My Roommate (Jowyer)

Joey Graceffa and Sawyer Hartman have been dating for three months and are planning to tell everyone about them. But one video kiss could change their plans. Will they heal with the consequences following? Find out in "My Roommate". #Jowyer


14. Dad and Papa

Dayan’s POV

“MARCUS AHH!!!!” Marcus had snuck up behind me and scared me.


“Boys! Come in for a snack!” Marcus’ mom yelled from the house.


“Race ya there!!!” And Marcus took off. Marcus was way ahead and surprisingly I beat him. “Dang it! You can go to the bathroom and wash your hands first.”


I walked upstairs to wash my hands. While I was in the bathroom I heard a door open and I heard a mom. I walked downstairs to see another women. Marcus must have noticed me because he looked down ashamed.


“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you Dayan. I have no friends all because I have two moms. I saw you with your dad so I kept quiet about my moms and made sure I could make one friend. You can leave if you want.”


“NO! Marcus you saw one of my dads. I have two dads and I’m adopted. I did cut myself, but no longer because I almost died of it. I also was blind, now I’m not. I understand bullying so trust me.” I said.


“Well then, I’m Nancy, Marcus’ biological mom. This right here is Marie, Marcus’ other mom.” Nancy said.


“Marcus, sweetie, is this the boy you like? He’s cute.”  Marie said.


I gawked at Marcus. HE WAS GAY?! This was a dream come true!


“I’ve told so m-many lies today. You probably really hate me now!” Marcus was sobbing into his mother's arm.


“Um Marcus. I don’t hate you. I like you as well.” Marcus looked at me funny. “I’m gay.” Marcus’ eyes light up like a Christmas tree. He ran from his mom’s arms and hugged me tight.


“Dayan?” Nancy said. “You dad’s want you home.”


“Alright. Bye Mrs. and Mrs. Gordon-Small. Bye Marcus see you tomorrow?” I asked.


“I can’t Dayan. We have school tomorrow. So see you at school?”


My face fell. “Marcus, I’m home schooled.” Marcus face made my heart break. I said my final goodbyes and walked across the street to my house. I entered the house to see Joey and Sawyer fighting over something. James came running to me to give me a hug.


“What’s going on?” Soon as I finished the sentence they snapped their heads back and stared at me and then back at themselves.


Sawyer spoke up. “We got a call from the Gordon-Small’s. Their son is devastated about him going to school and you being homeschool.”


Joey cut him off saying. “As short Sawyer wants you to be homeschooled hugely because HE thinks that if you go you’ll get a boyfriend and you’ll spend more time with him instead of with us. While I say that you choose. If choose being homeschooled I will ask The Gordon-Small’s if we could teach him aswell.”


My eyes widened and my smile grew big and I an to Joey and hugged him as easy, but as happy as I can.




“Alright, alright! I‘m calling now.”


Joey’s POV



“Hello? Nancy?”

“Oh, hello Joey. No Marcus it’s not Dayan. Sorry ‘bout that, he’s been giddy this whole time. Anyways what do you need?”

“Well, as you know that me and Sawyer are going to homeschool Dayan. Since Marcus and him are like inseparable I was going to make you a promise. How about Marcus can come over during the week and we can teach him. I mean if that’s ok with you?”

“Hold on one second. Marcus mr. Graceffa-Hartman has asked if you want to be homeschooled with Dayan. *A high pitch squeal* That’s fine Joey. What time do you want me to drop him off?”

“When evers good with you. I go to sleep late and wake up early.”

“OK, so when Sawyer leaves for work?”

“Actually, you know what type our names in google. You’ll find where we work.”

“OK, bye!”

“Bye, also its I’m just a Graceffa. We’re going to get married, but not for a long time.”



I hung up and looked at Dayan.


“Soooo?” Dayan and Sawyer said at the same time.


“They said yes!” I cheered.


“Yay!” Dayan ran and hugged me. Sawyer looked angry with that.


“Sawyer, you okay?” I asked.


“NO, NO I’M NOT!!! Joey you’re going to teach Marcus as well? How are you going to vlog and do collabs?” Sawyer panicked.


“Sawyer I’m on break until I get my leg.”


“Still, my son can’t go to a two person school with his crush! It just means he’s going to get a boyfriend!”


“Sawyer are you that mad? Dad doesn’t have to do…” Dayan got cut off by Sawyer.




“Sawyer no…” Please tell me he’s kidding.


“JOEY SHUT UP!! DAYAN OUT, I DON’T WANT TO SEE YOUR FACE AGAIN! GO RUN TO YOUR LITTLE BOYFRIEND!” Sawyer stopped yelling. “OMG I’m soo sorry. Dayan please don’t leave. I’m not thinking straight.”




“No Joey, my grandma died. Actually my dad died and my mom’s in a coma. I’ve been stressed over that and us. Two kids is hard and a house, plus medical bills, I’ve been on edge. Accept he’s gay and he likes Marcus it’s just that… We just got Dayan and you may already have a boyfriend.” Sawyer looked down ashamed.


I looked at Dayan and he looked at me. I rolled of to play with James while Sawyer and Dayan talk.


Sawyer’s POV

I’m horrible! I yelled at my son and my fiance.


“Sawyer? It’s ok we forgive you.” I looked up but not far up Dayan’s short actually. I smiled at that comment. “I love you papa.”

Dayan said it papa and dad to Joey AND I! Dad and papa.

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