Are You The One For Me?

Callista's been waiting too long for her Prince Charming to arrive. So long she's beginning to think he really doesn't exist after all - or well, not for her, at least. So, she gives up. Years of endless bullying and family problems at home make it worse. With only one best friend - who's not always very loyal - to lean on, Callista decides to stop daydreaming about her fairy tale life once and for all and just focus on the real world.

Everything changes when Eric, arrives in town. He takes an immediate liking to Callista, though she's not very sure what she thinks of him. Eric decides he wants to be friends with Callista and doesn't care what anyone thinks about that.

Callista's a bit hesitant to that, but she soon agrees - even if it means having to rekindle with Eric's new best friend and her old crush, Dylan; even if it means breaking away from her best friend, Niya; and even if it changes her.

And especially if it makes her believe that she's finally and truly found The One.


4. Are You The One For Me? (3)



There was finally a new kid added to the class and it was a guy, too! There were just way too many girls overflowing the girls, and some didn't even deserve to be in the class.

Anyway, the new guy's name was Eric and he had moved from Texas with some pretty awesome grades.

We had a lot of the same interests and hobbies, well, all except for one. Let's just say that his interests in girls was a little...crazy, I guessed, at the time.


"What are you looking at?" I asked Eric during lunch when I noticed him staring off into the corner for a long time.

"That girl." he looked back at me briefly before turning his gaze back to a table a few feet away from us. "Who is she? What's her name?" he asked me.

I looked towards the table. The only persons sitting there was one girl. Callista Ashley Brown - cue eye roll.

"Oh. Her." I couldn't help making a face.

"Do you know her?" Eric turned his attention back towards me then.

"Yeah." I answered nonchalantly.

Everyone at Clovesroad Middle School knew each other, because more or less, we all came from the same elementary school that was just a few stops away.

"How?" Eric asked impatiently.

"She used to be in my fifth grade class. She's pretty quiet, doesn't talk much, you must know the type." I summarized. There was a lot more to Callista, but he didn't need to about all that...just yet.

"Yeah," Eric's gaze returned back to Callista and I could feel myself starting to grow annoyed. He was supposed to be having lunch with me, not star-gazing. "Hey, do you know if she has a boyfriend or anything?" Eric asked all of a sudden, catching me off guard.

I so did not expect that. I figured maybe he was interested in her because she was sitting all alone, but all these questions was starting to prove me wrong. I tried not to look baffled by that and produced a snort.

"Ah, nah, I don't think so."

"Good." I swore I heard Eric say.

This was getting serious. I leaned forward and looked him straight in the eye.

"Why are you asking anyway?" I was curious to know.

"She's pretty, is all," he answered. "Wonder why she's not taken."

Eric's face bloomed up all of a sudden and out of the corner of my eye I noticed Callista looking our way.

"You seriously like her?" I made another weird face. This was getting too crazy for me to keep up with.

"Yep! I'm gonna go talk to her!" Eric actually slid out of the table and was about to head Callista's way.

I couldn't believe he was doing this!

"Good luck getting her to talk!" I told Eric as a last resort, but he didn't stop.

I sighed and just watched as he walked over to Callista. I couldn't see much because he was standing in the way - but I did notice Niya Roux coming over at one point - or hear anything because it was too loud in the cafeteria, but when he returned there was too big of a smile on his face not to tell me what had happened.

Still, I was curious as to what had happened, so I asked, "So, did she say anything?"

"Yeah. She sure did." Eric answered, grinning like a fool.

He took his time answering and I couldn't help getting impatient.

"So, what'd she say?"

"Oh, nothing really. She just agreed to be my new friend and show me around the school and stuff like that." he bragged.

"Are you sure Niya didn't say all that?" I joked.

The smile on Eric's face slid away and I knew I should've just stopped already.

"Well, she said a lot of stuff too, but it's not important what Niya said or what you're saying right now, Mr. Grumpy Pants," he told me. "What's important is that Callista likes me and I like her. So, there."

"Well, I'm sorry to be such a 'Mr. Grumpy Pants'," I resisted the urge to chuckle at 'Mr. Grumpy Pants', but only because Eric was in such a serious mood all of a sudden, "It's just that I haven't heard the best things from her, is all."

"Ah, bup bup bup," He held a hang up to my face. "I like Callista and she likes me. End of discussion. Either you support me in winning her heart or you can just back off and stop trying to change my mind, 'cause it's not happenin'."

It was a tough choice. But, I knew what the right to do was.

I sighed and said, "Yeah, fine, I'm sorry."

"So, you'll help me?"

I nodded. "Yeah, alright, I will."

"Cool. Thanks, man." and just like that, Eric was back to smiling like a love.

But, just because I was helping Eric didn't mean I liked Callista any better.

It was just so stupid that out of all the other girls that were in the lunchroom, heck out of all the girls that were in our class, he had to go and choose the weirdest one out of all of them? What? What was up with that?

OK, maybe I was a little weird-ed out, because the girl he just happened to pick the girl that has had a crush on me since the fifth grade. I didn't like her. At all. It wasn't just because she wasn't as pretty as most girls ought to have been. It was because she was just so annoying, is all.

She acted as if we were friends or shared something special. Just because I talked to her once doesn't mean I was automatically into her. Plus, she sent me "secret" notes about her feelings which had gone from 'I really like you, but I don't expect anything from you' to 'I hate your guts and you're such a jerk' in only two years.

Crazy much? Definitely.

But Eric seemed to have really liked her and I could respect that. It was his choice with who he wanted to be with, and if that person was Callista, and if she ended up liking him back, then well, I was happy for my new friend.

What else was there for me to do but support him the rest of the way? But, there was just still something that kept nagging at me in the back of my head. I had this feeling like something wasn't right. But, I chose to ignore it.

Maybe if I had listened to it sooner, this whole mess wouldn't have ever started.

A/N: OK so this is where the real story starts. Well, actually the next ch. is, but you know what I mean. Um, well, you've just read three different POV's from Callista, Eric, and Dylan, respectively and basically, each character had a different thing or thought to say about this one situation that they all went through.

Callista's surprised because what just happened hasn't ever happened with her. Eric's psyched, because he finally found the girl he was looking for. And Dylan, he's just kind of pissed that his new friend was paying more attention to a girl he didn't even know or like very much instead of him.

There isn't a Niya's POV, because she isn't really one of the main characters, she's just friend's with one, but she does appear in the story a lot, as well as contribute to a lot of the chapters. There's also a point when she plays a BIG part in the whole story and it's what ties everything down right to the ending...well, of the past, anyway.

Ooh, and as you can see, Dylan's POV ends in a kind of ominous way whereas both Callista & Eric's ended on a happy note. Well, there's a reason for that. Obviously you're not gonna find out till a bit later, but yeaaaa, taunting you is fun. =D

In these three chapters, but one event, those three characters have all found Their One. Care to make any guesses? Go right ahead. I'd love to hear your responses.

I really hope you guys enjoyed the following chapters so far, since I'm trying my hardest to make it the best I can in the small amounts of time I get. Tomorrow I have no school - election day, whoo hoo! - so I'll try to get another chapter in.

Keep a look out, lovelies! Wuv youz! =P

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