Are You The One For Me?

Callista's been waiting too long for her Prince Charming to arrive. So long she's beginning to think he really doesn't exist after all - or well, not for her, at least. So, she gives up. Years of endless bullying and family problems at home make it worse. With only one best friend - who's not always very loyal - to lean on, Callista decides to stop daydreaming about her fairy tale life once and for all and just focus on the real world.

Everything changes when Eric, arrives in town. He takes an immediate liking to Callista, though she's not very sure what she thinks of him. Eric decides he wants to be friends with Callista and doesn't care what anyone thinks about that.

Callista's a bit hesitant to that, but she soon agrees - even if it means having to rekindle with Eric's new best friend and her old crush, Dylan; even if it means breaking away from her best friend, Niya; and even if it changes her.

And especially if it makes her believe that she's finally and truly found The One.


3. Are You The One For Me? (2)



When I first moved into town, I figured the school would be crawling with cute girls, but there wasn't a single one that had been able to catch my eye as of yet. The school was big, yeah, but there just wasn't anything too special about it; there wasn't anything here that that I hadn't seen back at my old school.

I was quick to make friends though, which wasn't surprising, since I had been placed in the biggest class in the whole school. The eight grade honor's class. I knew I was smart, but who knew I was smart enough to actually be placed in an honor's class? I sure didn't.

But, anyway, I wasn't too focused on that. What I really was, was on the girls in my class. There weren't just smart, they were pretty too, but their beauty got in the way of their true personalities. They were all so snooty and thought too high of themselves. None of them was good enough to pique my interest.

I was asking some of my new friends - Dylan, Sam, and Dave - about the girls in the other classes during lunch, when I finally found her; the one I was looking for.


My eyes landed on her while I was surveying the lunch room. She sat alone and she wasn't eating either. She wore a black t-shirt with gray skinny jeans and a pair of red converses. Dylan was the only one who had noticed me staring at her.

"What are you looking at?" he asked.

"That girl," I nodded my head towards her. "Who is she? What's her name?"

Dylan followed my eyes and I noticed a weird look cross her face.

"Oh, her." he sounded disgusted as he acknowledged her.

"Do you know her?" I asked him hopefully.

"Yeah." Dylan scowled and I wondered what could be so bad about the girl that Dylan had to react this way towards her.

When Dylan didn't clarify his answer, I asked, "How?"

"She used to be in my fifth grade class. She's pretty quiet, doesn't talk much, you must know the type." he answered nonchalantly.

"Yeah," I replied absentmindedly. There were so many other questions flying around through my head, but one stood out from all the rest. "Hey, do you know if she has a boyfriend or anything?"

Dylan made a sound mixed between a laugh and a scoff. I resisted the urge to glare at him.

"Ah, nah. I don't think so."

"Good." I murmured under my breathe.

Dylan crossed his arms over his chest and leaned in forward.

"Why are you asking anyway?"

"She's pretty, is all," I muttered. "Wonder why she's not taken."

When I looked back over at the girl, I found her looking towards me. She must've noticed my eyes on her for a while.

"You seriously like her?" Dylan asked then with a surprised look on his face.

I watched as the girl quickly looked away.

I nodded. "Yep. I'm gonna go talk to her!"

I pushed myself up from the table before I could change my mind or Dylan could make anymore faces or comments about her.

"Good luck getting her to talk." I heard Dylan say before I walked away from him.

We were only a few feet away from each other; my table was on the left of hers. I swear, the closer I got, the prettier she seemed to get.

Her head was down and she was playing with her hands by the time I got up next to her.

"Hi." I greeted her.

She turned around with a wide smile - that literally took my breath away - on her face, but it didn't stick around for too long. It started melting away and there wasn't anything that I could say to make it stay. I was frozen and she seemed to be too. Her mouth was open and her eyes wide. There was a hint of fear in her eyes and I wondered what was wrong.

"Hey!" I heard a bubbly voice break through. I broke my eyes away from the girl and looked up at the new girl that had popped up in front of us. "You're the new guy, right?" I didn't leave my eyes on her for too long; I could already tell what kind of girl she was - attention seeker.

"Yeah. Name's Eric. What's yours?" I was actually looking at the girl while I talked, but it was attention seeking one that answered instead.

"Well, I'm Niya and this is Callista."

"Callista," so that was her name. What a beautiful name for such a beautiful girl. "Nice name." was all I could manage out though.

I swear I saw a tint of red appear on Callista's face. I could've stared at that pretty face of hers all day long, if given the chance.

Well, I could've if that Niya chick stopped talking so much. "So, where did you move from?" she asked this time.

"Oh, uh, Texas." as I answered, I allowed myself a brief glance over at Niya. She was just as I had expected her to be; a carbon copy of the girls in my class and tons of other girls I've seen before. Pretty, over confident, and mouthy.

"That's cool!" Oh, and I almost forgot - she's loud, too.

I turned my stare back down to Callista. She looked so small compared to the giant shadow of a friend that she had. She averted my eyes though and I wondered why.

I remembered the reason as to why I had come over here in the first place and focused on that as I worked to form the right words in my head and transfer them down into my mouth.

"So, um, can I ask you guys for a small favor?" I decided to add Niya into it as well since it would make it seem more friendly that way.

"Of course! Anything!" Niya immediately answered - which I expected. But, I still wanted to know how Callista felt, so I peered down at her with a shy smile.

"Sure." she whispered and nodded her head.

"Great!" a smile exploded on my face, but nervousness was quick to overpower me once again. "Um, I was wondering, since I'm new and all, that you..." I was suddenly getting lost in that beautiful face of Callista's. I quickly cleared my throat and forced the words out though. "You guys would like to be my friends. You know to like fill me in about the school and the people and stuff like that."

"Yeah, that'd be good with us." Niya once again answered for the both of them, but instead of practically yelling it out this time she said it in a sort of bored way, like she was getting tired of the conversation and fast. I knew that if I lost Niya though, I'd lose Callista too and I didn't want that happening.

"Hey, Ni, looks like Grant's calling you. You should go see what he wants." Callista spoke up all of a sudden.

I looked over my shoulder and spotted a tall guy waving at us. When Niya turned around and acknowledged him, he grinned and waved her over.

"Okay! I'll be right back." She ran off leaving me alone with Callista.

Before she could fall silent again, I pushed a hand out towards her.

"So, what do you say? Friends?"

"Um, okay." Callista seemed a bit hesitant, but nevertheless, she stuck her own hand out and accepted mine.

"Awesome." I breathed.

Even though we were done shaking hands, I still held onto hers.

"Yeah." Callista smiled back shyly.

"Kay," I could feel my palms starting to sweat. "So, I'll see you later then?"

"Yeah. Sure."


I dropped Callista's hand and with one last small but wide grin, I backed away and turned back towards my table.

I couldn't drop the grin on my face even when I was back with Dylan.

"So, did she say anything?" Dylan asked me.

"Yeah," I smiled stupidly. "She sure did."

"So, what'd she say?"

"Oh, nothing really," I told him. "She just agreed to be my new friend and show me around the school and stuff like that."

"Are you sure Niya didn't say all that?" Dylan challenged.

I felt my smile starting to drip away. "Well, she said a lot of stuff too, but it's not important what Niya said or what you're saying right now, Mr. Grumpy Pants. What's important is that Callista likes me and I like her. So, there."

"Well, I'm sorry to be such a 'Mr. Grumpy Pants'," Dylan mocked back. "It's just that I haven't heard the best things from her, is all."

"Ah, bup bup bup," I shushed him. "I like Callista and she likes me. End of discussion. Either you support me in winning her heart or you can just back off and stop trying to change my mind, 'cause it's not happenin'."

Dylan sighed deeply. "Yeah, fine, I'm sorry."

"So, you'll help me?" I asked hopefully.

Dylan nodded. "Yeah, alright, I will."

"Cool. Thanks, man." I was back to smiling again.

I glanced back over at Callista. She was with Niya again, but I could see her peering back at me as well.

That was a good sign. It had to be.

A/N: Hey so, next ch.'s in Dylan's POV & about what he thinks of all this.

Really hope you're enjoying this so far and keep a look out for more, won't ya? =)

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