Are You The One For Me?

Callista's been waiting too long for her Prince Charming to arrive. So long she's beginning to think he really doesn't exist after all - or well, not for her, at least. So, she gives up. Years of endless bullying and family problems at home make it worse. With only one best friend - who's not always very loyal - to lean on, Callista decides to stop daydreaming about her fairy tale life once and for all and just focus on the real world.

Everything changes when Eric, arrives in town. He takes an immediate liking to Callista, though she's not very sure what she thinks of him. Eric decides he wants to be friends with Callista and doesn't care what anyone thinks about that.

Callista's a bit hesitant to that, but she soon agrees - even if it means having to rekindle with Eric's new best friend and her old crush, Dylan; even if it means breaking away from her best friend, Niya; and even if it changes her.

And especially if it makes her believe that she's finally and truly found The One.


2. Are You The One For Me? (1)



I guess I should start all the way in the beginning, because the bad stuff didn't start until a lot later. Well, things were pretty bad in the beginning too, but definitely not as bad as it got to be later on.

Well, first of all, my name was Callista Ashley Brown. It had sort of a nice ring to it and wasn't a very common name either. Using just my first name, you could come up with over five different names.

I was thirteen years old and in the eighth grade, but people said I was pretty mature for my age. By people I meant adults, since not a lot of people my own age actually talked to me much, so they wouldn't really know.

I was not a girl that was ever very well liked. There was always something or the other wrong with me every year that drove everyone away from me.

I had long black hair with no waves, curls, highlights, or extensions. It was plainly and simply just long and black. My eyes were small and a dark brown, but they were hidden behind my narrow glasses. My body was a bit bigger than average and far from the type of body I wanted. Every day I tried though to cut down on my weight and reach my goal, and every day I failed. But, I was getting there; I just knew it!

I was pretty smart in most of my classes and I was very well liked by the teachers and principle. I had good enough parents who cared and were still together after years and years of arguing and hating each other. I lived in a decent house and was considered middle class. I had everything I needed to live a normal, close to happy, free life, but there was always something missing.

For me, it was The One.

The One, as I’ve described to my only best friend, Niya, countless times before, was the person – or the guy in our cases – that just happened to be the number one perfect guy for you. He didn’t have to be the perfect guy in general, but to you at least. He didn’t necessarily have to be the handsomest guy or the smartest, as long as he made you happy and smile every day, he was The One.

I’ve been waiting for My One to show up since my Disney princess days; it seems he’d hit a few obstacles along the way though, ‘cause he sure was taking his sweet time.

He took so long to get to me, I had just about given up on him and when he finally did show up, I just refused to believe that he seriously was The One for me.


It was on a perfectly normal day and during lunch. I was sitting with Niya and just talking about the English test we were taking today. I had just finished mine last period and was going over some of my answers with Niya, even though I wasn’t supposed to. But, she was my best friend and as easy as the class was, Niya needed all the help she could get.

I used the excuse of helping Niya out as a way of avoiding getting up to get lunch. I hated the school food; it tasted so gross. But, that was just the lie that I told everyone that asked why I didn’t eat it.

After Niya finished writing down all that she needed to know for the test on a small slip of paper, she slid out of her seat across from me and headed towards the line. Niya had a small frame and pretty features. She was pretty popular and well-liked by the guys in our class.

Niya also thought the school food was disgusting, but the only reason she got it was for Grant. He was bi-sexual and had to pay for his school lunch. Niya felt bad for him, so she got him lunch every day since she got it for free.

In Grant’s words, Niya was described as a beauty-queen princess with her short and silky black hair, hazel eyes. Her best feature was her small and round face with a pair of rosy pink cheeks. I was described as the ugly duckling that hadn’t as of yet found her calling and was searching for it through Niya.

Niya punched him in the gut for that and from that day on, all Grant’s given me was a tight lipped smile and a short wave.

That was one of the benefits of being friends with Niya Mancini.

All the guys were so crazy about her, but all she did was roll her eyes and walk away from them. She just hadn’t found the Right One for her yet. I always wondered what would happen when she did.

Would Niya leave me for him? Would she start changing her appearance, her attitude, her personality for him? I always asked myself. Or would she remain the same and treat him no differently than the way she treats all guys now?

There were so many different outcomes of Niya actually finding the right guy for her, but since it hadn’t happened yet, I had no way of knowing what the actual outcome would be.

For some reason, while I waited for Niya’s return, I felt as though someone were watching me. I looked around the cafeteria and involuntarily, my eyes landed on the one person I’ve been trying my hardest avoid this year. My old crush, Dylan. I’ve liked him since he was in my class in fifth grade. He was pretty nice to me back then, but as soon as he found out about my feelings last year, he’s acted as if I was a full on plague or something.

The only reason I didn’t like him anymore was due to Niya egging me about it. She knew he was a jerk and she knew I shouldn’t anticipate for him to return the same feelings anytime soon. So, little by little, I forced myself to let go of the crush and just forget about Dylan as a whole. Which was why that year, just seeing his face made me feel pissed off.

I was just about to turn my gaze away before he could look up and notice me when I found the person who was watching for me so long. He was an unfamiliar face and he was actually talking to Dylan himself.

I looked over my shoulder and behind me; surely, he couldn’t have been looking at me, could he? But, when I looked back over at Dylan’s table which only a few feet away from mine, the guy was no longer there.

I shook my head. I was just hallucinating from the lack of food I had all day. Little dinner, plus no breakfast and now no lunch did that to me sometimes.

I looked back towards the back of the cafeteria where Niya stood, chatting with Grant. She gave me a pretty smile and a wave and mouthed, one minute to me. I nodded and turned back around.

For a few seconds, I just fiddled with my hands and twiddled my thumbs. When I felt a small tap on my shoulder, I broke out in a broad smile and turned around quickly to greet Niya’s return. But, it wasn’t her that was behind me.

I blinked a few times and the smile on my face started to wilt away when I saw the guy from before.

“Hey.” He said.

All I could do was just gape at him. Now that he was this close to me, he looked very much real and now that I was hearing his voice and knew that he wasn’t an hallucination at all, I had even less of an idea of how to respond back to him.

"Hey," I heard the familiar voice of my best friend pop up then. I couldn't have been happier, but I had trouble expressing it. "You're the new guy, right?"

The guy kept his eyes on me when he answered, "Yeah. Name's Eric. What's yours?"

"Well, I'm Niya and this Callista." Niya introduced herself with her infamous sparkly teeth smile and me with a small nod towards me.

"Callista," Eric breathed. "Nice name."

His grin not only made me blush bright red, but sent a shudder down my spine as well. It felt nice to hear a compliment and especially since it was coming from a guy, and one that I didn't even know.

"So, where did you move from?" Niya cut in.

"Oh, uh, Texas." Eric finally turned his eyes over to Niya. What surprised me the most was not that he hadn't looked over sooner, but the fact that his eyes didn't stay on her longer than a minute.

That never happened. I knew I wasn't the only one who could tell; Niya noticed it too and from the looks on her face, she wasn't very happy. It didn't matter that all the guys at school were only worth a short smile and an eye-roll; as long as they kept feeding Niya the attention she's been getting since she was in kindergarten, she was happy.

"That's cool." Niya gushed loudly, probably hoping his eyes would look over to her again.

Strangely, they were stuck on me though. I wasn't too used to guys actually looking at me longer than Niya, so it made me feel rather uncomfortable.

"So, um, can I ask you guys for a small favor?" Eric asked then.

"Of course! Anything!" Niya was talking especially loud. I resisted the urge to nudge her, because I knew Eric would notice and that would cause Niya to get royally pissed off and I didn't want that from her.

"Sure." I answered quietly, nodding my head.

"Great," Eric's grinned again. "Um, I was wondering, since I'm new and all, that you..." He trailed off for a few seconds, but then quickly cleared his throat and spoke up again. "You guys would like to be my friends. You know to like fill me in about the school and the people and stuff like that."

"Yeah, that'd be good with us." Niya answered, but I could tell her attention was beginning to drift away. I saw her eyes trailing after Grant, he was trying to get her attention for something and I knew she was itching to go over, but she didn't want to leave me.

"Hey, Ni, looks like Grant's calling you. You should go see what he wants." I told her with a grin.

Niya's eyes immediately lit up. "Okay! I'll be right back."

With a sweet smile, she sprinted off towards the back tables.

"So, what do you say?" I turned back towards Eric. "Friends?" he stuck his hand out.

I couldn't believe this was happening. I mean, I've been friends with other guys before, but never any that were this attractive and actually my own age. I was mostly friends with the neighborhood kids that I sometimes baby-sat or tutored.

"Um, okay." I agreed and stuck my hand out for him to shake.

"Awesome." He stopped shaking my hand, but he held onto it still.

"Yeah." I couldn't help smiling shyly.

"Kay, so I'll see you later then?"

"Yeah, sure." I nodded.

"Cool." Eric dropped my hand and with one last sheepish grin, he turned and headed back towards his table.

Once he was gone from my line of view, I noticed Dylan's eyes watching me this time. His eyebrows were scrunched together and he seemed to be lost in thought about something.

"Hey!" I suddenly jumped and looked up to see a bouncing bubbly Niya.

"Hey." I muttered.

"What's wrong?"

"Oh, nothing," Niya didn't look convinced. "Really!" I insisted. I sighed. "I guess I was just kind of thinking about the new kid."

"Oh yeah, I can see why. He's pretty cute, but..." she trailed off.

"But?" I prodded.

Niya shrugged. "There's just something off about him. Something that I don't really like."

I resisted the urge to scoff at that and just returned a tight-lipped smile.

I didn't care what Niya thought, though she was right. He wasn't like other guys here at Clovesroad Middle School. He was different. But, the good kind and I liked him.

A/N: Ah, the first chapter's FINALLY done; still can't believe it! & I'm really liking it so far. Well, I'm biased; I am the writer. But, still ahhhh! =D

Hope you guys liked it too! Ooh & if there are any questions about the changes or anything else about the story, don't be afraid to ask, k? =)

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