My Roommate (Jowyer)

Joey Graceffa and Sawyer Hartman have been dating for three months and are planning to tell everyone about them. But one video kiss could change their plans. Will they heal with the consequences following? Find out in "My Roommate". #Jowyer


11. Dayan

Sawyer’s POV



“SAWYER!” Joey yelled, angrily. I looked down and Joey was on the ground. I had dropped him on the ground. ‘Sorry.’ I lipped. I lifted him up and sat him in his wheelchair. He gave me a glare because I dropped him on the ground. He rolled away from me to check out the house. I turned around to see the social worker I was keeping a secret from Joey about. When Joey was out of the room I ran to the social worker.


“What are you doing here?!” I asked loudly.


“I might as well say I’m here to say that we found the perfect child for you and Joey.” She whispered quietly.


“Why are you whispering?”


“Remember, you said not to let Joey know.”


“Ohhh, Joey got in a wreck so now he has an amputated leg and is deaf.”


“OK, then this placement will work perfectly!!”


“What do you mean?”


“Well, the kid I got you is blind. Oh, I've got to go! Bye! Also the little boy is in the room with the big bed, bye!” And she left.


“Well that was, WAIT WHAT?!” I ran to mine and Joey’s room to see a little boy asleep on the bed and Joey fuming.


Joey’s POV

OMG! This place was amazing until Sawyer dropped me after seeing the lady in our house. WHAT THE!!! Luckily James had my wheelchair right behind me. Sawyer put me in my chair and I rolled off. How could he drop did he… this is our room. I stopped right in front of our room. I opened the door and saw a little boy sleeping in OUR bed! SAWYER HAD A KID WITH THAT LADY!?!?!?!?!?!?!? HE LOOKS LIKE A COMBO OF THEM! I turn around to see Sawyer with the white board writing.


‘Be quiet he’s asleep.’


“NO DIP SHERLOCK!” I yelled. Suddenly the boy starts waking up.


The little boy lipped something but wouldn’t wake up then Sawyer said something as well.


“What?” I asked.


Sawyer rolled his eyes and wrote ‘I was going to surprise you with a kid and do this.’


Sawyer got down on one knee and he didn’t say anything, but I said “YES!!”


Sawyer POV

He said yes!!! HAPPY DANCE, HAPPY DANCE!!!


“Hello, anyone there? Don’t hurt me…” The little boy said. I forgot about him.


“Hi, my name is Sawyer I’m your new dad.” I said.


“Hi… Can I touch… nevermind.”


“It’s ok, go ahead I don’t mind. You’ll have to do it to two more people.” He reached up and I put his hands to my face. They were soft and gentle.


“PAPA!!!!!!” The little boy jumped back. I need to learn his name.


“Its ok, that’s just my other son, he’s two. What’s your name anyways?”


“My name… is Dayan.”


“Well hi Dayan. I’m your papa.”


“Can I call you daddy so I can call my new mom Mommy. It’ll rhyme.”


“Well… Dayan, I’m gay. I don’t have a girlfriend but I have a boyfriend, we’re engaged now. He is deaf and missing a leg, okay? Now I have to go tend the other child, James, so you can stay in here with Joey, bye!” I walked away from Dayan and saw Joey falling asleep in his chair so I laid him in the bed with Dayan and walked away.


Dayan’s POV

I listened to Sawyer walk out the room. I have two dads now. I bet when I start school I’ll get picked on even worse. I felt something get laid beside me, it was a man. I was telling him to wake up but he didn’t budge. I shook him harder and he rolled over, then screamed.


“Its ok, my names Dayan, what’s yours?” I asked. He stayed silent, I guess he hates me. I started crying.


“JOEY!” Sawyer yelled he didn’t even see me. “What happened?”


Joey said “I don’t know I was sleeping and something shook me and there was a CHILD! I screamed and fell of the bed.”


Sawyer didn’t say anything, but I heard an expo marker writing away.


“Ohhh.” Joey said. “Hi, my name is Joey I’m your other dad, Dayan. Sorry I freaked you out and made you cry. I’m deaf so I can’t hear you.”


‘Ok’ I did in sign language so he would understand me.


“And I don’t know sign language. I’m guessing your... blind am I correct?”


I waved my hands rapidly since I was trying to communicate with him.


“Sorry again, I don’t know…” Joey got cut off by a phone ringing. Sawyer answered and screamed.


“WHAT HAPPEN?!” I said.


“Joey is going to the hospital to get his hearing aids!” Sawyer said I heard an expo marker writing again.


“SERIOUSLY?!” Joey yelled.


“Come on Dayan, we have to go to the hospital!” Sawyer raced out of the room with Joey yelling, “Dayan grab James, lets go!!!!”


I can’t see so I set out to find a little boy. “James?” I asked.


“I’m in front of you! Daddy and papa said you probably got lost so I came to find you!” James said. “C’mon lets go!”


I put my hands on his shoulders so he could lead me (and maybe his face to imagine what he looked like). I felt his eyes staring at me. “AHHHH!!!!!” He screamed. James took off away from me. I slumped to the ground crying. I hate being blind, I hate it!


Sawyer’s POV

We are outside waiting for James and Dayan. James comes running out crying, but where’s Dayan?


“James, where is Dayan?” I asked. James didn’t look up. I ran inside to get Dayan. I found him but with a knife bloody in his hands and his body surrounded by his blood.


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