you to quit one of your jobs just to teach me.”


They stared at each and busted out laughing. “What’s so funny?”


“Nothing, except we don’t work away from home.” Sawyer made this face that I couldn’t recognized. “Dayan me and Joey are YouTubers. I make short films on YouTube and Joey does vlogs.”


“What are vlogs?” I asked.


“Well vlogs are like a daily journal but they’re in a video a form, so technically I’m videoing my life.” Joey said.


“OK.” I said.


“Come on lets go home.” Sawyer said. He grabbed my hand and took me outside. When we left the hospital outside was so pretty. I wish I could have described it but I don’t know colors. Sawyer looked at me and guess saw my wanderous face.


“Are you amazed?” He asked me.


“YEAH! I wish I could describe the colors but I can’t…” I said looking down.


“Well that’s going to be the first thing you learn!” Joey said. That right there made me know that I was at the right family.


Joey’s POV

I CAN HEAR AGAIN!!!! We just got home and Dayan and James went upstairs. Wow, I’ve never thought I would have a wonderful fiance, two kids, and a wonderful house. I looked at Sawyer we were sitting on the couch watching tv.


“What?” He said looking at him. I grinned like an idiot and I kissed him passionately. I moved away from him grinning.


“Woah!” I busted out laughing. “What?”


I pointed down and he gawked at himself. “No Joseph. You can finally hear and Dayan can see but no. We have two kids and not all your bones are healed!” Sawyer said sternly.


“PLEEEAASSEE!!!!!!” I was begging and he can never say no.


“Fine, but try not to be loud. James and Dayan may walk on us like...that.” I turned around to see Dayan covering James’ ears.


“Seriously?’ Dayan said. “You guys have children around!” James ripped Dayan’s hands off his ears and ran upstairs. “Um, guys can I go outside and play with this boy across the street?”


Me and Sawyer looked at each other and back at Dayan. Dayan’s cheeks were turning red and he was pulling at his pants. Was Dayan gay?


“Sawyer can you leave while I talk to Dayan?” Sawyer nodded his head and left to play with James.


I looked at Dayan. “Dayan come here.” I said tapping the seat on the couch.


Dayan sat beside me. “I’m taking I’m in trouble for attempting suicide and I can’t go…”


“NO! Dayan, sweetie, do you like boys?” I asked.


He looked down. “I guess I’m not your dream son…”


“Dayan look at me. You are amazing even though I’ve only known you for a day you will not disappoint me. Do you really think I care? Dayan, have you not noticed that you have two dads and we’re gay.”


“But, Joey, can I go. My live life is horrible. I have gay fathers and I’m gay myself.” He was covering up the front of his pants. I removed his hands showing a large lump in his pants. His was bigger than me in the 6th grade! Dayan started to cry because I guess he was embarrassed.


“I can’t go outside! I have this going on! Dad, this, this is horrible! How am I supposed to make friends?!” Dayan was screaming his head off.


I was in shock because he just called me dad.




“First, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!! You just called me dad! Also, go and play with the boy. Since that lump won’t go away go into Sawyer’s closet and grab a sweatshirt and put it on. It is cold and the sweatshirt will cover it up.”


“Thanks!” Dayan ran off and there was a knock at the door.


“Hello?” I asked.


“Hello sir. I’m Marcus, I live across the street. I was coming over to see if Dayan was still coming outside.” Marcus said.


No wonder Dayan likes him, he’s sweet and polite. “Hey Marcus!’’ Dayan came down wearing Sawyer’s coat.


“Hey!” Marcus waved back. “Lets go!” Marcus walked across the yard to his house. Dayan was following Marcus when he stopped.


I rolled over to him. “You okay?”


Dayan turned around and hugged me. “Dad are you sure?” He said.

“Dayan, I’m with you being gay.”

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