One Sided Deal

The names Emerald but you can call me "Em" I stook my hand out politely to shake his hand. He gladly took it with a smirk on his face. "The names Wesley but for you babe you call me Wes"

I laughed at his remark as his eyes went serious and his strong hand grabbed my wrist I screamed at the sudden movement. Wes covered my mouth with his hand I looked up to see his usually greyish blue eyes but realized they are now red "Shut up" he whisper yelled through clenched teeth. "Your coming with me" the smirk crawled its way back on to his face as he dragged me away.


19. Chapter:16 On Our Way

Getting out of the shower proved to be an amazingly difficult task that I had somehow managed to complete. With my newly shaved legs and clean skin I wrapped the towel around myself and opened my bathroom door letting out the cloudy air.

The cool air brought me back to reality as it stung my neck and wrist, almost mocking me and my stupid decisions. I was now a free for all blood buffet and couldn't do anything about it. As I got dressed into a long sleeve and light weight Honda shirt specifically made for dirt biking and some old jeans I thought about the marks Wesley had made upon my body. I was slightly frightened by the fact that he had bitten me not only once but twice, he could have killed me in my unconscious state. Despite our deal I knew he wouldn't hesitate to do so, there where plenty people in the world he could feed off of, therefore I should try not to set him off.

I was pulled out of my daze at the sound of my doorbell ringing rushing I pulled on some running shoes so that I would be able to change the gear in the dirt bike and clasped the tight black bracelet into my wrist. Ignoring the way the bracelet rubbed my wound I skipped down the stairs and opened the door to four smiling boys. I smiled with them noticing things I hadn't the night before, like the fact that both Dex and Flitch looked Hispanic. Dex's grey eyes gleamed with his smile and I noticed that his hair dark brown hair was neat, so neat that you could see that it had been cut to the middle of his ears. Unlike his brothers hair that seemed to fly in every direction, despite the quiff he had yesterday,and I could tell he was due for a haircut.

I also smiled as I noticed Gig had hazel hair with small curls near his ears. Gig also seemed to be the shortest of the group and his blue eyes seemed out of place due to the fact it didn't seem to match his hair. Swooze's pale skin seemed a shade or two darker making me wonder if the smoke in my eyes made my vision weird, probably.

My heart seemed to skip a beat as I remembered one crucial piece of information, Wesley was a part of this group too. My smile faltered and I looked to the ground, but I looked back up and smiled as a noticed, Wesley wasn't at my door. Smiling bigger than ever I looked to Gig who was closets to my door, then to the boys in the back, "Hey boys" I greeted smiling waiting for a response. None. Confused I stared at there smiling faces, they seemed as though they where waiting. I then notice each of them holding a piece of fabric in their hands, even more confused I followed their hands to the piece of fabric they where each holding up, their shirts.

Each one of the boys laughed as I groaned and jokingly closed the door in their faces. They had been waiting at my door for me with their shirts up revealing their stomachs, which with much discipline had been moulded into six-packs.

After hearing another ring of my doorbell I chuckled and opened the door covering my face with my arm. I heard the boys laughter as the door opened completely revealing my covered face."Can I look now?" I questioned the boys laughter settled and I was met by a sweet voice that I believe belonged to Flitch,"Yeah it's safe M" I let out a sigh of relief and removed my arm from my face, "Hey guys how you doing?" I questioned as I closed my door and turned to far them, their faces where pink from their laughter and I smiled at them."Pretty good Cat eyes," Dex answered for the group I rolled my eyes,"Good, so you guys ready to go?" I rubbed my hands together eager to start biking." Ya I think we're good we are going to be going in my car since these dip whits don't have one" Flitch spoke motioning to the boys that sent him a look. I chuckled, "fine by me let's go!"

After squishing my self in-between Gig and Dex due to the limited amount of seats we sat Waiting for Swooze and Flitch to finish their argument about who drives even though it was Flitche's car, after settling that fact Flitch cheerily got into the drivers seat as Swoooze grumpily settled into the passengers seat. I attempted to ignore the smell of cigarette smoke that burned my nose but there was another smell that I faintly recognized from somewhere, weed.

I tried my best to think about the things the boys did it it was hard so I decided to speak to get my mind off of it."So boys why is Flitch the only one who owns a car?" I questioned looking around at the inside of the newly bought car. Someone finally answered my question "Well it's simple really," Flith replied looking back "I save my work money unlike these morons who spend it on anything they find interesting." I nodded my head,"Makes sense, where do you work?"

Suddenly everything went quite and the boys sent each other panicked looks. I looked around suddenly becoming more interested in our small conversation until Dex finally seemed to save the day,"He works at the mechanics with our dad, ya pays pretty well." I eyed him suspiciously but decided to drop the topic,"Makes sense, can we go now?" I asked growing tired of there failed attempts at lying and guilty faces. Flitch was quick to answer,"Yeah let's go have some fun!" And with that we where on our way.

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