My Roommate (Jowyer)

Joey Graceffa and Sawyer Hartman have been dating for three months and are planning to tell everyone about them. But one video kiss could change their plans. Will they heal with the consequences following? Find out in "My Roommate". #Jowyer


3. Coming Out

Sawyer’s POV

I wake up feeling a little cold. I look to my right and Joey was gone. I walk down stairs to see if Joey is cooking but he’s not there. “Joey?” Where is he? I walk past Joey’s room and here light snoring. I don’t get why we have separate rooms I mean we sleep in the same bed every night and we were already dating before he moved in. Oh well. I don’t want to wake him he looks gorgeous with his morning hair. So I snuck downstairs and made Joey and me breakfast. Two eggs for Joeyanya (man he’s rubbing off on me). His green smoothie and his egg omelet is done. I put it on a tray and carrying it upstairs to Joey.

“ Joey wake up, I got you breakfast.” I say quietly.

“Hmmm? Eggianyas?” He said.

“Yes, eggianyas.” I said smiling like an idiot.

“Am I going to die?”

“No! Do you not trust me?!”

“I do, but last time it wasn’t that well.”

“Well sorry for trying! I guess you don’t want any!” I say walking away.

“NO!!! Hand me those eggs and smoothie! I’m hungry.” He said panicking.



WHO IS HERE THIS EARLY!? I walked down stairs to see my mom and dad.

“MOM, DAD what are you doing here?!” OK Joey is about to come down stairs and do what he does every morning. He comes down stairs kisses me saying ‘Morning baby’, then cooks me breakfast then we cuddle on the couch watching TV before getting ready for the day.

“Well, we came to visit because, TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY! We said we were coming to L.A. to celebrate for a week!” My mom said.

“Ohh…” How could I forget my own birthday. Wait, Joey plus my birthday and I said yes yesterday, uh oh. They’re going to find out, shit.

“Sawyer! Where are… oh.” Joey came downstairs shirtless and was getting an ice pack for his butt.

“Look who showed up Joey, my parents!” I said through my teeth.

“Hi mrs. and mr. Hartman, I’m Sawyer’s roommate Joey.” Man I feel a blush coming on soon as he said that, he is so sweet!

“Sawyer,” my mom said,” Joey just asked where the ice packs are and why are you blushing?”

“Umm, Joey the ice packs are in the freezer and what are you talking about mom?” OK I think she’s catching on.

“Where are we going to sleep son?” My dad asked. I looked at Joey and back at them. Even though me and Joey share a room he still has the the guest room as his own.

“Umm, you can sleep in…?”

“You can sleep in my room. I’ll sleep on the couch. Joey is so generous.

“OK we’ll go put our stuff up then we’ll be right back down.” My dad said. As they were upstairs it was only me and Joey.

Joey’s POV

“Since it’s just me and you I can talk to you and do my morning routine.” Man I just wanted to kiss him now.

“I’m scared Joey I mean…” I cut him off.

“Sawyer first my butt hurts from last night and I want to do this.” And I kissed him like full on tongue on tongue.


“Dad! Umm, its not what you think.” Sawyer said.

“We aren’t mad we just want to know what’s going on.” His mom said. His dad looked a little pissed though. We sit down on the couch to talk.

“Mom, dad,” Sawyer started,” I’m gay. Joey has been my boyfriend for over three months now and yeah.”

“That explains why Joey’s butt hurt.” Mr. Hartman said. I started blushing like a maniac.

“Dad you aren’t mad?” Sawyer said.

“No just glad you came out.” I grinned extremely big and I kissed Sawyer and I heard a camera. Coming out wasn’t that hard wait till we tell the viewers. We named today coming out.

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