Are You The One For Me?

Callista's been waiting too long for her Prince Charming to arrive. So long she's beginning to think he really doesn't exist after all - or well, not for her, at least. So, she gives up. Years of endless bullying and family problems at home make it worse. With only one best friend - who's not always very loyal - to lean on, Callista decides to stop daydreaming about her fairy tale life once and for all and just focus on the real world.

Everything changes when Eric, arrives in town. He takes an immediate liking to Callista, though she's not very sure what she thinks of him. Eric decides he wants to be friends with Callista and doesn't care what anyone thinks about that.

Callista's a bit hesitant to that, but she soon agrees - even if it means having to rekindle with Eric's new best friend and her old crush, Dylan; even if it means breaking away from her best friend, Niya; and even if it changes her.

And especially if it makes her believe that she's finally and truly found The One.


1. Are You The One For Me? (Prologue)


Part I:

"Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control." ~ Teresa Conroy


They say God's made someone for everyone in this world. Some you meet earlier in your lifetime, others make you wait years and years. But, you're always going to get that person. The catch? You just have no idea who that person is. The One.

They all look the same. Sound the same. Are the same. Kind eyes, gentle faces, sweet sugarcoated words.

People can get confused. End up with the wrong One. Get their hearts broken. But, there's no stopping it. We were made to be like that. And it's the same for my case.

Which is why you see me now, sitting here all alone in the rain and crying my eyes out. I am like those people; I fell for the wrong One and it nearly cost me my whole life.

A/N: OK so have you guys ever watched this movie on Disney Channel called 'The Emperor's New Groove'? Well, the movie basically starts out with a guy who transformed into a llama and he's just sitting all alone in the rain.

And so he begins telling you how it all started, how he got turned into a llama and all.

So, that's basically what I'm going to be doing. I'm starting at the present, then moving back towards the past and then after that's done, we move into the future and what's happened after the rain scene.

Cool? K. =D

Happy reading! =)

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